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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2498 - Saiyan

Chapter 2498: Saiyan

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“Saiyan!” Han Sen’s face changed.

If there was a race in the universe that could drive a battleship into the Tianxia System, it would be the Saiyan.

From an evolutionary standpoint, the Saiyan were probably somewhere in the top twenty high races in the universe. But due to their technological advancements, they were considered number six on such a scale.

Even the technology of the Extreme King was lacking when compared to the Saiyan.

When he saw the iron symbol representing the Saiyan on the front of the battleship, he could immediately tell that it was indeed a ship belonging to the Saiyan. Even without seeing the symbol, though, he still would have known. Only the Saiyan could fly a giant battleship into Tianxia System without impediments.

Han Sen hesitated, contemplating flying his white whale elsewhere. The Saiyan battleship fired a beam of light, but luckily, it wasn’t an attack on the white whale. The beam of light stopped in front of the ship, and it presented the image of a creature clad in armor. It was a hologram sent over a large distance.

“My dear Han Sen. I am Prince Albert of the Saiyan. My King has ordered me to invite you as a privileged guest of the Saiyan.” The armored creature finished with a bow toward Han Sen. He certainly appeared very elegant.

“Thanks for the invite, but no thanks. I’m busy, and I can’t spare the time to visit you,” Han Sen said, from his position inside the white whale.

Prince Albert heard this, but he went on to say, “Please do not fear, for we mean no harm. We only request that you bless our prince. If there is anything you need, please tell us. Perhaps then we can discuss a price for your service.”

“I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood. I can give you a blessing, but turning a normal creature into a deified elite is an impossible task,” Han Sen said.

Prince Albert laughed. “We know that. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to force you to do something impossible. Our King merely wants you to bless a few princes. An increase in talent is all we expect and require. There is nothing else.”

“I see. But I really am busy. I can’t visit you now.” Han Sen didn’t believe anything Prince Albert was telling him.

“If that is really what you want, then we won’t force you to come with us. If you are free at any point, however, please consider visiting the Saiyan. If you are able to bless a few of our princes, we would owe you much.” Prince Albert continued to say, “You are wanted by the Extreme King, so I’m afraid the road you traverse is not a safe one. I can make a path for you that will see you safely out of this place.”

After that, the giant battleship that looked like a planet turned around went forward. Han Sen hesitated, but he still guided the white whale after the huge ship.

If Prince Albert planned to force him to go to the Saiyan, then Han Sen wouldn’t have much choice in the matter regardless. So, he followed to see what they truly wanted.

Surprisingly, the Saiyan really did just escort them out of the Tianxia System.

Since the battleships of ordinary races couldn’t enter the Tianxia System, the Saiyan had the large advantage of being able to do what the others could not. They knew that place far better than most people did. Plus, they had advanced technology. They could avoid many unnecessary troubles.

In under a month, Han Sen exited the Tianxia System under the protection of the Saiyan battleship.

“My dear Han Sen, I hope one day you can come to see the Saiyan,” Prince Albert said. After bidding farewell to Han Sen, the prince’s battleship sped up and departed. He didn’t attempt to fight Han Sen.

“The Saiyan are interesting.” Han Sen watched the Saiyan battleship disappear into space, surprised by the unexpected politeness.

“Mister Captain is awesome. Even Prince Albert is so polite to you. He is one of their deified elites, practically a god amongst the Saiyan.”

“Mister Captain is so famous. I feel so blessed that I can follow Mister Captain and Little Captain.”

The pirates were brown-nosing like usual, but they really were in shock.

Han Sen had killed an Extreme King prince and was thus wanted by the Extreme King. Despite that, he was being treated so courteously by others. His reputation seemed to defy reason.

Han Sen knew that Prince Albert and the Saiyan only treated him that way because of his blessing abilities. Han Sen appreciated what they had done, though.

“If I have the chance to, I will go see the Saiyan. But it will be an expensive visit for them,” Han Sen thought to himself.

Han Sen didn’t delay. He allowed Bao’er to pilot the white whale through the systems of chaos. They put some distance between themselves and the Tianxia System, and their most dangerous time was behind them.

Because the Saiyan had guided them out, Han Sen had left the Tianxia System far sooner than he expected. Everyone looking for him would surely think that he was still in the Tianxia System. No one blocked Han Sen’s path, and he used the reprieve to travel safely through the systems of chaos.

Traveling from Du God City to Sky Palace wasn’t a lengthy journey. However, going straight to the xenogeneic space of Sky Palace would have been too dangerous, and he would have been stopped easily. So, he had to take a very roundabout way.

Clearly, that road hadn’t been as uneventful as he had hoped. And the Tianxia System was widely believed to be much safer than the systems of chaos. The Extreme King had knights patrolling the systems of chaos, so reaching Sky Palace by traveling that way would be very difficult.

When Han Sen entered the systems of chaos, he figured that the Extreme King wouldn’t yet know that he had escaped the Tianxia System. Intending to take advantage of the information lag, Han Sen plotted a course that would take him deep through that realm. But after a short while of travel, someone was standing in space, blocking Han Sen’s way.

“Bai Wuchang. Why is he here? If he is here, then that means soldiers of the Extreme King are here as well.” Han Sen was shocked.

“Han Sen, come on out! Don’t worry, it’s only me here! I’m willing to fight you now,” Bai Wuchang called out to the white whale, still hovering in space.

After a moment of thought, Han Sen flew out of the white whale. When he was a little closer to Bai Wuchang, he asked the man, “How did you know where to find me?”

He wasn’t afraid of Bai Wuchang, and he thought that their meeting was strange. He didn’t know how Bai Wuchang had managed to run into him here. It was way too much of a coincidence.

“I asked Teacher Ancient Abyss to calculate your path for me. He told me I could wait here for you. He was right! You are here,” Bai Wuchang said.

Upon hearing that, Han Sen was shocked. He couldn’t believe someone had guessed he would show up in this place. And not only that, but they had sent someone to wait there for him. That was too scary.

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