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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2488 - Hunting Cloud Beasts

Chapter 2488: Hunting Cloud Beasts

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Han Sen fell back two steps in surprise. In the center of the spider plant, there was a white fire that was like a little lantern.

Han Sen looked close. In reality, it wasn’t a fire; it was a halo.

At the center of the halo was a black bug that looked something like a cricket. The pitch-black insect was similar in size, and it had two swinging antennae. It climbed up the spider plant.

When it reached the end of the spider plant, its weight pulled the lead of the plant lower. Then, the little creature opened its mouth. Its sharp teeth dug into the delicate spider plant leaf.

Katcha! Katcha!

It took a little while for the cricket to eat its fill. Once it was satisfied, the cricket began to climb back down the plant.

As the insect moved, puffs of white smoke were emitted. The white smoke condensed into a creamy white cloud. Clouds rose from the creature’s back, one by one, just like the creamy white cloud Han Sen had seen before.

Now Han Sen knew that the clouds from the spider plant weren’t actually from the plant. They came from the juices of the black cricket.

The black cricket quickly dug back into the roots of the plant and was about to disappear.

Han Sen reached out and grabbed the cricket. The black cricket struggled in his hand, and it was a surprisingly strong little thing. It was no stronger than a King, though, and so it couldn’t resist Han Sen.

The black cricket knew that it couldn’t run. Its body discharged a white vapor that soon turned into a fluffy white cloud that wrapped around the cricket.

Han Sen held onto the cloud like he was holding a big steamed bun.

Fortunately, as long as he moved slowly, Han Sen could still sink his hands into the creamy cloud. The cricket wouldn’t escape Han Sen’s grasp like this.

“The cricket can’t be any more powerful than a Marquise, but the cloud juice it produces is quite amazing. Not even my power can break it.” After hesitating for a moment, Han Sen put the cricket inside Destiny’s Tower.

Then, he walked to the spider plant and prodded it. He tried to feel the lifeforce inside the spider plant.

The spider plant had a great deal of lifeforce, but unlike the cricket, Han Sen wasn’t capable of eating it. He examined the spider plant carefully, but he didn’t see anything else of note. He put the spider plant inside Destiny’s Tower, as well.

After emerging from that pocket of cloud, Han Sen thought about it some more. Then he put the entire cloud inside Destiny’s Tower, too. Once that was done, he turned and flew away from there to continue searching for Bao’er and the others.

But Han Sen hadn’t been flying for long when he saw a bunch of cloud beasts heading toward him.

They were a flock of crane-like creatures. There had to be at least a thousand of them. Most of them were Marquises, but there were some Dukes as well. The leader was the King, and it had a King area.

Han Sen was actually rather happy when they appeared. He pulled out his knife and dove into the flock. The cloud beasts were xenogeneics, after all. Killing another King class xenogeneic would help Han Sen fill up his King class genes.

Han Sen had four different geno arts. Each time he leveled one up, it required one hundred genes. When all those requirements were added up, it became a substantial number of genes that he needed. He had to collect as many as he could, whenever he was able to.

The cloud beasts didn’t stand a chance against Han Sen. When he reached them, he cut the King’s head clean off.

“Xenogeneic King hunted: Cloud Crane King. Xenogeneic gene found.”

Han Sen casually pulled out the xenogeneic gene from the Cloud Crane King’s body. He expected the rest of the cloud cranes to disperse after the King was killed, but they all came after him without any fear of death. It was like they wanted to avenge the slaying of the Cloud Crane King, even if it meant sacrificing their lives.

Han Sen wasn’t interested in spending the time to kill those low-class cloud beasts, though. He flew away at full speed. The low-level cloud cranes weren’t able to keep up, so it wasn’t long before they lost Han Sen completely.

But just as Han Sen escaped, he saw another group of cloud beasts approaching. These looked like tigers, and there were a few Kings in their midst.

“Haha! My luck is good today!” Han Sen thought with a grin. He grabbed his Ghost Teeth Knife and flew to meet them.

Han Sen swooped down among the tigers like a beautiful butterfly. The Ghost Teeth Knife he wielded danced like the fangs of a devil, and he killed the cloud tigers one by one.

They were King class xenogeneics with second or third-tier King areas. Han Sen only needed one attack to kill each one.

“Xenogeneic King hunted: Cloud Tiger. Xenogeneic gene found. Obtained Cloud Tiger beast soul.”

Han Sen killed five of the King class tigers, and he managed to earn one Cloud Tiger beast soul. Han Sen felt pretty good about that.

There were many cloud beasts all across the Tianxia System, but finding a King class wasn’t always easy. And shortly after taking down one King, Han Sen had found several more. He was lucky.

The remaining Cloud Tigers ran after Han Sen, but he ignored them and continued to fly.

Han Sen had been flying for a while when he met another group of cloud beasts, but this time, there weren’t any Kings among them. The leader of those beasts was just Duke class.

Han Sen thought a punch might be enough to scare them off, but this theory soon proved false. Han Sen punched a dozen of the cloud beasts, but they just continued to come.

Han Sen shook them off his tail and kept on flying, but he started to realize that something was amiss. He seemed to be encountering cloud beasts no matter which direction he decided to go.

And the cloud beasts were all so angry, too. None of them were afraid to die. They came at him like he was their mortal enemy, and no matter how many of them he killed, none of the cloud beasts were willing to back down.

“This sea of clouds seems a little bit cursed.” Han Sen frowned in thought. He decided to head in a different direction, wanting to see if he would encounter any more cloud beasts.

The result was the same, and again, he met another large group of cloud beasts.

Han Sen changed direction a few times, but he encountered groups of cloud beasts every time. But all of those cloud beasts had red eyes. They leaped for him ravenously whenever they saw him, even if they didn’t stand a chance of harming him.

“This is getting really weird.” Although Han Sen had killed many King class cloud beasts, he couldn’t really enjoy his success. He didn’t know what was going on, and that made him uncomfortable.

Han Sen could kill any King class cloud beast he met. But the Tianxia System was known for its deified xenogeneics. If he encountered a deified monster among the hordes of normal xenogeneics, he would be in for another brutal fight.

After pausing for a while, Han Sen flew back the way he had come. The first thing he needed to do was to get away from that sea of creamy clouds. The place was creepy, and the creatures were far too hostile. He didn’t feel comfortable being there.

On his way back, he encountered the groups of creatures that he had fought before. All their eyes seemed red, and they obviously wanted to avenge the deaths of their Kings. So, they all chased Han Sen.

This time, it looked a little while for Han Sen to shake off their pursuit. Before long, he escaped the creamy sea of clouds and returned to the light blue sea of clouds.

“I finally got away from that cursed sea of clouds.” Han Sen felt relief. But before he could completely relax, he saw a shadow headed his way. It was the Extreme King deified, Meng Lie.

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