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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2501 - Depressed Ice Blue Knight King

Chapter 2501: Depressed Ice Blue Knight King

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Ice Blue Knight King was feeling very conflicted. He never thought that bringing Han Sen to the Extreme King would be the catalyst for so much trouble. If Ice Blue Knight King had a chance to do things over, he’d never have taken Han Sen away from Narrow Moon.

If he could go back, he wouldn’t force Han Sen to join the Extreme King. In fact, even if Han Sen had begged Ice Blue Knight King and called him grandfather, he still wouldn’t take Han Sen with him. He would slap Han Sen until he fell upon the ground, then order him to remain in Narrow Moon. Han Sen could stay there and bring harm to the Rebate, Ice Blue Knight King believed. Wherever Han Sen went, he brought trouble and turmoil with him.

But it was a shame there were no do-overs in the world. So, now, Ice Blue Knight King had a massive headache pounding against his temples.

“What happened to my brain back then, when I forced him out of there?” Ice Blue Knight King just wanted to slap himself in the face.

Han Sen had killed a prince. He had disguised himself as a prince. He had taken treasures and power from the Extreme King. Everything Han Sen said and did made Ice Blue Knight King feel as if he was plummeting into an abyss.

He knew it was game over for him. He was the one that brought Han Sen to the Extreme King, and he knew it was only a matter of time before he got dragged into this affair. Even if his participation wasn’t considered a crime, he was afraid that his career would never progress any further.

But that wasn’t the worst thing he feared. He had just received another piece of news from the Extreme King. Han Sen had broken through all the chokepoints that the Extreme had set up for him, traveled the length and breadth of the Tianxia System, and reached the systems of chaos.

Ice Blue Knight King had no idea how Han Sen had accomplished this. He was being chased by the whole universe, but he had managed to make it to the systems of chaos. That made Ice Blue Knight King confused.

Right now, Ice Blue Knight King had received an order. He had to stop Han Sen at all costs. If Han Sen made it past him, he would no longer have to show up for work. He would never serve as an Ice Blue Knight captain again.

Thinking about having to take his fellow Ice Blue Knights to stop Han Sen, Ice Blue Knight King felt like there was an icy fist tightening around his stomach.

Ice Blue Knight King had watched the live streams of Han Sen in the Tianxia System. The systems of chaos were dangerous, but it was much easier to use technology there than in the Tianxia System.

Han Sen leveling up Lando to deified class surprised him. It was like a miracle performed by God. It was pretty hard to believe.

The scariest thing was that he had seen Han Sen battling on video. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to stop Han Sen, not even if he led the entire might of the Ice Blue Knights against him. He didn’t think he had a snowflake’s chance in hell.

But an order was an order, and Ice Blue Knight King had to follow through. If he didn’t, no one would be able to save him.

Using the news he received from the Extreme King and the knowledge he already had on the systems of chaos, Ice Blue Knight King took his Ice Blue Knights to intercept Han Sen.

It worked. The beaten-up white whale was easy to spot.

When Han Sen saw Ice Blue Knight King, he was surprised. He had intentionally avoided going close to the headquarters of the Ice Blue Knights, and still, he was intercepted.

“It seems that the Extreme King now know I am in the systems of chaos. I’m afraid people like Meng Lie will start showing up again soon,” Han Sen thought to himself.

“Han Sen, if you stop and come with us to the Extreme King, things will still be alright,” Ice Blue Knight said as he looked upon the battered white whale.

He watched as the white whale opened its mouth and Han Sen emerged.

Despite all his recent battles, Han Sen didn’t look any worse for wear. His cheeks had a healthy flush, and all-in-all, he looked quite cheery. He even had a wretched smile that would make anyone want to punch him on sight.

“Ice Blue Knight King. How are you doing, man?” Han Sen smiled and greeted Ice Blue Knight King.

Ice Blue Knight King gave Han Sen a strange look. He remembered the time when he had taken Han Sen away from Narrow Moon, and he could see how much he had changed since then.

At that moment, Ice Blue Knight King wished he had never seen Han Sen’s face before.

“Come back to the Extreme King, or I will do you harm,” Ice Blue Knight King said in a hard voice. The cannons and weapons were all primed and ready to fire on Han Sen.

The knights of the Ice Blue Knights were ready. All that Ice Blue Knight King had to do was give a single command, and those knights would unleash enough firepower to blow up a planet.

But facing Han Sen, Ice Blue Knight King didn’t feel confident at all. So many deified beings had chased him, and yet, he had still gotten this far. He wouldn’t be an easy enemy to bring down.

“Ice Blue Knight King, I need ten cubic meters of cloud crystal stone. And I need three thousand gallons of V758 geno fluid…” Han Sen suddenly began listing out items that he wanted.

The Ice Blue Knights were shocked. They didn’t know what Han Sen meant. They were going to fight, so why was he making demands?

“He wants those items he just listed?” Ice Blue Knight King thought in confusion. This was ridiculous.

“What do you mean?” Ice Blue Knight King looked expressionlessly at Han Sen.

“It means hurry up and get me what I asked for. I will give you three hours,” Han Sen said in annoyance.

Ice Blue Knight King and the other Ice Blue Knights thought this was ridiculous. Han Sen was wanted by the Extreme King, but now he was giving them a store list and a deadline. This was hilarious.

“Han Sen, have you gone insane, or am I going senile? We are the Ice Blue Knights. We are a powerful force that serves the Extreme King. The glorious name of the Ice Blue Knights is known far and wide, and—”

“Right. Save your breath and go get my things. You have two hours and fifty-eight minutes.” Han Sen interrupted Ice Blue Knight King and clapped his hands.

At that moment, Ice Blue Knight King saw two other people emerge from the white whale. Both of them were King class creatures, and between them, they were carrying a limp form.

The person they were carrying looked really bad. He was beaten and swollen. His clothes were drenched in blood, and his bones were like mush. He couldn’t stand by himself. Two Kings stood to his left and right, holding him upright.

Ice Blue Knight King recognized who it was, and his mouth went dry. He looked at Han Sen, then back at the other person with disbelief.

“Bai Wuchang… King Bai’s favorite son… God, what did Han Sen do?” Ice Blue Knight King thought. His mind felt empty.

Killing Prince Sixteen wasn’t enough, it seemed. Han Sen had now taken King Bai’s favorite son Bai Wuchang hostage. He had also beaten him to a pulp. Ice Blue Knight King couldn’t imagine that anyone but Han Sen was capable of such a thing.

“You have two hours and fifty-five minutes. If I don’t get all the things I want on time, I will cut his head off.” Han Sen grabbed Bai Wuchang’s hair and looked at Ice Blue Knight, who was currently in a stupor.

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