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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2486 - Promised Him

Chapter 2486: Promised Him

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Kiek’s magnetic area wasn’t the strongest King area in the Extreme King, but he was still a member of the third-highest race in the universe. His Magnet King Body was nothing to take lightly, especially since he was half-deified. Normal King class xenogeneics were unable to walk under the influence of his magnetic area.

Bao’er was just a kid, and she was somehow ignoring Kiek’s magnetic area. That surprised him a lot.

He hesitated, then raised a palm. A black magnetic light appeared in his hand. He wanted to attack Bao’er who was still driving the white whale.

“Mister… please… I beg you… don’t hurt her.”

As Kiek was about to launch the magnetic light at Bao’er, a woman suddenly stood up. Straining against the might of the magnetic area, she stood before Bao’er and spoke with a trembling voice.

“You can move inside my magnetic area? You aren’t bad.” Kiek stared at her. He decided that he would need to get rid of her first. But the woman suddenly kneeled on the floor and bowed before him.

“Please don’t kill me!” she pleaded from her knees. “Please, let us go! We are just useless women. We can’t stop whatever it is you want to do. Please let us go as easily as you would release a fart.”

Ning Yue kept begging, all the while repeatedly banging her head on the ground.

“Leave if you don’t want to die,” Kiek told her in a hard voice. He was quite famous in the Extreme King, and he wouldn’t bother killing a woman if she was behaving like this.

“Yes, yes, yes. We will leave now!” Ning Yue got up and started to pull Bao’er away with her.


The magnetic light hit Ning Yue in the face. Ning Yue was sent flying.

The powerful magnetic force drug Ning Yue across the ship and flung her into one of the ship’s walls. Her face smacked into the wall and stuck to it. She couldn’t pull herself away.

“You can leave by yourself. She stays.” Kiek cast another magnetic light toward Bao’er.


Somehow, Ning Yue had reappeared in front of Bao’er. She crossed her arms to block the magnet this time, and the sudden weight made her arms feel so heavy. They were sucked straight down to the floor. Her face smacked into the floor, and her mouth twisted.

“Mister, please let her go! She’s just a kid, and I promised Han Sen I would protect his child.” Ning Yue was lying on the floor in an awkward position. She cried freely, snot and tears running down her face.

“It looks as if you really do want to die,” Kiek grunted, generating a magnetic light in his fist.

Ning Yue’s pants suddenly became hot, and a puddle appeared on the floor. She had peed herself.

When Kiek smelled the urine, he frowned. He might get his hands dirty if he killed a woman like this. Ignoring Ning Yue, he turned his attention back to Bao’er again. The magnetic light in his hands was so bright that it was like a black sun.

Bao’er was still operating the white whale, guiding it to fight the Extreme King knights outside. She acted as if she had yet to see Kiek there.

Kiek’s lips pressed into a thin line, and he prepared to throw the magnetic light at Bao’er. Ning Yue was pressed against the floor with her limbs shaking, but she still managed to crawl toward Kiek. When she was near his feet, she begged, “Mister, please let us go. We won’t get in the way of whatever you want to do! And I can do anything for you…”

“Get lost, you dirty b*tch!” Kiek kicked Ning Yue in the face, the force of the blow sending her flying.


Ning Yue hit the airship’s wall, her face covered in blood. Her entire body was stuck to the wall, keeping her from falling.

“If you don’t want to die, then shut the hell up! If you don’t, I’ll kill you. You’re disturbing my work,” Kiek snarled. He stared at Bao’er again and tried to launch another magnetic light.

“I want you to stop!” Ning Yue’s voice was shaking as if she was on the verge of bursting into tears.

Kiek glanced at her struggling form, but she couldn’t free herself from the wall. The magnetic force had her pinned to the wall like a slab of meat.

Ignoring Ning Yue, he sent the magnetic light in his hands toward Bao’er.

“Stop! I told you to stop!” Ning Yue screamed with fear. Her body managed to tear through the magnetic power, and she leaped in front of Bao’er to take the black sun-like light.


The scary magnetic light landed on Ning Yue, and in the next instant, her body crashed to the floor like a crumbling mountain. Her limbs were held down by an iron grip, all crushed and broken-looking.

Kiek ignored her. He continued summoning his magnetic power.

“Stop, I’m begging you! Don’t hurt her… I promised Han Sen I would take care of his daughter! I made him a promise…” Ning Yue wept helplessly from her place on the floor.

Seeing that Kiek was going to cast that magnetic light at Bao’er, Ning Yue struggled with the urge to get up. But she had been hit by the magnetic forces three times. The force was now too strong for her to overcome.

Kiek cast another sun-like magnetic light at Bao’er.

“I told you to stop!” Ning Yue shrieked, looking at the magnetic light that was flying toward Bao’er. Her shaking body erupted with green flames that wrapped her up in a shroud of fire.

In those green flames, Ning Yue’s eyes suddenly calmed. His face and body regained their masculine shape. He looked like a man again.

Fang Qing Yu and the pirates on the floor stared at Ning Yue with wide eyes. They thought Ning Yue was a chickenhearted and useless woman. But suddenly, she had just become a man. And the green fire around him burned and wisped in an unsettling way.

“I told you to stop! Are you deaf?” Ning Yue thundered, his eyes crystal clear. His face still had the dried tracks of tears and snot. His female garments had started to burst at the seams as he became bigger, but he still looked gentle and soft.

“You dare to play tricks on someone like me? You’re dead!” Kiek’s hand gathered up a black light. It became a black magnetic knife that came for Ning Yue.

Ning Yue looked calm and composed, and his hands held a green sword. When Kiek swung his black magnetic knife there, Ning Yue’s body was attracted to it. He flew for the magnetic knife.


The moment Ning Yue was sucked into the black magnetic knife, he waved his little green sword. A green sword light shot by, sending Kiek’s head and half of his magnetic knife soaring through the air.


Kiek’s headless body crumpled to the ground. Fang Qing Yu and the others were frozen.

“Ah!” On the other side, the green flames on Ning Yue’s body had vanished. His little green sword was on the floor, and his body returned to a feminine shape again. When she saw that headless body, Ning Yue held her face and started to scream. She looked so scared, and she frantically stepped away from the corpse.

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