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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2485 - Teacher Han

Chapter 2485: Teacher Han

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When Lando saw the deified Demon approaching, he tensed.

“Please don’t misunderstand, I mean no harm! I would just like a chat with Teacher Han,” the deified Demon shouted, lifting his hands.

“What are you talking about?” Han Sen looked at the deified Demon with confusion.

“My name is Moldo,” the deified Demon said politely. “I’m one of the alpha’s guards. I’m out looking for Teacher Han. I would like to invite you to come to the Demon as a guest.”

Han Sen was surprised. Moldo was a deified being, and yet he was being so polite, as if they were the same level. The man’s voice certainly carried the weight of respect. There was no indication that a deified being was speaking to a mere King.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Han. We Demons mean no harm. If you are willing to visit us, we can guarantee your safety. No one will bother you,” Moldo said. His manner of politeness had yet to change.

“What can I do for you and your people?” Han Sen asked Moldo, even though he knew where this was going to go.

Moldo, still being as courteous as possible, said, “Our leader would like it if Teacher Han was willing to bless him. If you are willing to do this, our entire society would greatly appreciate it.”

“Give a blessing?” Han Sen was shocked. Then, he realized what Moldo actually meant. Han Sen narrowed his eyes in thought. “Are you not afraid that the Extreme King will come after you?”

“I am not going to lie,” Moldo said seriously. “We cannot fight the might of the Extreme King, but we have a way that you can travel to us without attracting the attention of the Extreme King. Even if the Extreme King come looking, they won’t be able to find you. They cannot threaten your safety.”

“I see. But I’m afraid that each blessing costs an incredible amount of power. I cannot perform another blessing in such a short timeframe. I doubt I would be able to help your leader by blessing him,” Han Sen said.

Using the Blood-Pulse Sutra’s self-cogwheel cost a lot of energy, but Han Sen was making it sound worse than it was. He just didn’t want to decline Moldo directly.

“That’s okay,” Moldo told him. “A blessing can’t be rushed. If you don’t mind, I am willing to provide you with protection. I won’t allow anything to pull you into the clutches of the Extreme King.”

“Thank you, but I have other things to do right now. I can’t bother you to accompany me,” Han Sen said.

If Han Sen went to see the Demon, he would owe them. They might end up being less polite than they were acting right now.

“In that case, I will not force you. But if you need anything, feel free to call us anytime. The Demon door will always be open for you.” Moldo then waved to Han Sen and left.

Han Sen hadn’t expected Moldo to leave just like that, but he suspected it might have something to do with Lando’s presence. If Lando hadn’t been there, Moldo would have likely just kidnapped him and taken him back to the Demons by force.

Han Sen and Lando kept going. They encountered a few more Kings and half-deifieds along the way. They were even more polite to Han Sen. Some people were like Moldo, inviting Han Sen to return to their homeworlds with them, but none dared to do anything ill to him. Lando’s presence was great at deterring that sort of rudeness.

“Everyone knows you are Teacher Han,” Lando said flatly. “Your life will be much easier now.”

Han Sen smiled. “A genius like me should be called a teacher.”

Lando ignored him. He wasn’t interested in Han Sen’s self-aggrandizement.

“You’re so boring. At a time like this, you and I should be chatting,” Han Sen said to Lando.

“You want me to compliment you?” Lando asked emotionlessly.

“You should say things like, ‘Han Sen, you’re the greatest genius in a thousand years!'” Han Sen said.

“Okay.” Lando nodded and said nothing else. He wasn’t interested.

The Tianxia Unicorn was native to the Tianxia System. It took them back to the blue clouds without difficulty, but Han Sen couldn’t find the white whale anywhere. He began scouring the area.

“Where are Bao’er and the others?” Han Sen was worried. He was afraid an accident might have happened.

But with the power of the white whale and the little red bird, even if a deified being came after them, they should have been able to escape.

At this time, the white whale had come to a stop in a sea of green clouds. A flaming red phoenix had emerged from the white whale to do battle with a deified of the Extreme King. It was Bao Qin. The two were fighting like crazy, and fire roared everywhere. Harp acoustics broke the sky.

Instead of chasing after Han Sen, Bao Qin had come looking for Fang Qing Yu. Upon finding him, he also discovered the white whale. The white whale had a high level of defense, but it was unable to repel sonic powers.

Bao Qin used the harp to attack, and he tried to enter the white whale to beat up Fang Qing Yu and all the pirates.

The little red bird had to become a red phoenix to fight Bao Qin. The fight was so bad that it was destroying the cloudscape around them.

Bao Qin had brought other Kings and deifieds from the Extreme King, and they now surrounded the white whale. Luckily, the white whale had a high level of defense, and its weapon systems were good, too.

In the beginning, the Kings and half-deifieds weren’t making much headway against the white whale. They couldn’t penetrate its defenses.

But one of the half-deified beings could travel through solid material. He slid through the white whale’s shell into its interior. He quickly realized that the white whale was actually a ship.

Bao’er was happily piloting the white whale, merrily fighting off the Kings and half-deifieds. Ning Yue was underneath a table with his hands on his head. His a*s was sticking out, and he was mumbling, “Don’t kill me… don’t kill me…”

Fang Qing Yue and the pirates were unable to help in a time like this. They hid behind Bao’er and kept shouting,

“Captain Bao’er is so awesome!”

“Little Captain is the strongest in the universe. Kill those motherf*ckers!”

“How dare they attack our beautiful little Captain Bao’er. You are already dead!”

“Little Captain, you can do it… you can do it!”

They continued to shout insults at the attackers, their faces red. And amidst all the noise, an Extreme King man suddenly entered the white whale. He traveled through all the walls and went straight for the command deck.

“Fang Qing Yu, you are here!” When Kiek saw Fang Qing Yu, he didn’t stop. He was drawn to Bao’er, who was operating the machine.

“Isn’t that Han Sen’s daughter? You guys are all together? We’ve put so much manpower into looking for you!” Kiek realized what was going on. He looked furious, and he unleashed his King area. It covered the entire command deck.

Pang! Pang! Pang! Pang!

When the area landed, the pirates and Fang Qing Yu were crushed to the floor, like iron filings being pulled onto a magnet.

“Huh?” Kiek looked up in confusion, noticing that Bao’er was still piloting the white whale and fighting the Extreme King knights. She wasn’t affected by his area.

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