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Super Soldier (Web Novel) - Chapter 246 The Generous Yezi

Chapter 246 The Generous Yezi

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Liu Kexin hung up on Xiao Bing, which surprised him, as she rarely did such a thing before. Xiao Bing surmised that she must be really hurt. But the more she behaved like this, the more it was necessary for Xiao Bing to put an end to it. Her sadness indicated that she was in love with this man. Xiao Bing had not given her any promises. But this girl was not like any of the girls, with whom he once had one-night stands.

Hence, Xiao Bing deemed it necessary for her to seek her own happiness.

Though he had made up his mind, the decision still weighed heavily in his heart. Men are like animals, their main desire was to conquer. It was hard for them to see the girl they love, lying in someone else’s arms.

“It’s useless to think about it”

Xiao Bing stood up and walked slowly towards the direction of the mansion. When he arrived in the yard, he found Su Xiaoxiao, Maggie and Ye Xiaoxi kicking shuttlecocks around . Though it was getting dark, the yard was brilliantly illuminated, after they turned the lights on.

Xiao Bing decided not to be so melancholy, and sat down on a rock nearby, watching the girls playing.

“Xiaoxiao, stop being so serious, otherwise I’ll double your homework!” Maggie threatened her.

Now that they were living together, this made it convenient for Maggie to help Su Xiaoxiao with her studies. According Su Xiaoxiao, her studies had progressed at a stunning rate, after Maggie started tutoring her. And in addition, she acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge, that she could not obtain from her classes.

Maggie was only 13, yet the scholars in the university would be put to shame by her erudition. Maybe she was not as professional as those experts in certain fields, but her knowledge range was wide, and she was pretty good at almost every subject. Few scholars could match her on those subjects. So Xiao Bing and others always called her a prodigy behind her back.

Su Xiaoxiao, who had always been aloof, had a smug smile on her face. Only when she was among her friends, would she stop her masquerade.

Su Xiaoxiao smiled, “Little teacher, didn’t you say that although you are just a little girl, you are better than anyone in any aspects. Then why it is not the same, when it comes to kicking shuttlecocks?”

Fuming with anger, Maggie said, “You all know that sports is an exception.”

Maggie was telling the truth. This prodigy was not good at everything. She did not have the aptitude for sports. Some of them even wondered if Gao Fei and Maggie shared the same blood, because her brother was so much more superior than her, in that area.

As she expected, they all burst into laughter, after Maggie said it.

“Humph, I don’t believe that I can’t outscore you. It’s my turn. Let me show you how many I can…”

Maggie caught the shuttlecock twice, but failed at the third attempt, which made her stamp her feet on the ground, in anger. Laughter filled the yard, when everyone watched her cute actions.

Zhan Hongyan smiled, when she walked out of the room.

Xiao Bing looked at her and said, “You should join them.”

“Me?” Zhan Hongyan pointed at herself. Then she walked up to Xiao Bing, and shook her head. “I don’t even know how to play it”, she said shyly.

Zhan Hongyan’s temperament was the cool sort. After all, she had been a cold-blooded killer. After Xiao Bing took her in, her personality changed, due to being around these people every day. Yet it still made Zhan Hongyan, who used to be a killer teetering between life and death, uncomfortable, thinking about playing shuttle cock with these girls.

Maggie’s eyes brightened when she heard this. She walked over to Zhan Hongyan and grabbed her hand. “It’s okay. You’ll soon be familiar with it, if you try it several times. Please come and join us.”

Zhan Hongyan still felt very awkward. Maggie grinned, “You are my brother’s pupil, which makes me your aunt-in-law. Now your aunt-in-law is commanding you to play with me.”

Maggie was not making any sense. Though Gao Fei trained Zhan Hongyan like a pupil, he did not actually take her as his student. On the other hand, Maggie was Gao Fei’s sister, not his junior sister pupil.

But it was still somewhat amusing, when one watched a little girl saying this so seriously.

Zhan Hongyan still felt awkward. Ye Xiaoxi came over, and grabbed her other arm and smiled, “Come on. It’s simple. It will merely take minutes for you to learn. Haven’t you ever played it during your childhood?”

“I may have played it once or twice. I forgot. It has been too long.”

Ye Xiaoxi picked up the shuttlecock and grinned, “Watch me, I’ll show you.”

Ye Xiaoxi’s intention was to unify everyone around Xiao Bing into one entity. As Xiao Bing’s future wife, she had been trying her best to get along with everyone around Xiao Bing. Xiao Bing sometimes felt so blessed to have such a considerate girlfriend.

Besides, the guards employed by the Ye family were not short of good martial artists. She ordered the less powerful masters to guard the mansion, and the best of them to protect Su Xiaoxiao and the other staff in the noodle house, which greatly lightened Xiao Bing’s burden.

