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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2502 - There Is Treasure

Chapter 2502: There Is Treasure

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The Ice Blue Knights watched in impotent rage as the white whale flew away. Although there were countless weapons and cannons primed and ready to fire at it, no one dared to push the button on that damaged white whale. They only stared at the white whale as it left, until it departed their vision.

Ice Blue Knight King still looked conflicted. He felt helpless about it all, but he also felt rather happy. Although he would never say it out loud, the fact that Han Sen held Bai Wuchang as a hostage would mean that Ice Blue Knight King’s supervisors wouldn’t require him to chase Han Sen down. They didn’t want the Ice Blue Knights and Han Sen to fight after all, and that brought him some relief.

Although he had never really fought against Han Sen, when Ice Blue Knight King saw Han Sen this time, he felt a little unsettled. There was a mystique that surrounded Han Sen and his feats. Han Sen’s power seemed unknowable, and that was scary.

If he fought against Han Sen, Ice Blue Knight King had the feeling he and his men would end up in a sorry state.

“Knife, you took a very scary student under your wing,” Ice Blue Knight King said with a sigh. Then, he commanded his men to keep an eye on Han Sen’s flight path.

Han Sen eyed the abundance of resources on his ship and felt better for them being there. They were the materials he would need to repair the white whale. Now that Han Sen had them in his possession, his escape effort might go a little smoother.

Fang Qing Yu and the pirates felt as if they were dreaming. They had been intercepted by the Extreme King’s Ice Blue Knights, and they had emerged wholly unscathed. On top of that, they had been given a whale’s worth of supplies.

“This is what we call real pirate booty! We robbed the Extreme King. We are more daring than the real Pirates,” the lowly pirates thought. They were starting to believe that following Han Sen wasn’t such a bad idea, after all.

But they knew that after Han Sen’s did this, the Extreme King would be left insulted and enraged. There was no way King Bai was going to let the remainder of their trip go unimpeded. Greater dangers certainly lay ahead.

Han Sen shared some of the resources they had been given. They had been given food, so there was plenty for everyone to wine and dine. Han Sen wasn’t terribly excited about the food he had stolen, but it was nice to satisfy the rest of the crew and give them all full bellies.

And as for the materials they needed to fix-up the white whale, Han Sen put the pirates to work inside the crystal reactor. After that, the white whale would finish the repairs itself. It just needed those materials necessary to do so.

It hadn’t self-repaired before this because its crystal reactor lacked the necessary fuel.

Now that they had enough fuel, the white whale could get to work repairing itself. The broken parts started to pull back together, but a complete recovery was still a long while away.

“Captain, someone is following us from behind!” said a pirate running toward Han Sen.

“Ignore them. Let us proceed,” Han Sen said without much surprise. It would be weird if the Extreme King didn’t order Ice Blue Knight King to follow them.

Han Sen didn’t mind that kind of tail, though. When the white whale was wholly recovered, it would be as good as a deified. At that point, it wouldn’t be difficult to get rid of the Ice Blue Knights if they tried something.

“This place is close to where Night River King was standing guard,” Han Sen thought, looking around in curiosity.

Han Sen was very interested in the diary kept by Night River King, but the last time he scoped the place out, he hadn’t had much opportunity to look around. Now, his options for poking his nose where it didn’t belong were vastly expanded.

It would take a while for the white whale to be fixed. And during this time, he couldn’t get rid of the tail that Ice Blue Knight King had put on him. So, since he had the time, he might as well see if he could figure out what Night River King had been talking about in his diary.

Ice Blue Knight King thought that once Han Sen took the resources, he’d keep running away as fast and as far as he could. But of course, being Han Sen, he had instead decided to mosey around. Rather than focusing on escape, he actually went back to a location near where the Ice Blue Knights had been stationed.

“What is this a**hole trying to do now?” Ice Blue Knight King felt himself going a bit crazy. Taking Han Sen away from Narrow Moon was the worst thing he had done in his entire life.

Han Sen didn’t care what Ice Blue Knight King thought, though. He drove the white whale into the border regions of the Ice Blue System, heading toward the planet where Night River King had once been stationed. As Han Sen arrived, he found that Ice Blue Knight King had joined the men who were standing guard there.

“Han Sen, you still haven’t left yet. What is it that you want?” Ice Blue Knight King looked at Han Sen, trying not to grind his teeth. If he was able to, he would have liked to kill Han Sen right then and there.

“Nothing. I’m just getting tired. I plan to rest here. You guys go ahead and do your thing. There’s no need to escort me so diligently. I will rest on this planet for a little while before leaving,” Han Sen said with a smile.

“Who would want to f*cking escort you?” With Ice Blue Knight King’s personality, he couldn’t help but swear in frustration.

Although he was very mad, Bai Wuchang was still in Han Sen’s hands. He couldn’t do anything to Han Sen that might interfere with Bai Wuchang’s safety. He commanded the Ice Blue Knights not to interfere with Han Sen, just in case Bai Wuchang suffered.

Han Sen allowed the white whale to land on the planet Night River King used to guard. He looked around the nearby planets, but there was no sign of the beings described in Night River King’s diary. And there was nothing about those numbers.

According to what Night River King described, whatever it was had to be purple. And there should have been forty of those things with numbers. Plus, they were all King class. They shouldn’t have been difficult to find, whatever they were.

If there were dozens of King class fiends here, Han Sen should have found them with ease. However, Han Sen failed to discover a single King class creature on that planet. There were only two Ice Blue Knights that were King class guarding the planet, but they had nothing to do with the numbers.

There were no King class xenogeneics there because the Ice Blue Knights had already cleared them out. Even if some creatures still survived here, they would be low-level. King class beings were unlikely.

Han Sen went to the specific part of the planet where Night River King would have worked, but there was nothing weird there for Han Sen to see. He was a little bit disappointed.

He couldn’t stay there for too long, either. If someone like Meng Lie came for him, things would end poorly.

“If the weirdness that Night River King wrote about in his diary didn’t happen near where he was stationed, then I have little hope of finding it. The planet is too big for me to search the entire thing in the next one or two days.” As Han Sen wondered if he should just give up, Bao’er ran up to him. She used her small fingers to prod Han Sen’s sleeves.

“Bao’er, what is it?” Han Sen lowered his head to look at Bao’er with confusion.

Bao’er hooked a finger, and Han Sen knew what she meant. He squatted down to look at Bao’er.

Bao’er put her little mouth to Han Sen’s ear and whispered, “Daddy, there is a treasure.”

Excitement rose in Han Sen’s chest, but he didn’t show it. He quietly asked Bao’er, “Do you know where the treasure is?”

Bao’er nodded, and this made Han Sen even happier. He picked up Bao’er and walked out of the white whale. He spoke to one of the pirates, saying, “You guys watch Bai Wuchang. I’m taking Bao’er for a walk.”

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