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Super Soldier (Web Novel)


Xiao Bing, who used to be a top soldier in mercenary and came back to normal life because of the death of his best friend. He started over, played dumb and coped with difficulties. He stood on the bones of others and held beauty by his side. Finally, he succeeded and became the emperor of the city.

“Brother Bing, please protect my little sister as well as my families carefully. I feel lucky to accompany you during these 6 years. It is my honor to go through fire and water with you. I’m not regretful!”

I’m not regretful!

Thinking of what Su Peiya had said before dying, Xiao Bing clenched his fists tightly and cried. He made a decision to protect Su Peiya’s families before finding the spy of Long Men and to make rightful claims for Su Peiya.

Xiao Bing did not love Su Peiya, but he regarded her as his only best friend!

He unfastened the seat belt when the plane landed safely. Looking at the urn in his hands, he sighed, “We have arrived at Jiang City. You get home now, Peiya.”

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The chapterAddition Time
Charter 279 - The Luo Brother and Sister Want to See You2019-12-13
Chapter 278: Thank You, Teacher2019-12-12
Chapter 277 Xiao Bing, a Man of Void-Breaking2019-12-11
Chapter 276: Han Huabin, the Best of the Best2019-12-10
Chapter 275 Breathtaking2019-12-09
Chapter 274 Dumbass Killed a Person2019-12-08
Chapter 273 Xiao Bing Got Into Trouble2019-12-07
Chapter 271 Happy Birthday2019-12-05
Chapter 270 The Coy Girl Luo Xiaomi2019-12-04
Chapter 269: I Survived2019-12-03
Chapter 268 Another Breakthrough2019-12-02
Chapter 267: Kidnapping2019-12-01
Chapter 266 Complicated2019-11-30
Chapter 265 Mr. Lu’s Request2019-11-29
Chapter 264: A Love Affair2019-11-28
Chapter 263 The Xiang Gang of the Luo Family2019-11-27
Chapter 262: The Dragon Master in the Casino2019-11-26
Chapter 261 A Happy Collaboration2019-11-25
Chapter 260 See Through Everything2019-11-24
Chapter 259 Yu Wenhua2019-11-23
Chapter 258 The Appointment with Yu Miao’s Father2019-11-22
Chapter 257: Heartless Lord Long2019-11-21
Chapter 256 The Chance to become a Dragon When Meet the Storm2019-11-20
Chapter 255 Will Brother Bing Come Back?2019-11-19
Chapter 254 Who Exactly Is Xiao Bing?2019-11-18
Chapter 253: Gao Fei Vs. White Hair2019-11-17
Chapter 252: Lil Bei’s Crisis2019-11-16
Chapter 251 Even If Neither Side Wins2019-11-15
Chapter 250 White Hair, One Of the Eight Buddhist Generals2019-11-14
Chapter 249 Killers Sent By the Buddhism2019-11-13
Chapter 248 A Letter From Mr. Buddha2019-11-12
Chapter 247 Yezi Was The Love Of My Life2019-11-11
Chapter 246 The Generous Yezi2019-11-10
Chapter 245 Liu Kexin’s Choice2019-11-09
Chapter 244 A Crazy Promise2019-11-08
Chapter 243 Intimidating The Three Heavenly Kings2019-11-07
Chapter 242: Su Xiaoxiao Got Sick2019-11-06
Chapter 241 The Death of Master Hou2019-11-05
Chapter 240 I Would Rather Die Than Fail You2019-11-04
Chapter 239 Master Hou Is About To Die2019-11-03
Chapter 238: Dumbass’s Breakthrough2019-11-02
Chapter 237 Reincarnation2019-11-01
Chapter 236 Tang Xueyan2019-10-31
Chapter 235 Real or Fake Girlfriend2019-10-30
Chapter 234 Who Did Mr. Buddha Come For?2019-10-29
Chapter 233 Confession2019-10-28
Chapter 232 The Line Between Life and Death2019-10-27
Chapter 231 Xiao Bing versus the Devil2019-10-26
Chapter 230 Evils Out of Hell2019-10-25
Chapter 229: The Little Huarei2019-10-24
Chapter 228 Yezi, Can You Help Brother Bing Relieve Sexual Desire?2019-10-23
Chapter 227 The Pitiful Yezi2019-10-22
Chapter 226: Convert Enemies into Friends2019-10-21
Chapter 225 Thrash the Liu Family’s Young Master2019-10-20
Chapter 224 Lucky?2019-10-19
Chapter 223 You Are Young, And Handsome.2019-10-18
Chapter 222 Yu Family’s Descendent2019-10-17
Chapter 221 Zhuge Jiangnan and Poisonous Fox2019-10-16
Chapter 220: Interrogating Zhuge Jiangnan2019-10-15
Chapter 219 The Fight at the Bottom of the Lake2019-10-14
Chapter 218 War Has Just Begun2019-10-13
Chapter 217: Xiao Bing, Master of Early Stage Elixir-Strength2019-10-12
Chapter 216: You Merely Love Yourself2019-10-11
Chapter 215 The Femme Fatale2019-10-10
Chapter 214 Blood Will Run Like a River within Three Days2019-10-09
Chapter 213: The Poisonous Fox’s Choice2019-10-08
Chapter 212 Xiao Bing and Poisonous Fox2019-10-07
Chapter 211 Take Your Life2019-10-06
Chapter 210 Li’l Bei’s Concern2019-10-06
Chapter 209 The Guardian Gao Fei2019-10-04
Chapter 208 – It’s Better to Die Than Kneel a Little Devil2019-10-03
Chapter 207 The War Officially Begins2019-10-02
Chapter 206 Live and Die Together2019-10-01
Chapter 205: The Traitor of the Dragon Gate2019-09-30
Chapter 204 Flirting in the Bathroom2019-09-29
Chapter 203 The Pinnacle of Transforming-Strength2019-09-28
Chapter 202: The “Devil” Xiao Bing2019-09-27
Chapter 201 Xiao Bing Is Dead?2019-09-26
Chapter 200: Xiao Bing vs an Innate Master2019-09-25
Chapter 199: Snake King2019-09-24
Chapter 198: You… Are You Brother Bing?2019-09-23
Chapter 197: You Are a Dog!2019-09-22
Chapter 196: Brother Bing Wants to Kill Someone!2019-09-21
Chapter 195 Mouth-To-Mouth Alcohol Feeding?2019-09-20
Chapter 194 Accompanied by a Wolf2019-09-19
Chapter 193 Showing off Wealth2019-09-18
Chapter 192 I’ll Always Be Your Little Yezi2019-09-17
Chapter 191 The Flaw in the Long Family2019-09-16
Chapter 190 The Overall Situation2019-09-15
Chapter 189 Obey And Live, Oppose and Die2019-09-14
Chapter 188: A Good Son-In-Law for the Liu Family2019-09-13
Chapter 187 Playing Chess with “Father-In-Law”2019-09-12
Chapter 186 Miyamoto Shinji’s Excitement2019-09-11
Chapter 185 Hand in Hand2019-09-10
Chapter 184: You Make Me Distressed2019-09-10
Chapter 183 Fighting the Mighty Lord Long2019-09-10
Chapter 182: Xiao Bing and Lord Long2019-09-08
Chapter 181: Practicing Together2019-09-08
Chapter 180 Forced Marriage2019-09-08
Chapter 179 What A Beautiful Hand2019-09-08
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