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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2483 - The Name Heard Across the Universe

Chapter 2483: The Name Heard Across the Universe

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That fight was destined to become a legend in the geno universe. Before the day was out, the battle was being discussed across the universe.

It was amazing that Lando had defeated and tamed the Tianxia Unicorn, but Han Sen’s actions had stolen the show. Han Sen had somehow turned Lando into a deified mid-fight.

Before that day, Han Sen was just a King of little fame. In the vast universe filled with strange and incredible powers, he wasn’t very special. If he hadn’t killed Bai Yi and ended up being chased by the Extreme King, many people wouldn’t have known who he was.

Even if he was a fugitive, he was still just a King. Few people would have said that there was anything special about him.

But after this fight, he became known as the Leader of all Gods. On any other day, the fact that such a name was used to refer to a mere King would have been very strange.

Some wise guys even gave Han Sen the title Daddy of Gods.

But that title was only used in secret. If any deified heard it, they probably would have found it annoying. No one wanted to jeopardize their own life by irritating a deified.

Regardless of that, the battle made Han Sen very famous. Everyone in the geno universe knew about him now, and so no one treated him as a measly King anymore.

He wasn’t deified, but most people thought he was more mysterious than a deified.

There was nothing he could do about it, though. After all, he had been able to produce a deified. He didn’t earn the name Daddy of Gods for nothing. Recent events had clearly established that he was different from most people.

Many deifieds and the leaders of the higher races knew that Han Sen couldn’t just flip a switch to make someone deified, though. They suspected that there were more factors involved in Lando becoming deified.

But they still had a keen interest in Han Sen. Even if Han Sen couldn’t produce a deified, he had undoubtedly influenced Lando’s evolution. They wanted to know what kind of power Han Sen had wielded.

Even if that power couldn’t create a deified, it seemed that he could somehow kickstart the evolution process. And any power that could aid the development of half-deifieds would be highly sought after by the races of the geno universe.

“Brother Dragon One, it looks like I won the bet,” Klose said, looking at Dragon One.

“We Dragons stay true to our word. Every Dragon will now depart the Tianxia System.” Dragon One grunted. He commanded the big turtle to depart.

Klose wasn’t interested in watching Dragon One and the rest leave. He flew away to chase after Lando and Han Sen.

But now, Han Sen was worth far more than the bounty offered by the Extreme King. Although it didn’t seem possible, if Han Sen truly could make deified elites, then he had just become priceless.

Han Sen and Lando rode the Tianxia Unicorn through the blue clouds. The wounds on the Tianxia Unicorn were almost healed, but the broken horn wouldn’t grow back for some time.

The Tianxia Unicorn was very sad, and he wasn’t happy to have Han Sen sitting on him. But he didn’t want to disobey Lando’s commands, either. So, he was a very grumpy animal at that moment.

Han Sen jumped off of the unicorn’s back and looked up at Lando. “Per the terms of our agreement, can I go now?”

“You can’t go,” Lando said while looking calm.

“You’re going to break your promise?” Han Sen frowned. He had suspected that this might happen, though, so he wasn’t terribly surprised.

But if Lando really had decided to hold him against his will, it would make Han Sen’s life very difficult.

Klose chuckled darkly and flew over to them. He came before Han Sen and said, “A promise is nothing to him. Don’t you know he killed his own teacher?”

The man’s three heads marked him as one of the Destroyed. Han Sen could immediately tell that Klose was a deified elite, but he ignored him. He continued looking at Lando, waiting for his answer.

Although Han Sen had prepared himself for the possibility of Lando breaking his promise, he didn’t think Lando was the type of person who would do that. Their personalities might be very different, but Han Sen couldn’t help but feel that he shared something in common with Lando.

“Lando, good job! Not only did you catch Han Sen, but you also became deified. And you tamed the Tianxia Unicorn in the process. When we return home, I will definitely put it to good use.” Klose cast a substance chain toward Han Sen to tie him up.

But the substance chain didn’t land on Han Sen. A purple, dragon-like substance chain flew forward to protect Han Sen. It swallowed Klose’s power.

Klose’s eyes widened, then suddenly narrowed. He looked at Lando and asked, “Lando, what are you doing?”

“I promised him that I would let him leave this place,” Lando said quietly.

“Fine. You go on your way, and I will take him back myself,” Klose said with a frown.

“I promised to let him leave here.” Lando’s face remained unmoved. His expression was as emotionless as a block of stone.

“Not bad. Not bad. Our promise was for me to leave here. Not die here or be taken by someone else.” Han Sen laughed and clapped his hands.

“Lando, are you going to betray our ruler?” Black and white substance chains had begun to rise around Klose’s body.

“I’m just keeping a promise I made,” Lando said.

“You must think this through clearly. If you let Han Sen leave this place, then you are a traitor to the Destroyed. You know how we deal with traitors.” Klose smiled threateningly. He went on to say, “Plus, the Dragon hate your guts now. And if you betray us, the Destroyed, do you think any other race in this universe will accept you?”

“Men that go with the flow are smart. You aren’t a naive teenager. Destroying your future for the sake of a single promise isn’t a good idea. I’m not going to stop you, though. If you want to leave, you may. And you can take what you’ve earned with you. But the prisoner is mine. I will take him back. It’s none of your business, and you will have kept your promise.” Klose reached out his hand to grab Han Sen.

“I told you that he is leaving here. Whoever tries to stop him will be trying to stop me,” Lando said, his eyes locked on Klose.

Klose’s expression turned grim as he stared back at Lando. He coldly said, “Lando, do you think that being deified will let you do whatever you want? You should know that a single deified means nothing to the Destroyed. We can still have you killed with ease.”

“The Destroyed might be able to kill me, but you can’t. You can leave now, okay?” Lando said, his voice as hard as granite.

Klose’s face was frozen. Lando’s words had made him angry. He knew that he wasn’t weak, but Lando had the Demon Hell Dragon Tattoo and the Tianxia Unicorn on his side. If he fought Lando now, it would be one versus three. He couldn’t win against those odds.

“I hope you don’t regret this decision you have made,” Klose snarled. Then he turned around and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Now that he has left, have you really become a traitor to the Destroyed?” Han Sen asked with a blink.

“This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve become a traitor.” Lando’s face seemed to be devoid of emotion. He turned the Tianxia Unicorn to continue heading out of the system.

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