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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2505 - Medusa’s Gaze

Chapter 2505: Medusa’s Gaze

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A beam of purple light burst into the sky, and the shape of a beautiful woman appeared within it. Her lower body was scaled and serpentine, and her black hair was a bunch of snakes, as well. Her eyes were shut. She looked beautiful, elegant, cold, and creepy.

When Ice Blue Knight King and the Extreme King elites saw the snake-like woman in the beam of light and squinted to get a clearer look, they looked shocked.

“That Gana’s silhouette, it looks so familiar…” Many of the Extreme King’s deified elites had this sudden feeling.

But before they could get a better look at the woman, the shape within that light was gone. It just vanished from sight.

Han Sen’s shield lost its light. Han Sen was confused, and so he flipped the shield over. He saw that the front of the shield was adorned with the image of the woman he had seen inside the beam of light.

The image depicted a human body mixed with a snake. Her eyes were shut, and her black hair was dancing; it looked as beautiful as it did weird.

“This looks like a good item. It must be a deified xenogeneic treasure.” Han Sen was so happy. He hurried to pull the shield out of the hole.

After Han Sen pulled the shield up to ground level, many of the Extreme King elites saw the purple metal shield. Their eyes all opened wide, and they stared at it in disbelief.

Uncle Six whispered hoarsely, “That is the Gana’s treasure, the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze… How is this possible? The Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze was destroyed in a battle between the gods. Why is it here?”

“That white shadow, it was Medusa… Is the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze still here?”

“Holy sh*t! Why is the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze still around? And it is in one of the places operated by the Extreme King.”

“Hurry! We have to get the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze back. We have to take him back with us to the Extreme King, no matter what.” The Extreme King’s simmering tempers were going to boil over.

“How do we take it? Only the Ice Blue Knights are in the vicinity. There are no deified elites around. Do you really think they can stop Han Sen?” someone said. And then, all the Extreme King elites stopped talking.

They looked at Han Sen’s shield with intense expressions.

There was no other way for them to do this. They had to watch Han Sen merrily take the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze back to the white whale.

“Hurry… Tell the Fourth Uncle and Miss Mirror to hurry. We have to reclaim that shield.”

“This is bad. How did that thing end up in the Ice Blue System? It was in our territory for all this time, and no one was able to find it? What have those Ice Blue Knights been doing all this time? This important item was beneath their noses for all these years, and now it suddenly gets stolen?”

“My King, I beg your permission to go to the systems of chaos. I will aid Fourth Uncle in killing Han Sen and claiming the shield.”

“I am willing to go to the systems of chaos, too.”

The systems of chaos were once a bad place that no one ever wished to go to, but now they were the place everyone wished to go to.

Han Sen didn’t know anything about the shield, but he was certain it was a powerful item. He put the toxic mushrooms away, picked up Bao’er, and dragged the shield with him on the way back to the big white whale.

Han Sen had received what he wanted, so there was no point in waiting around for anything awry to occur.

Han Sen ran to the white whale as fast as he was able to. The pirates were sitting tight, guarding the white whale. The little red bird saw them coming, and so it flew over to escort their approach. It landed atop Bao’er’s shoulder, hoping to nibble her big piece of ginseng.

“This is mine!” Bao’er hugged the ginseng tightly, keeping the little red bird from eating it.

Han Sen didn’t spare any time for the drama between those two, and so he activated his white whale. He left the Ice Blue Systems and headed deeper into the systems of chaos.

Han Sen set the shield aside. It was too heavy for him to hold easily. He had only gone a short distance with it, and he was gasping already.

Upon seeing the shield that Han Sen had brought back, Fang Qing Yu was curious. Han Sen had only just gone out for a bit, and yet he had returned with an enormous shield.

When he looked at the shield more closely, though, he saw the image of a woman with half a human body and half a snake body. He gasped, “Medusa’s Gaze!”

“Brother Fang, you know this shield?” Han Sen asked, looking at Fang Qing Yu.

“Is this… is this real? Is this really the Medusa’s Gaze?” Fang Qing Yu’s voice trembled as he stared at the shield.

“What about it is real or not? I just dug it up. I don’t know. Do you know about this shield?” Han Sen asked again. Fang Qing Yu definitely seemed to know something about it.

Fang Qing Yu’s shaking hands reached out to touch the shield. What he said sounded like nonsense. “I don’t know… no, no… I’m not sure if this is the Medusa’s Gaze. The legends say that it was destroyed…”

“What is this Medusa’s Gaze?” Han Sen asked with confusion.

Fang Qing Yu looked at the shield with excitement. “Time keeps changing. Elites live and elites die. The same can be said about treasures. Some break, whereas others are created. They might be famous eventually, but in one day, under the gushing flow of history’s river, they can be washed away. Some, however, glow and shine like diamonds beneath the rushing water of that river. They become legends. People will remember such items forever. Back in the day, the Gana Alpha used the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze and Purgatory Heaven. They were two deified treasures, and they made him invincible. With them, he lit up the geno hall’s geno lantern. And it was through that act the Gana became one of the higher races.”

“At that time, the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze and Purgatory Heaven, the two deified xenogeneic treasures, became super famous. That was especially true of the Medusa’s Gaze. It can be considered one of the top-ten well-known deified items. The Gana Alpha used the Medusa’s Gaze and Purgatory Heaven to assault the geno hall. After a few days of fighting, they were kicked out and made to fall. Then, Medusa’s Gaze and Purgatory Heaven were lost.”

As Fang Qing Yu spoke, he stroked the shield at the same time. “If this is really Medusa’s Gaze, it will be one pricy artifact. This shield alone could buy out a whole higher race. After all, this is a deified item that assaulted the geno hall. But the legends say the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze and Purgatory Heaven were destroyed. I don’t know the truth to this tale.”

“An elite that entered the geno hall?” Han Sen was shocked.

Even Ancient Water God, who was almighty and powerful, was unable to breach the gate of the geno hall. The Gana, however, had assaulted the geno hall properly. And there, they fought for a few days. That was a scary thought.

“Come take a look. Let us determine if this truly is the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze.” Han Sen was so happy. If that was a deified weapon from a battle waged between gods, it would be something truly amazing.

Han Sen already had Purgatory Heaven. If that was the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze, perhaps he would be able to learn much from the Gana Alpha. He might even be able to use the two deified weapons to assault the geno hall himself.

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