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Super Soldier (Web Novel) - Chapter 247 Yezi Was The Love Of My Life

Chapter 247 Yezi Was The Love Of My Life

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Xiao Bing didn’t stop Liu Kexin from dating Yu Miao. The next evening, when Xiao Bing and Mu Tingchuan had just finished discussing their plans, his phone rang. It was a message from Liu Kexin. Xiao Bing read it immediately, “I gave Yu Miao a chance. I will hang out with him and see how things go. Thank you, Brother Bing, for all you’ve done.”

Xiao Bing’s hands trembled and he found it a little difficult to type out a reply, “You’re welcome. Be nice to him. I hope you can find happiness.”

After sending the message, Xiao Bing suddenly stood up and said, “Mr. Tingchuan, you don’t need to worry about the rebellion. I have entrusted someone reliable with this. He will drive to Jidong Province tonight and create a rebellion in its underground world with Wuya’s help. You can rest assured.”

Xiao Bing’s confidence in that person didn’t just come from his loyalty. Xiao Bing also trusted in the wisdom of his strategy.

Mu Tingchuan was surprised. “Who is he?”

“Poisonous Fox, one of Zhuge Jiangnan’s two pupils.”

Instantly Mu Tingchuan looked at Xiao Bing from a different perspective. In his mind. Xiao Bing had been with Yezi and his other friends every day, not doing anything. Yet he did not see that Xiao Bing had prepared everything perfectly. He even subverted Zhuge Jiangnan’s best student, to him this made Xiao Bing a very scary person.

Su Xiaoxiao came in from outside with Lil Bei. Mu Tingchuan said, “Xiao Bing, I should go back. The final war is imminent. You should be well-prepared. After that, we shall see who will live and who will die.”

Xiao Bing nodded. As Mu Tingchuan was leaving, Su Xiaoxiao greeted him politely, “It’s nice to see you, Mr. Mu.”

Mu Tingchuan was already very familiar with the people living in the mansion. Everyone knew he was Xiao Bing’s most trusted adviser, so he was greatly respected.

Miyamoto Shinji didn’t talk much with the others lately. He often went into the woods to practice swords play. He became more and more aloof, a little like Master Ximen, a great fighter in a martial arts novel.

After Mu Tingchuan left, Xiao Bing walked over to Lil Bei and pulled him along. He turned back to Su Xiaoxiao as they headed out, “If they ask, just tell them that we went to the bar.”

Su Xiaoxiao said okay and mumbled faintly, “What are they up to?”

Xiao Bing walked out of the mansion pulling Lil Bei with him. They got into a car and drove insanely towards the city.

The two were silent along the way. The car arrived at the suburb and stopped in front of a shabby barbecue shop. Xiao Bing turned to Lil Bei and said, “Let’s just have a bite here.”

Lil Bei asked, “Will you still be capable of driving after this?”

Xiao Bing grinned, “That’s the convenience of the suburb. No one will arrest us for drunk-driving. Just kidding. We can leave the car here and call a taxi.”

They got out of the car, found themselves a table and sat down. It was indeed a dilapidated place. There were four tables, two of which were occupied by some laborers. Some of them were covered with dirt and some even bared their upper bodies. But this was the very ambience that Xiao Bing liked.

Unfettered and unconstrained!

Xiao Bing thumped on the table and bellowed, “20 lamb kebabs, 20 beef kebabs, a plate of groundnuts, a plate of smashed cucumber salad and a crate of beer.”


“Bring the beers first and open them all!”

The owner brought them the beers and opened them all. Then he began barbecuing Xiao Bing’s order.

Xiao Bing picked up four beers and gave two of them to Lil Bei. He raised one bottle as he smiled, saying, “Let’s see how many bottles we can drain.”

Lil Bei had been smiling brightly all this time. They clinked their bottles and drank as fast as they could as if it was a competition. They cast their bottles aside after draining them.

Lil Bei wiped his mouth on his sleeve and smiled, “Brother Bing, it’s been a long time since we had a drink together. It has been three and a half years.”

“Yes!” Xiao Bing agreed, “You have been watching over Su Xiaoxiao day and night. It’s only now that you could relax.”

