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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2495 - Holy Area Grass

Chapter 2495: Holy Area Grass

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Han Sen brought the Tianxia Peacock King’s body back to the white whale, and Bao’er quickly whipped out the little gourd and absorbed the cloud inside it.

The damage done to the white whale was pretty severe. It could repair itself, but being damaged that badly meant it would take a while before it was completely fixed. The ship could hardly move at this point. There were many holes that went clean through the ship, and the entire structure seemed on the verge of falling apart.

“Han Sen, was that really the Holy Area Grass? Might I see it?” Fang Qing Yu asked Han Sen, his eyes gleaming with hope.

“You know what the Holy Area Grass is?” Han Sen asked.

Fang Qing Yu nodded. “I’ve heard of it, although I’ve never seen it before. Even in the Thousand Treasures Alliance, there are only a few tales and legends surrounding its existence. The details are scarce, and we don’t even have any pictures of it.”

“Does that mean the Holy Area Grass is something very precious?” Han Sen was so happy.

“It isn’t just precious. Even powerful factions like the Thousand Treasures would like the Holy Area Grass. If this is the real deal, this Holy Area Grass could be exchanged for the ownership of multiple systems.”

“What is the Holy Area Grass used for?” Han Sen asked with confusion.

So far, Han Sen hadn’t seen the Holy Area Grass do anything other than attract xenogeneics.

Even if eating it could make you deified, it still wouldn’t have the same value as a few large systems.

“I only know a few legends about it, but I don’t know if they are true. According to the records of the Thousand Treasures Alliance, eating the Holy Area Grass can provide access to a mysterious xenogeneic space known as the Holy Area. There is no sickness or death in that place, and when you enter it, it can make you immortal,” Fang Qing Yu said after a moment of thought.

Upon hearing that, Han Sen was rather disappointed. He knew that claim couldn’t be true.

If being immortal was so simple, then the Sacred Leader wouldn’t have gone to such lengths in attempting to extend his own life. He wouldn’t have spent so much effort trying to kill a god.

Entering the Holy Area didn’t sound legit to Han Sen. If eating the plant would let him enter some Holy Area, the black cricket would have been there already. Why would it still be here?

“Oh no, Bao’er! Get that cloud of your gourd,” Han Sen hastily told Bao’er, thinking about the black cricket.

The black cricket was still somewhere inside of that fluffy white cloud, and Han Sen didn’t know if it had eaten all the Holy Area Grass.

So, Bao’er released the cloud. Han Sen approached it and saw that the Holy Area Grass was still there. He brushed the leaves of the Holy Area Grass. He soon discovered that the root of the Holy Area Grass had something ball-shaped on it. There was a tiny hole in the ball-shaped thing. The cricket must have made a house in there.

The hole looked too small to admit Han Sen’s fingers. He didn’t know how to get the black cricket out of there without hurting the Holy Area Grass.

“Brother Fang, do you think this is the Holy Area Grass?” Han Sen gave the Holy Area Grass to Fang Qing Yu.

Fang Qing Yu accepted it and examined it. After a while of observation, he said, “There isn’t much information available in the Thousand Treasures Alliance, but this does look the same as the illustrations that I’ve seen. I cannot be entirely sure, though. If it is the real Holy Area Grass, you are going to have to find a way to hide it. The Holy Area Grass is very attractive to many xenogeneics, and they will do anything to claim it.”

Han Sen’s face looked glum. He didn’t know if this was the Holy Area Grass, but it had already attracted many xenogeneics. It had even attracted deified xenogeneics like the Tianxia Peacock King. Not even Destiny’s Tower had contained its magnetic effect on xenogeneics.

“Daddy, I will help you keep it,” Bao’er said, her eyes closing in a slow blink.

“Sure. You take it for now, then.” Han Sen knew Bao’er liked the plant.

Han Sen would never skimp on the resources that he provided to his daughter. Plus, he didn’t know how to deal with the Holy Area Grass for now, so there was no harm in allowing Bao’er to hold onto it for the time being.

Bao’er was very happy about this. She put the Holy Area Grass and cloud back inside her little gourd.

“Bao’er, inside the Holy Area Grass is a black cricket. Earlier, it broke the Tianxia Peacock King’s belly. You need to be careful with that thing,” Han Sen warned her.

“Crickets are my favorite! I should get another one to make the crickets fight,” Bao’er said happily.

“What I mean to say is that the black cricket eats the Holy Area Grass. Don’t let it eat all the Holy Area Grass,” Han Sen said with a wry smile.

“We need to let him eat it. We can’t eat the grass. It is only useful to us if he eats it,” Bao’er said.

“You know what it is?” Han Sen asked Bao’er in shock.

Bao’er thought and then said, “I don’t know why, but I do know that if he finishes all the grass, it can take us to a fun place called the Holy Area.”

“Bao’er must have some sort of prophetic power,” Han Sen thought. He knew Bao’er wouldn’t lie to him, but Bao’er seemed to have the answers to the strangest questions. It was hard to imagine what sort of creature she was.

Although the white whale was heavily damaged, they had earned a lot in their most recent adventure. Han Sen had captured the Holy Area Grass and the black cricket. He had also gotten the Tianxia Peacock King’s body and the soul robe beast soul. All those items were priceless.

He didn’t know what sort of power Bao’er’s little gourd had. Ever since the Holy Area Grass was sucked inside, though, no further cloud beasts came for them. The Holy Area Grass was no longer connected to the outside world.

Han Sen found a chance to quietly transport the Tianxia Peacock King’s body back to the sanctuaries. Right now, Han Sen had no way of consuming the flesh of a deified xenogeneic. So, he had to just store it for the time being.

Han Sen drove the white whale through the rest of the Tianxia System. For a few days, it was smooth sailing and nothing bad happened. They encountered a few King class cloud beasts, which were swiftly killed by Han Sen.

Whenever there was free time, Han Sen kept trying to push The Story of Genes’ self-cogwheel.

The Story of Genes’ self-cogwheel was the same as the Blood-Pulse Sutra’s. They were separate and not connected to the other universal cogwheels. However, unlike the Blood-Pulse Sutra, it couldn’t connect with other-self cogwheels either. This cogwheel was completely independent. It had no connection to anything else in the universe.

It was different from the Dongxuan Sutra. The Dongxuan Sutra connected to every cogwheel in the universe. The Story of Genes couldn’t operate with a single other cogwheel.

According to most theories, the fewer connections a cogwheel had to others, the easier it was to push. After all, it took power to move every cogwheel, so the more cogwheels that needed to be moved, the more strength was required.

But with Han Sen’s power, he still couldn’t push the self-cogwheel of The Story of Genes. It was as if the cogwheel was locked up, or maybe it wasn’t supposed to be moved.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Area and noticed that the cogwheel wasn’t big. The white cogwheel also had weird symbols engraved across it. Han Sen realized they were the same as those on Spell’s forehead. They might have meant Eternity.

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