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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2490 - Xenogeneics Coming

Chapter 2490: Xenogeneics Coming

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Once he had agreed to go with Meng Lie, Han Sen pretended to be the perfect picture of subservience. He followed along as if he had no interest in escaping. As Meng Lie headed through the Tianxia System toward the Extreme King worlds, Han Sen trailed after him without any reluctance.

Meng Lie wasn’t worried about Han Sen trying to run off, but after they had traveled for a short while, a lot of cloud beasts began to attack from the surrounding clouds.

Meng Lie dealt with those cloud beasts easily, and not even the King class cloud beasts were a threat to him. However, his face grew increasingly serious as time progressed.

He still had no idea who was sending all these cloud beasts after him. He felt like something was watching him, and he didn’t enjoy that sensation at all.

Han Sen was shocked. “The same thing happened to me when I was in the sea of creamy clouds. Even weak cloud beasts charged toward me with no concern for their own lives. From what I can tell, the effect must have a radius of sorts. When the spider plant and the black cricket enter a location, the cloud beasts from that region are drawn toward them.”

“Fourth Uncle, did you kill Lando?” Han Sen asked after Meng Lie killed another horde of cloud beasts.

Meng Lie wasn’t in a good mood. He casually said, “That kid is a brutal fighter. I wasn’t interested in risking my life fighting him, so I just ditched him instead. But don’t think that he’ll be coming to save you. He was drawn in another direction, so he won’t be able to find us for quite some time.”

Han Sen never thought Lando would die; he just wanted to find out where the Dragon might have been. Hearing this did bring him a bit of relief, though.

“You must be kidding, Uncle. I have already promised you that I will go to the Extreme King. Even if Lando was right here, I wouldn’t go with him. It’s just as you said; if this situation isn’t sorted out, I’ll spend the rest of my life hounded and scared. Not even making it to Sky Palace will protect me from that. So, I am sincere about my willingness to go back. But you must also keep your promise to ensure my life,” Han Sen said, looking as earnest as possible.

When the Meng Lie heard Han Sen say this, he felt a bit better. He nodded and said, “You are quite smart. If you work for the Extreme King with full dedication, I will keep you alive. But Han Sen must still die, so you will no longer be able to use your real name. We cannot let anyone know you are still alive.”

“I understand. I don’t mind losing my name if that’s what it takes to survive. But…” Han Sen looked worried.

“But what?” Meng Lie asked.

“I’m afraid that someone powerful might not want me to work for the Extreme King. They would rather kill me than let me follow you back.” Han Sen injected a liberal dose of fear into his voice.

“Don’t worry. As long as you follow me, I won’t allow anyone to bring you harm,” Meng Lie declared.

But what Han Sen said did put Meng Lie on alert. Meng Lie was sure that some powerful figure was sending these clouds beasts after them, but that person had yet to reveal themselves. The mysterious deified just kept sending wave after wave of cannon fodder after them. If the mysterious deified was unable to steal Han Sen, then he might decide to just kill Han Sen instead.

After a few more waves of cloud beast hordes assaulted them, Meng Lie was able to confirm his worry. The King class xenogeneics seemed to be aiming for Han Sen, in particular.

As he realized this, Meng Lie grew even more cautious. He pulled Han Sen closer to him, just in case something bad happened.

While they were traveling, Meng Lie’s face suddenly changed. He pulled Han Sen to a stop and looked deep into the clouds.

Han Sen stood behind Meng Lie and also looked ahead. The nearby clouds were in turmoil as shockwaves rolled through them. A purple kirin was thundering toward them through the clouds.

Substance chains swirled around the monster’s body life clouds.

“Deified xenogeneic! The spider plant and black cricket must be incredibly important if they can attract deified xenogeneics,” Han Sen thought in astonishment.

And there were many cloud beasts following the deified kirin to boot. There was a whole host of King class xenogeneics in their midst.

Meng Lie frowned and spoke to Han Sen. “Don’t get too close to the battleground, but don’t run off too far, either. If you get into a bad situation too far from where I’m fighting, I might not have a chance to save you.”

“Don’t worry, Uncle. I truly want to go to the Extreme King with you. I would never dream of running away.” Han Sen knew what Meng Lie really meant, and so he answered him with sincerity.

Meng Lie nodded. He started to say something more, but the deified kirin cut him off with a roar. It brought a sky of clouds toward them. The cloud beasts’ target was fairly obvious, though. It was Han Sen they wanted.

“Huh? I want to see what sort of person is trying this hard to keep me from bringing Han Sen back to the Extreme King alive,” Meng Lie said with narrowed eyes. He turned into a gold giant and ran toward the kirin.

Han Sen didn’t flee. Instead, he entered the fight with the horde of cloud beasts.

At this point, Han Sen had no reason to run. He was carrying some dangerous goods that could attract deified xenogeneics. Now that he had Meng Lie to take the heat for him, running away would mean leaving behind his protection.

“I don’t know what that spider plant and black cricket are, but they can attract deified xenogeneics. If things get too bad, I’ll just have to throw them away. There is no point in risking my life to keep them. At least for now, though, I can use them to my advantage. If they can keep attracting deified xenogeneics, Meng Lie will have a tough time trying to escort me out of here…” Han Sen thought to himself as he began killing cloud beasts.

Meng Lie engaged the kirin, but he remained focused on how Han Sen was doing. When he saw that Han Sen had also started to fight instead of running off, it surprised him, and it actually brought him some relief.

“It looks like he’s sincere about following me back to the Extreme King. But that makes sense, I guess. Someone wants to kill him, and he will die if he doesn’t come with me. Coming with me at least gives him a chance to live.” Meng Lie nodded. As he watched the cloud beasts swarm around Han Sen like mad, he became quite angry. Someone wanted to kill Han Sen and keep him from working for the Extreme King.

Meng Lie wouldn’t have dreamed that the cloud beasts would be drawn straight to Han Sen.

How could Han Sen, who was just a King, invoke the ire of a deified xenogeneic? Even if Han Sen attracted them, they should have attacked Meng Lie first. But these xenogeneics seemed obsessed with killing Han Sen, despite the deified opponent in the same area. That was why Meng Lie believed there had to be some mastermind hidden somewhere nearby. This mysterious person clearly wanted to prevent Han Sen from being taken back to the Extreme King.

Meng Lie was a brother of the Extreme King’s ruler. He was an old, scary deified. Even if he had lost his Extreme Purple Demon Dragon, it was unlikely that another deified could kill him.

Although Meng Lie was slowly fighting back the kirin that was surrounded by clouds, it would still take a long time for him to kill the creature.

Han Sen made use of his movements to go around the cloud beasts he fought. He used this opportunity to wipe out several King class xenogeneics. He was quite pleased to have earned more King class xenogeneic genes.

Han Sen moved through the xenogeneic hordes, using the Purple-Eye Butterfly to check on Meng Lie. If he got the chance, he might be able to attack at the right time and get a deified beast soul out of all this, too. That would be splendid.

But killing a deified being wasn’t that easy. If Meng Lie still had his Extreme Purple Demon Dragon, he could have killed another deified relatively quickly. But since he had lost his Extreme Purple Demon Dragon, he had to exhaust his own power. Killing the deified kirin wouldn’t be an easy task for him.

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