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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2482 - The Man That Creates Deified Beings

Chapter 2482: The Man That Creates Deified Beings

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“This can’t be real!” As Wang Yuhang stared at the screen, it looked like his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

Many other people were having similar reactions. Countless elites of all sorts of different races had their eyes glued to the screen in disbelief.

There were not many deifieds in the geno universe, and normal people would never have a chance to see this process. Most people had never even seen a deified being, other than occasional pictures on the internet.

Even with the internet, it was very rare to watch a person become deified. If there was footage of such events, it was guaranteed to be carefully hidden and protected by the rulers of that race. Without the correct authorization, you wouldn’t be allowed to watch a video of someone leveling up to become deified.

Right now, though, they were watching someone become deified in a way that had never even dreamed of being possible.

Han Sen had brought a heavily-injured half-deified to his feet and forced him to become deified. If they hadn’t watched it with their own eyes, no one would have believed it to be true.

Even as they watched, many viewers had difficulty accepting what their eyes were telling them. They thought this had to be some sort of mistake, or maybe they were seeing things incorrectly.

Even all the deifieds across the universe stared at their screens with rapt attention. Their mouths hung open in shock.

They had worked hard for years and years to become deified. They had overcome arduous odds, dancing on the brink of death multiple times in their bid to evolve.

But Han Sen had just nonchalantly touched Lando’s forehead, and suddenly, the injured Dragon had become deified. Han Sen was just a King, too. How were they supposed to believe this was possible?

“Fake! It must be fake.” Dragon One gritted his teeth. He couldn’t believe Lando had become deified just like that.

Klose was struggling with the idea, as well. No one with a brain could just accept the impossible thing they were seeing.

Han Sen was only a King, and a low-tier King at that. How could he elevate someone else to deified? Even if a deified elite had managed to bring someone else to deified, no one would believe it. And Han Sen was just a King.


The Tianxia Unicorn didn’t believe that Lando had ascended, either. It attacked. Its scary substance chains combined to become a gray light, and the light shot forward, punching through the universe like a razor-sharp arrow to reach Lando.

The Demon Hell Dragon Tattoo writhed around Lando. He took a step to get in front of Han Sen and punched toward the gray beam of light.

Substance chains leaped from his fist, combining into a scary purple demon dragon. It roared and went for the gray light.

This time, the gray light was unable to break the purple demon dragon. The gray and purple colors collided with a deafening boom. A black hole formed in space, and that black hole had gray and purple powers swirling inside it. It looked like a spinning tai chi symbol.


A dragon’s roar shocked the sky. The purple color within the black hole completely overwhelmed the gray, and then an enraged dragon emerged from the black hole. It flapped its wings and soared over to the Tianxia Unicorn.

The Tianxia Unicorn was stunned. Its substance chains frantically withdrew and circled around the unicorn. The beast tried to protect itself, but when the purple dragon struck the protective shield, the shield snapped in two. The blow tossed the Tianxia Unicorn a few thousand miles away before it came to a stop.

“Lando really did become deified!” People watched the stream, their minds blank. Their brains failed to function.

There was no longer any doubt about the fact that Lando had become a deified. Only a deified elite could fight a deified xenogeneic one-on-one like that.

Now that they knew that Lando was deified, all the creatures in the geno universe looked at Han Sen with fire in their eyes.

He had brought a half-deified person up to deified. No matter what level they were, Han Sen was a god in their eyes.

No. It was more like he was the father of the gods.

“He can produce gods!” Many half-deifieds stared at Han Sen’s image, their eyes flaming with the lust for power.

King class elites required a ninth-tier area to become half-deified, but after suffering for all that time, they had the hope that they would somehow live long enough to achieve their real goal. Even powerful half-deifieds could only hope for the best.

Taking the final step to become deified was very difficult. It could easily take a few centuries to accomplish.

Few races knew how many half-deified they had, for many died when they failed to become deified. Talent, resources, fate, luck, effort—successful evolution required all five.

Many half-deified warriors had become hopeless over the years, but today, their hope had been rekindled.

They would no longer have to risk their lives. They wouldn’t have to fight and plunder rare treasures from across the universe. They only needed the hand of one man to become deified. Just thinking about it filled them with nervous energy. They all wanted a piece of the Han Sen pie. They wanted him to bless them and make them deified.

The Kings and Dukes, in the meanwhile, were thinking that if Han Sen could elevate a half-deified, then surely leveling up someone of a lesser rank would be easy.

Thinking of this, all the creatures in the universe looked at Han Sen with burning eyes. They were like a bunch of men who hadn’t had sex in thirty years, but they were now seeing a naked little woman.


A scary power shook the image on their screens, snapping them out of their dreams.

Lando was fighting the Tianxia Unicorn again. This time, Lando wasn’t suppressed by the Tianxia Unicorn. Instead, he was the one pushing the Tianxia Unicorn around.

Purple dragon substance chains flashed across the sky, overpowering the Tianxia Unicorn’s substance chains.

The Tianxia Unicorn was quite strong when compared to other deified beings. It wasn’t smart, but its raw power put it above the majority of deified xenogeneics.

Lando had just become deified, and yet he was now dominating the Tianxia Unicorn. All the creatures looked at Han Sen with even hungrier eyes. They wanted to swallow him up.

In truth, the reason Lando had become so strong when he became deified had nothing to do with Han Sen. It was because he had the Demon Hell Dragon Tattoo. That was what was giving Lando so much strength.

With the Demon Hell Dragon Tattoo on his back, Lando had a might that equaled two deified creatures. The Demon Hell Dragon Tattoo wasn’t an ordinary deified treasure, and it made Lando extraordinarily strong.

But only high-ranking Dragon’s knew the significance of the tattoo. Everyone else believed that Lando’s strength was due to Han Sen’s help. So, they all wanted to get to know Han Sen and earn his blessing.

A scream broke the sky. The Tianxia Unicorn’s horn had been chipped. God-like blood spilled out in a heavy stream, and the creature looked badly injured.

Lando went after the Tianxia Unicorn with demonic fervor. His form looked like a purple demon dragon as he fought the Tianxia Unicorn. His substance chains ripped and tore space every time they moved.

Deified blood rained down over the clouds, dyeing everything a deep crimson.

When the battle finally quieted down, the chaos of the video stream started to resolve into discernable images once again. Many creatures leaned forward, watching as Lando rode the bloody Tianxia Unicorn out of the clouds. The Tianxia Unicorn looked as sad as if its daddy had just died.

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