Lil Bei stared into Xiao Bing’s eyes and asked, “Brother Bing, you’re not in a good mood?”

Xiao Bing grinned nonchalantly, “No, I just wanted to drink some beer with you.”

Lil Bei shook his head, “Brother Bing, I know you too well. You won’t be like this if you weren’t in a bad mood.”

“What… What am I like now?”

“Calling me out and saying nothing along the way.”

Xiao Bing smiled wryly, “I still can’t hide anything from you. But it doesn’t matter now. Let’s just drink if you still consider yourself my brother!”

The smile on Lil Bei’s face was still huge. “Alright, let’s keep drinking.”

They raised their second bottles, but this time they didn’t drink it all, only half. They put the bottles aside when the owner served them the lamb kebabs. “The kebabs are ready. Cucumber salad and peanuts are on their way.”


After the owner served the cucumber salad and peanuts, he began serving the other customers. While peeling the garlic, Lil Bei asked, “Brother, what’s your plan for the future?”

“Plan? What do you mean what plan?”

“I’m just asking whether you’ve decided to return to the Dragon Gate.”

Xiao Bing pondered for a moment and said, “I will return. Stop talking about this, the garlic is enough for us. By the way, has the Dragon Teeth urged you to go back? After all, I borrowed you from them. They might have problems if you are with me for too long.”

“They don’t have any objection. After all, they know my relationship with you. They should be ashamed that they let me come alone to you. If it weren’t for Brother Bing, they wouldn’t have been renowned as the best special force on earth!”

Xiao Bing smiled, “That’s not completely true. Before I took over, they were already the best force in China and one of the best in the world.”

“But it’s you who made them the best in the world. They successfully carried out every mission assigned to them. Even the Dark World trembles upon hearing their name.”

Xiao Bing sighed and said, “It’s all in the past. We should stop thinking about it.”

Lil Bei asked, “Then why do you still want to go back to the Dragon Gate?”

There was a glint in Xiao Bing’s eyes. “I will sever myself from them sooner or later, but not now. The Dragon Gate needs a clean-up and Peiya must be avenged. I have to seek justice for her and Su Xiaoxiao. After that, I will quit all this.”

“What’s your plan after that?”

Xiao Bing smiled and said, “To live a normal and happy life with Yezi.”

Xiao Bing’s smile came from the bottom of his heart. Whenever he thought of Yezi, happiness would bloom in his heart like a flower. But he sighed when he thought of Liu Kexin.

Lil Bei was confused by the sigh, “You had a quarrel with sister-in-law?”

The sister-in-law Lil Bei referred to was Yezi, Xiao Bing’s one true girlfriend. During his three years in Dragon Gate, Xiao Bing was the Mr. Dragon in Jingdu, who had been flirting with all the noble ladies. He even slept with some of them while carrying out missions. Back then, Xiao Bing was amorous, carefree and wild like a stallion.

Lil Bei did not know much about Xiao Bing since he joined the Dragon Gate because he had not kept in touch with Xiao Bing. However, once in a while, he heard about Xiao Bing’s love affairs when he was on the phone with Su Peiya. Xiao Bing may have been more restrained then, but he was nothing like the Xiao Bing he was now.

Xiao Bing had a girlfriend now, which was not something Xiao Bing would do. People used to joke that he might never have a girlfriend of his own. It was not that he could not find a woman. The number of women he slept with was so innumerable, yet none of them could own his body or his soul. Mostly it was just a one-night stand.

Yet Lil Bei saw changes in this man in Jiang City, which showed that Yezi had a great hold over Xiao Bing’s heart. Maybe Xiao Bing deemed the girl more important than his life. Small wonder Xiao Bing would ask him to drink if there was a quarrel.

Xiao Bing shook his head and smiled bitterly, “We didn’t. It’s just so complicated. You know what? Yezi is a goddess who doesn’t belong in this world. Her beautiful face, her smile, her cheerfulness and the mischief in her eyes, all prove that she’s an untouchable goddess.”

“I’ve seen many women in my life: slutty women, innocent women, independent women, noble women, bewitching women, cold-blooded female assassins. Yet all of them were far inferior to Yezi.”

“Because Yezi is the only girl who can make my heart race every time I see her!”

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