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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2475 - Chess Pieces

Chapter 2475: Chess Pieces

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Lando had placed the mark on Han Sen to keep him on a leash, but now he had simply torn the mark off. That told Han Sen how serious of a situation they were in. Lando wasn’t bluffing.

Han Sen had only been hovering there for a short time when the horde of unicorns found him again. They rushed toward him in a crazed mass.

Han Sen didn’t use his Blood Eye Evil God power this time. Instead, he drew his Ghost Teeth Knife and Thunder God Spike. With them in-hand, he plunged into the field of battle. In a few seconds, he slew a dozen unicorns.

“Xenogeneic Duke hunted: White Unicorn. Xenogeneic gene found. Obtained White Unicorn beast soul.”

After killing a few more unicorns, Han Sen received this beast soul announcement. Han Sen took a quick glance into his Sea of Soul and noticed that it was a mount beast soul. He could use it to travel, but it wouldn’t fight.

In this situation, using a mount would be pointless. There were too many other unicorns about. Maneuverability was incredibly important right now, and using a mount would be too cumbersome.

The unicorns came in seven different colors. The colors he had seen thus far included black, white, purple, red, gold, blue, and green. The unicorns of each color were divided into ordinary Dukes, Kings, and half-deifieds. Each color possessed different area powers.

Just like the Demon Bug King Bai Sema that Han Sen used to use, the unicorns’ powers could be overlapped and increased. But while Han Sen’s old shield was a purely defensive bai sema, and the areas of the unicorns could also be used to attack.

Han Sen had to deal with the group of unicorns and fight seven unicorn Kings at the same time. It was a very chaotic fight.

There were simply too many unicorns. Although Han Sen was able to avoid engaging directly with the unicorn Kings, he had his hands full just killing the lesser unicorns. The blood that flowed in his wake was like a river. Han Sen’s hands soon grew tired.

“F*ck! What is going on?” Han Sen looked over to Lando, who was still fighting that deified unicorn.

Han Sen was so far away that he couldn’t see their battle clearly, though. All he could see was the shifting light of seven colors. He knew the deified unicorn had the upper hand. Lando was having a hard time dealing with the creature’s attacks.

“I hope the legends about him are true, and he can actually take down a deified xenogeneic. If those tales aren’t true, I don’t think he will last very long.” Han Sen gritted his teeth.

While Han Sen and Lando fought, a giant turtle hovered above the clouds. That giant turtle was carrying a pavilion upon its back. A Dragon man and a deified of the Destroyed were drinking tea together.

Behind the Dragon man was a female Dragon servant holding a Wanjie Rubix Cube. It was filming Han Sen and Lando’s battle.

Every person in the geno universe was watching the tremendous fight unfold.

“Klose, it doesn’t look like you are going to win.” The Dragon man sipped tea and smiled at the Destroyed.

“Winning or losing, it’s all the same to me. If I lose, you can have Lando and Han Sen. I won’t get in the way of that. But if you lose, you won’t betray our terms will you, Dragon One?” Klose’s six eyes looked at the Dragon man while he spoke.

“We Dragon always keep our promises. If Lando and Han Sen can kill all of these unicorns and survive, the Dragon will leave the Tianxia System and cease all involvement in this matter,” Dragon One said firmly.

Although the Dragon man was being referred to as Dragon One, he wasn’t the same Dragon One that Han Sen had seen before. This was the Dragon One of a previous generation.

“In that case, let’s wait for the result.” Klose grabbed his cup of tea and had a sip. He looked rather relaxed.

Dragon One could see that Klose didn’t appear worried. He smiled and asked, “You aren’t afraid of Lando being killed by that deified unicorn? If that happens, what will you tell the king of the Destroyed?”

“He is just a servant. If he joins the Extreme King, he knows he might sacrifice his ties to the Destroyed,” Klose said slowly. His face didn’t move a muscle.

After that, Klose’s expression became interested. He looked at Dragon One and said, “I’m afraid this is the Dragons’ best chance at capturing Lando. If you fail, how will you explain that to the king of the Dragons?”

“Lando has to die. You really think he can defeat a deified being all alone?” Dragon One shot back, his tone dripping with derision.

“Han Sen is still there.” Klose laughed.

“He’s just a first-tier King. It doesn’t matter how experienced he might be; he’s no more than a strong ant,” Dragon One growled.

Klose didn’t say anything more. He looked at the Dragon servant holding the Wanjie Rubix Cube and said, “I can’t believe that someone as strong and smart as you has decided to use the live stream of the Thousand Treasures Alliance to his advantage.”

“No matter the resource, I can find ways to make use of it,” Dragon One said with a chilly smile.

All the creatures in the geno universe were watching this stream if they had the time.

But the video that Dragon One was streaming wasn’t as polished as the previous videos that had come from the Treasure Identifier Elder. He didn’t have a professional team to handle the video, so he just played it straight to the broadcasting networks, 1:1 as things happened. There was no editing or clean-up.

So, many creatures were unable to see that Lando was actually fighting a deified unicorn. They could only see a video of flashing lights. It was like the lights you’d see at the end of the world.

In Han Sen’s fight, high-level Kings and Dukes were able to make out a bit more. So, most of the Kings, Dukes, and nobles tuned into Han Sen’s battle.

Some powerful elites focused on Lando and his fight against the deified unicorn. They knew that Lando’s performance would determine whether both he and Han Sen lived or died.

But they also wanted to know more about just how strong Lando truly was. Although Lando had once killed a deified elite, most elites believed there had to be more to the tale. After all, Lando’s teacher wasn’t just an ordinary deified. And the way that Lando slew his teacher indicated that they were missing information.

“This is too scary. That Han Sen is surrounded by Kings and half-deifieds, and yet he hasn’t lost his advantage. He has killed so many unicorns. He’s even managed to bring down two King unicorns. What impressive power.”

“It’s a shame, really. If he hadn’t been reckless enough to kill an Extreme King prince, he could have become famous across the entire universe.”

“I think that Yisha has the most cause to be upset about what has happened. Han Sen’s genes aren’t stable, and yet she actually brought him all the way up to King class. I can’t imagine how many resources and how much effort was spent on him to get that done. But now, it’s all gone. We don’t even know if what Han Sen has done will affect her.”

“Yisha is smart. When Han Sen received Kong Fei’s deified feather, many normal elites wanted to adopt him. But Yisha was the one that took him in and brought him up to King class. No one expected Han Sen to become this strong when he reached King. I bet those other elites really regret it now.”

“What would they be regretting? No matter how strong he is, he’s just a King. Not even a deified could get out of a predicament like this, let alone a King.”

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