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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2512 - Going to the Core Area Again

Chapter 2512: Going to the Core Area Again

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The old battleship was the only piece of technology that Han Sen could find on the island. All other landmarks were completely natural formations.

Han Sen and the others couldn’t really leave the white whale. Now and again, hordes of black snakes would emerge from the black sea to chow down on the mushrooms. But every time that happened, the white tiger beat them back.

Han Sen made many attempts to get rid of the mushrooms that were on each of their heads. All his efforts were in vain. Even if they managed to withstand the pain long enough to cut off the mushrooms, the roots were still embedded within their brains. It was only a matter of time before they grew back.

And the newly-grown mushrooms would be more colorful than ever. It made them want to cry.

Han Sen used his Original Water King Body, and as his body turned into liquid, the mushroom on his head lost its grip and fell to the floor.

The mushroom died quickly, and for a moment, Han Sen thought he was free. However, it wasn’t long before another mushroom grew atop his head.

Although the new mushroom looked the same as the old one, some instinct told Han Sen that it was actually different.

When Han Sen got rid of his mushroom, he quickly entered the core area. While he was in the core area, the mushrooms did not plague him. But if he left the core area, a new mushroom would immediately rise from his head.

Fortunately, aside from looking incredibly strange, the mushrooms didn’t seem to be harmful. They merely sat quietly atop the heads of Han Sen and his crew.

Meanwhile, Han Sen took the white whale back into the air to find a way out. But after making a few loops of the area, he would always end up returning to the familiar land of mushrooms.

The space faults and folds were too complicated, and they changed and morphed constantly. Unless the Black Hole Spider was killed and its space power disappeared, getting out of the beast’s stomach was an unachievable dream.

The pirates had gotten used to eating the mushrooms of the land by now. The mushrooms tasted reasonably good, but the pirates still got tired of eating them before too long. At least the different-looking mushrooms had different textures. That made the experience somewhat tolerable. And eating the different types of fungus was better than drinking tasteless nutrient solutions all the time.

Han Sen and Bao’er never ate those mushrooms, though. Bao’er kept the big ginseng with her at all times. She nibbled at it constantly. Still, despite the amount of time it had been in her possession, she had only managed to gnaw off its tip.

Han Sen didn’t eat much. He spent most of the time consuming King class genes.

The Extreme King elites like Meng Lie were still searching for Han Sen in the systems of chaos. They were about to go mad as they circled through the same dangerous systems time after time, but no matter what they did, they were unable to find Han Sen. That made them very depressed.

Han Sen still had both the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze and Bai Wuchang. The Extreme King used every method at their disposal to try to locate Han Sen, but all of their efforts were fruitless. Han Sen and the others had completely disappeared, or so it felt like. No one could know for sure if he was dead or alive.

Han Sen summoned his Dongxuan Armor and entered the core area. Since he couldn’t find a way to leave the mushroom kingdom, he could hunt King class xenogeneics in the core area to max out his King genes.

Han Sen entered the core area, but before he could find anything to kill, Dia Robber and Dragon One were heading toward him. Han Sen was surprised.

“Dollar, can we talk?” Dia Robber said.

“Sure,” Han Sen said casually.

“We want to slay a deified core xenogeneic. Are you interested?” Dragon One came up to ask.

“I’m interested, but what benefits would I receive if I was to help you slay this deified xenogeneic? You probably wouldn’t give me the body of the deified xenogeneic, am I correct?” Han Sen said.

Dragon One and Dia Robber looked at each other. Dia Robber said, “The deified xenogeneic’s body would be the primary component for the crafting of deified treasures. We would need it. We’re asking you to help us because we require the body. But if you are willing to help, we can discuss a price and shares of the profits. You can have anything, as long as it isn’t the deified xenogeneic’s flesh.”

Han Sen tapped his lip in thought. “I suppose I’d be okay with hunting a deified xenogeneic without receiving its flesh. But I would like one thousand King class core xenogeneic genes in exchange.”

If Han Sen went after King class xenogeneics alone, simply finding them would take a long time. The fact that he could kill them easily would matter little. King class xenogeneics weren’t terribly common, and finding vast numbers of them would be difficult. God knew how long it would take him to get one thousand King class core genes alone.

Han Sen didn’t need just one thousand King class genes. If he wanted to max out the nine tiers of four different geno arts, he needed at least three thousand.

And he didn’t know if he would need more xenogeneic King class genes once his ninth tier reverted back to one. If so, he would require even more.

Rather than spending a few years to gather the genes he needed himself, this could be an opportunity to earn big. He could level up his areas fast this way, and become half-deified in no time.

“One thousand King class xenogeneic core genes? Isn’t that a bit too much to ask for?” Dragon One and Dia Robber looked glum.

That meant they had to kill one thousand King class xenogeneics. They didn’t know if they could even find that many xenogeneic Kings, let alone kill them all.

Even though the core area had many King class xenogeneics, one thousand of them was too much to ask for. With their strength, finding that many might take a few years.

“If you guys want me to support you in a deified battle, then give me something else of equal value and I might consider it.” Han Sen’s face didn’t change.

“We asked you because we require your power, but one thousand King class core xenogeneic genes is simply too much. We cannot get that many out to give you, all of a sudden,” Dragon One said.

“You guys consider it, then. I have given you my price. If you think it is too much, then go and find someone else.” Han Sen didn’t cut them any slack.

Dragon One and Dia Robber hesitated for a moment. Although Dollar looked very strong, he was just King class. Even if they got him to join their party, they might still fail to kill the deified they were after. So, they would have to find someone else. That offer was asking too much of them, without the guarantee of success. Anyone would hesitate before striking such a bargain.

While they were talking, a man rode up to them atop a golden lion.

“If the two of you are considering spending one thousand King class core genes to hire him, why don’t you just hire us? We are the Royal Knights. You can hire us for the same price, and we can guarantee the kill. If we fail, we will reimburse you. You two trust the reputation of the Royal Knights, don’t you?”

Han Sen looked back. It was the Extreme King’s crown prince, Wan Jie.

“Brother Dollar, can we discuss the price some more?” Instead of answering Prince Wan Jie, Dragon One remained focused on Dollar.

“I won’t go any lower. You can pay me five hundred first and the other five hundred after my task is done. If I fail to kill it, I still keep the first five hundred. Consider it a down payment for the effort I put into the attempt,” Han Sen said.

Dragon One and Dia Robber talked quietly amongst themselves, then Dia Robber said, “Okay Dollar, we will hire you to help us. Please come to our base so we can talk.”

Han Sen and Bai Wan Jie were shocked. They couldn’t believe at the same price, with Bai Wan Jie guaranteeing the kill, Dragon One and Dia Robber still selected Han Sen.

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