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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2504 - Digging Treasure

Chapter 2504: Digging Treasure

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Han Sen followed Bao’er’s instructions when she told him where to look. Amidst that clump of mushrooms was a small clump of grass that didn’t look particularly outstanding.

The grass was only three or four centimeters tall. It was very, very small, and it appeared rugged and yellow. It looked as if it had dried up and died. If Bao’er hadn’t pointed it out, Han Sen wouldn’t have noticed it.

“You want to eat that grass?” Han Sen looked at Bao’er with shock. And he thought to himself, “Since when has Bao’er changed her appetite? I thought she only ate sweets.”

“Not the grass. There is something below it,” Bao’er said quietly.

“Below?” Han Sen looked at the grass and instantly realized what she meant. The grass was probably similar to the greens of a carrot. The root of the plant was the useful part.

Han Sen stopped hesitating and began using his Ghost Teeth Knife to cut a path to the tiny patch of grass. He swung his knife and cut down some of the toxic purple mushrooms.

King class xenogeneic plants were nothing to Han Sen. One life, one mushroom. He even cut down apart their roots.

The toxic mushrooms released their toxic mist, but Han Sen used an icy light to block it. Although the King class toxic mist was very strong, it couldn’t harm Han Sen.

“Xenogeneic King hunted: Toxic Umbrella Mushroom. Xenogeneic gene found.”

Han Sen was a little bit surprised. The purple mushrooms really were xenogeneics, and they were King class, as well.

“If Night River King’s diary’s coded creatures were toxic umbrella mushrooms, then that means something must have affected them. And that was why they became King class. That might also mean they weren’t originally King class. But if this is so, what affected them? Could it be that wilted grass?” Han Sen thought to himself.

“Xenogeneic King hunted: Toxic Umbrella Mushroom. Xenogeneic gene found. Obtained Toxic Umbrella Mushroom beast soul.”

Once Han Sen had killed thirty of the mushrooms, he earned a King class beast soul. That was surprising.

The mushrooms were King class, and yet, they were unable to move. Their only talent was the ability to release toxic spores that were ineffective against someone like Han Sen.

Han Sen quickly cleared the rest of them out and earned two Toxic Umbrella Mushroom beast souls.

That surprised Han Sen. They were weapon beast souls, but right now, Han Sen didn’t have time to stop and give them a closer look.

Once all the mushrooms were gone, Han Sen used his knife to dig around the wilted grass. He wanted to see what lay below.

“Do you guys know what kind of plant that is?” King Bai asked, looking at the Extreme King elites around him.

Everyone could tell that Han Sen’s objective was to dig out something that lay below, but they all looked confused. None of them knew what the grass was.

Even the xenogeneic mushrooms Han Sen had killed were unknown to them. They had no clue what they were.

Many plants were oh-so-very weird, all across the geno universe, so it wasn’t strange that none of King Bai’s attendants could identify the mushrooms. Even deified elites were unable to recognize all the plants that they encountered.

But they were confused, too. They didn’t know how Han Sen had known there were xenogeneic plants just lying around in that precise spot.

As Han Sen kept slicing and dicing, digging through the ground, he saw something purple appear below. At first, he was unable to tell what it was. But after digging for a while longer, he was able to identify it.

It was a big carrot. The skin was purple, and the root was two feet long. There was also a purple beard on it.

Han Sen dug out the giant carrot and gave it to Bao’er. He curiously asked, “Bao’er, since when have you enjoyed eating carrots?”

“Dad, even if we were at home, I’m pretty sure this thing would be called ginseng.” Bao’er held the big carrot as she spoke to Han Sen.

“Ginseng?” Han Sen was shocked. That thing looked just like a carrot. How could ginseng be that large? And Han Sen remembered that ginseng looked yellowish. This thing was purple. It was a carrot, no matter what.

“Then treat it as a carrot.” As Bao’er fondled the massive ginseng, she looked very happy. She looked at Han Sen and said, “Daddy, keep digging. I am sure you can find something else in there.”

“There is something else?” Han Sen kept on digging.

The cameras only had video. Ice Blue Knight King and the others of the Extreme King were unable to hear what was being spoken. They watched as Han Sen dug up a big carrot and gave it to Bao’er to hold.

King Bai frowned. No one around him recognized what the big carrot was.

There were too many similar plants in the universe. If they weren’t famous, there wasn’t much of a chance of people remembering them. The purple carrot was the same as the mushrooms, in that it wasn’t famous at all. No one had heard of them before.

Now, they were very curious about what Han Sen could dig out of the ground there.

Han Sen didn’t know what he was about to dig up, either. He just used his Ghost Teeth Knife to keep digging. It looked as if there wasn’t too much to be found. He dug another meter into the ground, but there didn’t appear to be anything down there below the earth.

“Bao’er, are you sure there’s something down here?” Han Sen looked at Bao’er with confusion.

“There should be.” Bao’er was still holding the giant ginseng, sitting atop a rock.

Han Sen kept on digging. He dug three meters into the ground before he felt the tip of his knife strike something.

Because the hole was too deep, the camera’s position wasn’t right, and the Extreme King couldn’t film whatever was inside the hole.

Ice Blue Knight King and the others of the Extreme King could only see Bao’er. She was sitting atop the hole with a carrot in her hand, with rocks and soil being flung out of the hole. But they couldn’t see what was going on inside the pit.

If they were there, they could use many methods to see what was in the hole. But through video, no matter how smart they were, they couldn’t tell what was going on below ground.

Han Sen felt something down there. He dug faster as he grew more excited. It wasn’t long before he revealed what was down there.

Han Sen discovered that it was a shield. It looked like a tower shield. It was forged from purple metal, which was almost like some form of copper, but not quite. If he was honest with himself, he wasn’t even sure if it was metal.

The inside of the shield was facing up, so Han Sen could see the handle. The styling of it was so old, and there weren’t even any insignias on it. Han Sen grabbed the handle of the shield and lifted it.

“Why is it so heavy? But then again, judging by the weight, it has to be something good.” The shield was so heavy that Han Sen was having trouble holding it up. Still, he managed to get it out.


He had only just lifted the shield when, before he could see what was on the front of the shield, a purple light burst from the shield like a volcano. The light flashed up into the sky.

Han Sen was shocked. He raised his head and looked into the sky. In that purple light, there was a beautiful woman with a fantastic body and a snake tail.

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