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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2514 - Dragon Tooth Dagger

Chapter 2514: Dragon Tooth Dagger

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Bai Wan Jie hadn’t expected that Dragon One and the others would make a serious effort to kill Gold Armor General. But based on what he had just learned, it seemed that Dragon One and Dia Robber really intended to take on Gold Armor General.

“My Prince, Dragon One and Dia Robber didn’t seem to be joking. I think they’re actually planning to fight Gold Armor General. Should we prepare? Should we steal the kill before they arrive?” Nightmare Knight asked Bai Wan Jie.

“We need to prepare, but there’s no rush. Just let them go ahead if they want to. Do they really think that this Dollar, who came out of nowhere, can truly help them defeat Gold Armor General? How naive.” Bai Wan Jie laughed and went on to say, “Even if I wanted to take down Gold Armor General, I’m afraid I would have to request Yu Shanxin’s aid, which would be expensive. I would also need to rally every half-deified at my disposal if I was to have any hope of defeating Gold Armor General. Dragon One and Dia Robber are too weak.”

After pausing, Bai Wan Jie laughed and said, “Let’s let them go ahead. When they are beaten, we can resume the fight in their place. It will save us a lot of work. Why don’t we do that? Let’s find out when they are going to attack the beast. Then, we’ll know when we can tune in to watch the show.”

“Yes. I will make preparations,” Nightmare Knight said as he left.

In the base of the Dragons and the Destroyed, Dragon One and Dia Robber explained their plan for taking on Gold Armor General to Han Sen.

“With our power, we should be able to restrict the Gold Armor General for two to three seconds. During that time, we need you to use this dagger to stab the Gold Armor General’s eyes. You will not have much time, and you only have one dagger. It is crucial that you get close to him during this window of opportunity and blind both of his eyes. If you fail in this task, all our efforts will have been in vain. Can you do this?” Dragon One asked very seriously, passing a snow-white dagger to Han Sen.

“Why do I have to blind his eyes?” Han Sen accepted the dagger and ran his fingers curiously over it.

“Gold Armor General’s body is encased in gold armor,” Dragon One explained. “Its defense is too hard for us to penetrate. Even a top dog half-deified couldn’t pierce that monster’s armor, so it will be difficult to damage. The Gold Armor General’s weakness is its eyes, where it lacks the protection of the gold armor. The eyes are only protected by crystals. Even so, ordinary half-deifieds cannot break them. The only way to break through the crystal that shields the eyes is if a half-deified wields the deified Dragon Tattoo Tooth Dagger, a Dragon treasure.”

After pausing, Dragon One continued speaking. “According to those who hunted Steel Armor General and Silver Armor General, they are deified beings, but their senses aren’t too strong. They depend solely on their eyes. If its vision is destroyed, Gold Armor General won’t be as dangerous as we fear. Plus, once the eyes are destroyed, we can continue attacking the wounds and kill the fiend easily.”

“That means you have another weapon to kill him?” Han Sen asked, looking at the Dragon Tattoo Tooth Dagger.

The dagger was snow-white. It glistened like jade, and both sides of the dagger were engraved with the shape of an icy dragon. The engraving was beautifully detailed.

While Han Sen held the dagger, he felt cold. He could feel the soul of an undying dragon roaring within the weapon.

Although it wasn’t one of the universe’s top deified treasures, the Dragon Tattoo Tooth Dagger suited Han Sen. Using it wouldn’t require much strength, as the dagger was sharp enough to tear through space.

“Yes, the dagger will only be enough to injure Gold Armor General’s eyes. It isn’t strong enough to kill the creature. We are prepared for that, but your mission is to take out his eyes. You only need to complete this objective. Whether or not we manage to kill Gold Armor General in the end, you will receive your one thousand xenogeneic genes just for blinding the creature,” Dragon One said.

“Sure. Let’s do that, then,” Han Sen said while putting away the dagger.

“Ahem, Brother Dollar. You can hold onto the dagger for now, but this thing is a treasure of the Dragon. You cannot take it too far away from us,” Dragon One said with a cough.

“Until I kill the Gold Armor General, I’m not going anywhere,” Han Sen said.

“Thank you for understanding, Dollar. There is something you must remember, also. You must use this dagger to strike the eyes. Skills like swordlights will not be effective on the eyes of this being,” Dragon One said.

“Sure. I will keep that in mind.” Han Sen nodded absently, spinning the dragon tooth dagger around his hands in intricate arcs.

Han Sen didn’t have to practice when it came to killing creatures. Any weapon could serve the purpose. This time, he was hunting a deified creature, though. It might be weaker than outside deifieds, but he knew that was no excuse to be sloppy. He couldn’t risk recklessness, and so, Han Sen knew he would have to get himself in tip-top shape.

Of course, he wasn’t just doing this for the one thousand King-class xenogeneic genes that were on the line. He wanted to test his mettle and see if he could kill the deified xenogeneic to earn its beast soul.

Xenogeneic treasures were great, but for the people who came from the sanctuaries, beast souls were even better.

Han Sen kept his promise and didn’t leave the base. He stayed there and spent each day practicing with the dragon tooth dagger. Dragon One was pleased to see this. No matter how he saw it, Dollar was very respectful of the job he had signed up for.

Dragon Three approached Dragon One and joined him in watching Han Sen. They remained silent for a while as Han Sen practiced.

“Brother, do you think this Dollar will succeed? He needs to get close to the Gold Armor General in a short amount of time and blind him. So far, not even an Extreme King half-deified has managed to do something like that. And Dollar is still King class… Brother, if you need me to, I can ask Yu Shanxin to help out. With him here, our chances of success would be much higher.”

Dragon One shook his head. “Hiring Yu Shanxin wouldn’t be that easy. Even if the Extreme King sought to hire him, they would have to pay a high price. That sort of cost would be considerable to the Extreme King, and we have far fewer resources.”

After that, Dragon One’s eyes drifted over to Han Sen, who was still practicing. His expression became strangely distant, and he said, “Dollar might be the next Yu Shanxin. Perhaps even stronger.”

Dragon Three looked at Dragon One with shock. He turned back and stared at the practicing man. There was no trace of humor in Dragon One’s tone.

Dragon One was comparing Dollar to the great Yu Shanxin, and he was even suggesting that Dollar might be stronger. That was an incredible compliment from someone like Dragon One.

Who was Yu Shanxin? He was the scariest half-deified in the universe, and it was a fact admitted by everyone. Not even the Extreme King had a single half-deified on par with Yu Shanxin.

Dragon One himself wasn’t equal to Yu Shanxin. If he could say something like this with certainty, he was also admitting himself to be inferior to Dollar. It was hard to imagine the proud Dragon One making that sort of admission.

Seeing the stunned expression on Dragon Three’s face, Dragon One laughed. “I’m just saying he might be stronger than Yu Shanxin when he levels up. He isn’t that strong right now. But we cannot hire Yu Shanxin, and so, we must settle for him.”

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