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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2494 - Let Go of that Peacock

Chapter 2494: Let Go of that Peacock

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The distraught Tianxia Peacock King flapped its wings wildly. It was blazing with rainbow light, and its power ripped haphazardly through the sky, tearing trenches in space wherever it went.

Its efforts were futile, though. Its belly was still expanding. The Tianxia Peacock King kept crying.

Han Sen and the others looked on in dumbfounded silence. Minutes later, the Tianxia Peacock King’s belly was bloated like a balloon. And it was still expanding. Its skin was so stretched that it was becoming transparent. Everyone on the white whale began to wonder if the creature’s belly was about to explode.

Of course, the Tianxia Peacock King didn’t disappoint them. Its belly ruptured, and the detonation was like thunder. There was a gaping hole where its belly had once been.

A giant, creamy cloud emerged. It was the black cricket’s fluffy white discharge.

“It is that strong?” Han Sen was shocked. He hadn’t realized that the creamy cloud possessed much power, and he certainly didn’t think it was strong enough to erupt from the Tianxia Peacock King’s belly. The peacock was a ridiculously powerful deified creature, and it had just been ripped open like a plastic bag.

“You have to watch what you eat. The Tianxia Peacock King is a prime example of what happens if you don’t. It swallowed a tasty morsel whole without first inspecting the contents… Now its belly has blown up. I don’t know if it will survive this.” Han Sen’s heart leaped. He stopped the white whale and looked at the Tianxia Peacock King.

After the Tianxia Peacock King’s belly broke, the creature’s rainbow blood was running freely into the clouds. The beast hung in the air, crying hopelessly. It fluttered its wings, wanting to leave the area, but its rainbow godlights were growing dimmer and dimmer. They were becoming difficult to see at all. It wasn’t going to be attacking anything anytime soon.

The creamy cloud ignored the Tianxia Peacock King and flew back toward Han Sen.

“Here’s a good opportunity. Take control of the white whale, Bao’er!” Han Sen said happily. He grabbed the little red bird and ran out of the white whale. He headed toward the severely injured Tianxia Peacock King.

“Little Red, your time is now!” Han Sen threw the little red bird at the peacock.

The little red bird screamed sadly as its body turned into that of a fire phoenix. But it followed Han Sen’s instructions and sent a stream of angry fire toward the poor Tianxia Peacock King.

The flames covered the sky as its whirling inferno moved to incinerate the Tianxia Peacock King. Everything in sight took on a flickering, hellish appearance. The Tianxia Peacock King was already injured and on the brink of death. He was unable to withstand the little red bird’s phoenix flames. The peacock cried as it burned, and it flapped its wings feebly. But sadly, it was simply too injured to move.

It still had the injuries from its fight with Meng Lie, and now, it had practically exploded. Its guts were falling out. One of its legs was a ruined mess.

If the Tianxia Peacock King could find a safe place to rest, it would probably recover in a thousand years or so. If it had a powerful treasure or two, it might heal even more quickly.

But it was in no condition to fight a deified elite right now.

As the Tianxia Peacock King burned and screamed, its feathers and flesh turned a deep red. It was like a burning bar of iron. But it was struggling and refusing to submit to the cold prospect of death. It wanted to escape the little red bird’s phoenix fires, first and foremost.

Sadly, it couldn’t get away. The little red bird continued to chase it and send crackling flames over its body. Its lifeforce had become so weak that the rainbow godlight could no longer be seen.

The Tianxia Peacock King’s lifeforce was almost depleted, and its wings cease to move. Its body was falling in a raging fire. Han Sen moved up behind the little red bird and shouted, “Let go of the peacock. Let me do it!”

Han Sen lifted his Thunder God Spike. He flew to the Tianxia Peacock King that had lost consciousness and took aim at its brain. With all his might, he tried to crush it.

The Thunder God Spike struck the Tianxia Peacock King’s skull hard, but the weapon couldn’t penetrate it. Even so, silver lightning coursed down into the creature. The electrified Tianxia Peacock King lost consciousness and began to shake violently.

Han Sen kept striking it. The peacock’s body continued to shiver and shake. Han Sen had yet to hear the killing announcement, though.

“This kill has to be mine. Jade Emperor, Holy Buddha, Bodhi Sativa, you must give me a beast soul!” Han Sen kept smacking the peacock’s head as he prayed.

The peacock king wasn’t moving. And Han Sen had yet to hear the announcement noise. He gritted his teeth and kept on smacking it.

“Xenogeneic deified hunted: Tianxia Peacock King. Xenogeneic gene found. Obtained Tianxia Peacock King beast soul.”

As Han Sen wondered if the kill had been claimed by the little red bird, he suddenly heard the announcement. In an instant, Han Sen felt as if he had been transported directly to heaven. The 180,000 pores across his skin felt so good, and he moaned in pleasure.

“Deified beast soul! I got a deified beast soul…” Han Sen grinned like a madman. Turning away from the Tianxia Peacock King’s body, he went looking for the Tianxia Peacock King’s beast soul to see what type it was.

“A weapon, please give me a weapon. Just a weapon will do…” Han Sen’s heart was screaming.

Deified beast soul Tianxia Peacock King: Soul armor type (broken)

“Soul armor type? Holy sh*t! That’s better than a weapon. I’m rich. I’m rich!” Han Sen was so happy that he almost jumped on the spot.

It was deified soul armor, so it would have a deified-level defense. It also had the power buffs that came along with a deified beast soul. Although it wasn’t like a shapeshifting beast soul, having the deified body buffs would make his attacks as fierce as a deified being’s.

Now that he had this peacock’s soul armor, Han Sen could challenge deified elites in battle.

“Wait… what does ‘broken’ mean? Is it a broken beast soul? No… I’ve never heard of a broken beast soul before.” When Han Sen saw the word broken at the end of its label, his happy feelings quickly evaporated.

He summoned the Tianxia Peacock King’s soul armor, and a grey garment appeared on his body. It was made entirely out of grey peacock feathers.

Technically, it seemed less like “soul armor” and more like a “soul robe.” The robe of grey feathers fully enclosed Han Sen. And behind the grey feathers, there was an image of a peacock. It possessed the face of the Tianxia Peacock King. Its feathers were closed, and its tail wasn’t fanned.

Han Sen’s heart jumped. A rainbow godlight was shining within the robe. It formed a silhouette of the peacock with its tail fully fanned. A scary power rose inside Han Sen’s body, and it became a rainbow substance chain that buffed every corner of Han Sen’s being.

Feeling that scary power inside him, Han Sen felt as if he could destroy the entire universe in one punch.

“Weird. The soul robe of the peacock king isn’t broken. It is a perfectly functional set of armor, so why does it say that it is broken?” Han Sen didn’t understand. He believed that the power currently possessed by the robe was perfectly deified.

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