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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2497 - The Use of The Story of Genes

Chapter 2497: The Use of The Story of Genes

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Seeing Spell’s self-cogwheel, Han Sen reached his hand out to touch her forehead. He activated The Story of Genes’ self-cogwheel.


Two identical self-cogwheels were able to connect. They fit together perfectly.

As Han Sen’s self-cogwheel started to move, Spell’s self-cogwheel followed along with it. The two cogwheels accelerated together, becoming brighter and brighter with Spell.

But because of the teeth of the cogwheels, the two cogwheels spun in opposite directions. One of them went clockwise, and the other went counter-clockwise.

As they spun faster and faster, Spell shone with ever-increasing intensity. Han Sen and Spell’s power was moving like crazy.

They both had the power of The Story of Genes. Han Sen soon detected that his power was different from Spell’s power, but he couldn’t discern exactly what made each one unique.

Han Sen guessed that the difference in their powers had something to do with the way the self-cogwheels were spinning in opposite directions.

As Han Sen tried to figure out what benefit the connection between the cogwheels provided, Spell’s body suddenly began to change beneath his hand.

This change was different from when she became the armor, the pistols, the sniper rifle, or the rocket launcher. Spell stepped toward Han Sen and connected with his body.

“This is…” Han Sen was shocked. This was a familiar feeling. It was the same feeling as when he combined with Little Angel.

Of course, when Spell combined with Han Sen’s body, his body changed, too. His hair and his eyes changed to reflect Spell’s colors. His body became softer. The strange symbols of Spell appeared across his forehead.

This combination was different than when Spell became an armor set for Han Sen to wear. It was more like the combination process and result Han Sen had experienced with Little Angel. And Han Sen’s body had no armor.

After combining with Spell, Han Sen noticed he had two self-cogwheels for The Story of Genes. He could barely believe it. They were still active and spinning in opposite directions, but aside from affecting each other, they didn’t connect with any other universal cogwheels. They weren’t much different now than when they were apart. There were no area powers.

But because they had combined, Han Sen’s fitness had risen higher.

While Han Sen was wondering about the power of The Story of Genes’ area, he suddenly felt a mysterious shockwave come from inside his Sea of Soul.

Han Sen had felt this shockwave before. And now, it was happening again. Han Sen peered into his Sea of Soul and saw the black crystal armor. A symbol had appeared on the helmet of the black crystal armor that looked exactly the same as the one on Han Sen’s forehead. It was glowing with a gentle light.

Han Sen felt that his connection with the black crystal armor had never been this close before. It was as if he could control it with his mind.

But Han Sen swiftly realized that it was an illusion, more than anything. He could see the symbiotic connection between himself and the black crystal armor, but he still couldn’t control it.

But this change made Han Sen a very happy boy. “Is the power of The Story of Genes meant to control the black crystal armor? The connection between me and the black crystal armor has certainly strengthened. If The Story of Genes levels up to a certain point, maybe I will be able to actually control the black crystal armor.”

Han Sen’s mind returned to the moment when the black crystal armor’s punch had annihilated that statue. He would definitely like to max out The Story of Genes to be able to don such armor.

But that also made Han Sen a touch worried. “The Story of Genes was invented by Sacred Leader and that strange woman. Its purpose was to kill gods. Why does The Story of Genes have a connection with the black crystal armor? Is the black crystal armor connected to Sacred Leader? The black crystal armor originates from the sanctuaries. If it is connected with the Sacred Leader, why did the Sacred Leader leave it behind in the sanctuaries? If the black crystal armor is an item the Sacred Leader created to slay a god, then did it fail? Is that why he just tossed it into the sanctuaries?”

He knew it was unlikely that the Sacred Leader would just throw the set of armor away like that. So, it was just a guess. No one knew the truth just yet.

After learning what Spell could be used for, Han Sen felt depressed. Until he opened the black crystal armor, Spell’s area wouldn’t help him much. Combining with her only made his body stronger. There were no special abilities.

“No way. The Story of Genes must be independent. That woman never said that The Story of Genes required a set of armor. What is going on? Does the black crystal armor exist because it was the only way for the Sacred Leader to learn The Story of Genes? Is that why they are a match?” That idea actually seemed possible.

When he first tried to practice The Story of Genes, he failed repeatedly. It was through the help of the black crystal armor that he was able to properly start practicing with The Story of Genes.

If Sacred Leader and that woman created The Story of Genes and noticed that it couldn’t be practiced, Sacred Leader might have found a way to do so through the synthesis of that black crystal armor. In that case, Han Sen’s experience with The Story of Genes might make sense.

There was one thing that didn’t make sense, though. If the black crystal armor was something that helped The Story of Genes, Sacred Leader must have carried it around with him like a treasure. Why would he leave it behind in the sanctuaries? And on top of that, why would he leave it in the first realm of the sanctuaries?

Han Sen didn’t understand, so he stopped thinking about it and released his connection with Spell.

“Weird. When I combine with Spell, why is the process so similar to what I do with Little Angel?” Han Sen wanted to find Little Angel and try it again, but she wasn’t here. So, that would have to wait.

When Han Sen returned to the control deck, the pirates were standing in front of Bao’er. They all looked depressed. They were Dukes and Kings, but their faces were covered with stickers. They looked hilarious.

He saw that the eyes of the pirates were pleading for help. So, Han Sen put Bao’er on his shoulder and said, “Okay, you should let them go back to work now. We should have a look at the knights of the Extreme King.”

Han Sen walked a few steps when he suddenly heard a pirate shout, “Captain, look! Something is approaching us.”

Han Sen looked where the man was indicating, and he saw a giant battleship amidst the clouds. The battleship was almost as big as a planet.

It wasn’t rare to see a ship that big, but this was the Tianxia System. Most electronics failed to work in this place, so it was surprising to see something that large remain functional.

As Han Sen mulled over this oddity, the battleship came near the white whale. The enormous white whale looked like a tiny fish next to this monolithic battleship.

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