The Ye Family was the most powerful family in Jiang City, in terms of business, and they attached mounting importance to safety. Since they had spent so much money on it, the masters they trained were not inferior.

While watching the girls playing, Xiao Bing suddenly thought of Liu Kexin, who was going to the movies with Yu Miao tomorrow. The idea of it nagged at him, whenever he thought of it.

“Alas, I already have Yezi. Why am I still thinking of this nonsense. Yezi is like a goddess. I’m the most fortunate man on earth to have Yezi as my girlfriend. I should not ask for anything else.”

Xiao Bing raised his head, and met Yezi’s eyes, which had a hint of laughter in them. Xiao Bing felt his heart fluttering. “She is a smart girl. Can it be that she found out about something?”

Before Xiao Bing could come up with more theories, Yezi looked away, and continued to play with the girls.

The night grew darker as it was already past 11.30. Since they had to either work or go to school tomorrow , the party soon broke up. The one who was most upset was Maggie. Her aptitude for sports was not so good. She was glad when she that Zhan Hongyan was new to the game, thinking that finally there would be someone she could outscore. And as she had expected, Zhan Hongyan lost the first two rounds.

However, for someone who was as skilled as Zhan Hongyan, it was very easy for her to master the game. After several tries, Zhan Hongyan became better and better at the game. Later she did not even lose one round. In the end, even Su Xiaoxiao and Ye Xiaoxi were not a match for her. With one more person in this game, Maggie’s rank dropped from third place to fourth, which upset her greatly.

Xiao Bing noticed that Maggie was pouting. He stood up and quipped , “It’s okay, Maggie. Bring another person to join the game tomorrow, then you won’t be the fourth.”

Maggie’s eyes brightened. “Who?”

“Anyone.” Xiao Bing laughed, “No matter who you invite, you won’t be the fourth. Instead, you will be the fifth…”

Everyone erupted with laughter. Maggie blazed with anger, “Brother Bing, even you are starting to mock me.”

As she said this, she began running towards Xiao Bing. Roars of laughter filled the yard, as Xiao Bing sprinted away with Maggie chasing after him.

Finally, Xiao Bing deliberately let the girl catch him. The girl punched him hard in the chest twice, then she called it quits.

After returning to their room, Yezi said, “Go and have a rest. I’ll have a shower first.”

Xiao Bing held her in his arms and smiled, “Why don’t we shower together? Ouch… Not so hard.”

Yezi grinned after she pinched Xiao Bing. “Go and lie on the bed. I was having so much fun just then. Now, I’m sweaty ad tired.”

Xiao Bing released Yezi and inhaled deeply from her shoulder and chuckled, “The beauty’s sweat is fragrant .”

“Well, I’d better wash the fragrant sweat away.” Yezi suddenly whirled around and stood in front of Xiao Bing, staring at Xiao Bing with her pretty and sly eyes, until Xiao Bing felt very guilty. Then she asked, “Brother Bing, is there anything you did not tell me?”

“What?” Xiao Bing sounded fretful, “No.”

“You must tell me if you do. I’m your woman, remember that. Though I have not given my body to you yet, we’re staying in the same room. I have already taken you as my husband.

Xiao Bing was so deeply touched that he hugged her again.

“Honey, my father, sister and brother are all gone. And it has merely been several years after my mom’s death. Can you give me two years? Two years later, I’ll marry you.”

“Okay.” Xiao Bing gently kissed Xiao Bing’s forehead, and said in a soft voice, “Two years later, I shall marry you.”

“During these two years, if you can’t help it, I can… I can give myself to you, or you can find other women outside this house. It doesn’t matter, as long as you do not get any disease from them.”

Xiao Bing smiled awkwardly, “Yezi, you’re overthinking. Don’t worry. Your Brother Bing is not that kind of guy.”

“I’m not overthinking.” Yezi spoke, with a conspiratorial grin on her face, “Men are always eager for that kind of thing. Especially when they share the bed with a girl every night… Too much restraint might lead to trouble. As long as you remember that you’re my man, and I am going to be your wife, I won’t bother too much about your activities outside this house. Because I can understand that.”

Xiao Bing had not expected that Yezi would be this open-minded. He coughed awkwardly and smiled, “Just don’t ever think of that. Alright, didn’t you say that you needed to shower. Now it’s time.”

Xiao Bing pushed Yezi into the bathroom. It was the first time Yezi had seen him being this embarrassed. Chuckling, she went into the bathroom. She was a very smart woman, who knew that a man could not to be restrained, even though you put a chain around his neck. His activities outside his home did not matter. What was important was that the man could feel the warmth from the girl he loved. So that, no matter what type of the fun he was having outside his home, he would always remember that there was someone faithful waiting for him at home.

That was all that Yezi had ever asked for.

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