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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2520 - Wan’er Wakes Up

Chapter 2520: Wan’er Wakes Up

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“Deified Xenogeneic hunted: Gold Robot General. Xenogeneic gene found. Obtained Gold Robot General beast soul.”

Han Sen was thrilled. “I got its beast soul. Am I on a lucky streak to keep receiving their beast souls these days?”

When the Gold Robot General fell, its gold greatsword dropped from its loosened grip, too. Dragon One and the others were all ecstatic. After seeing this, they all ran up to Han Sen.

Bai Wan Jie watched Han Sen from afar, with his face cycling through a variety of different emotions. The members of his royal knights were all frozen, and none of them could speak.

The results of the battle were far too surprising. The Gold Armor General was considered too difficult to kill, and yet Dollar had single-handedly secured the victory. Watching Han Sen at that moment was like looking at a god and a demon. It left a really deep impression in their brains.

“What just happened?”

“That Dollar just soloed the Gold Armor General. Am I seeing this correctly?”

“It was too f*cking scary. Dollar is too powerful. He just soloed a deified as a King. Can any of the Extreme King do such a thing?”

“Even someone else could do this, there’s no way they could do it as casually as Dollar did. He must be a deified pretending to be a King.”

After the King class audience watched the fight, they were all left looking shocked.

The yellow-clothed woman looked at Han Sen. Her pretty eyes had become unreadable as she spoke to herself. “What is up with this Dollar character? What is his power? Interesting. How interesting. Is he stronger than Yu Shanxin?”

“Brother Dollar, we couldn’t have done this without you…” Dragon One was so shocked and happy, he wasn’t quite sure what to say. If not for Dollar, the Dragons would surely have lost everything. Dollar had managed to pull them out of the fire and secure victory for them all by himself.

At that moment, Dragon One was only thinking that the one thousand xenogeneic genes he owed were well worth it.

“When can you pay me the second batch of five hundred xenogeneic genes?” Han Sen asked, looking at Dragon One. After fulfilling the work he was tasked to perform, he required his payment.

“Tomorrow… No, give us half an hour. We will deliver them right away!” Dragon One had come to kill a deified xenogeneic. He couldn’t have brought them with him. He immediately told his Dragon subordinates to retrieve the xenogeneic genes that the man was owed.

“Brother Dollar, are you interested in striking another deal?” Dia Robber approached, lowering his voice as he spoke to Han Sen.

Han Sen shook his head. “I have things to do. I don’t have time.”

Dia Robber felt so annoyed. The reason why he let Dragon One ask Dollar first was that he himself wasn’t confident in Dollar’s abilities. He wanted to see how strong Dollar was before deciding to hire him.

But God knew Dollar was insanely strong. After all, he had practically killed the Gold Armor General all alone. Now that Dia Robber wanted to hire him and was unsure if he could, he was really regretting his previous hesitation.

“If you have the time, Brother Dollar, we can discuss payment,” Dia Robber said hopefully, praying he would still have a chance to hire Dollar.

“Sure. I will contact you sometime down the line,” Han Sen said.

Han Sen handed the Dragon Tattoo Tooth Dagger back to Dragon One. The Dragons quickly brought the other five hundred xenogeneic genes over. Han Sen took the xenogeneic genes back to the core area hall. Then, he placed them all inside Destiny’s Tower.

“With one thousand xenogeneic genes, I can max out one King area, at least.” Han Sen observed the mountain of King xenogeneic genes he had piled inside his Destiny’s Tower. It gave him a warm and comforting feeling. He sighed and said, “It is nice to always have a little in the bank.”

Seeing so many xenogeneic genes all in one place was enough to make Han Sen start drooling. Then, he suddenly heard Wan’er make some moaning sounds on a lower floor. When he went to see her, he saw her eyelids flicker. It looked as if she was going to wake up.

Han Sen was shocked. He went back to the white whale and brought Wan’er out of Destiny’s Tower.

Earlier, Han Sen had used his super god spirit to kill the Gold Robot General. He felt that Wan’er’s effect on him was weaker now. Her power was no longer canceling his super god spirit straight away. Han Sen thought that was weird.

Originally, he only wanted to use his super god spirit body to blind the Gold Robot General’s eyes. He hadn’t known it would last so long and enable him to do as much as he had.

Now, it seemed as if Wan’er waking up was in some way related to what had happened.

Wan’er lay on the bed as her eyes slowly opened. When she saw that Han Sen was there, she suddenly jumped forward. She wrapped her arms around his neck and curled against his chest like a cat. She closed her eyes and gleefully said, “Big Brother.”

Han Sen didn’t know what to do, and he pushed her back a bit. He had yet to learn why Wan’er was so insistent about calling him “big brother.” He thought that having her as a sister was something he would probably remember.

“Ahem, ahem. Wan’er, do you remember your big brother?” As he said that, even Han Sen thought his choice of words was a bit strange.

“Of course I recognize my big brother.” Wan’er leaned toward Han Sen. She closed her eyes as if she was dreaming and said, “I don’t ever want to be apart from you. I want to be with my big brother forever.”

“Good Wan’er. Your big brother wants to be with you forever, too.” Han Sen patted Wan’er on the back like she was a child. And then he asked, “Do you remember my name?”

“Of course I remember. How could I forget my big brother’s name? I would never forget my big brother’s name.” Wan’er rubbed her face against Han Sen’s chest in another feline motion.

“Then, what is my name?” Han Sen asked in a rush.

Wan’er raised her head. She looked at Han Sen with confusion and said, “Has big brother forgotten his name?”

“Of course I remember my name! I’m testing you.” Han Sen felt as if he was some kindergarten teacher.

Upon hearing Han Sen say this, Wan’er’s face started to become red. It was so pretty, and she was looked like a piece of crystal that was about to cry. “Big brother doesn’t believe me?”

“Of course I believe you, Wan’er! I am just kidding with you.” Han Sen felt his resolve soften, and so he opted to try and comfort her.

Wan’er laughed. She placed her cheek against Han Sen’s chest, closed her eyes, and said, “I want to be with you like I was before. I want to just chat and travel with you all around the universe. But Wan’er feels so tired. I want to sleep a lot.”

Han Sen really wanted to know the name of Wan’er’s big brother, but he didn’t know how to ask. He was in a rush about it, too.

Han Sen felt as if dealing with Wan’er might be harder than dealing with a deified xenogeneic. Dealing with a deified xenogeneic might at least give him a chance, but facing Wan’er, he couldn’t even use his full strength. It would be like punching cotton.

“Big brother… can we not go back to Sacred? Just the two of us together, forever… Together, forever,” Wan’er mumbled dreamily, and her voice became quieter and quieter.

Han Sen froze. “Is she really from Sacred? If she is, then who is her big brother? Is it someone else from Sacred?”

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