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Supreme Emperor of Swords (Web Novel)


Before going to college, an ordinary high school student went to celebrate and got drunk. When he woke up, he found himself in a completely different world. There was a big sect, the approaching sect entrance examination, a slum where his body’s previous owner lived, and a shared memory about a missing young girl.

When he got tangled in a fight with a few punks in this different world, he fell off a cliff and miraculously found himself still alive, with two more voices ringing inside his head. They were Sword Master and Saber Master. In the company of them, he continued to find out more about this whole new world. He took the sect entrance examination, entered the sect, met a strange man in black, and even participated in a major competition of the sect to have a chance to win over his peers!
In this whole new world, he was born again and got to explore the fantastic martial world!

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 535 Han Yangjian2020-07-07
Chapter 534 At the Crucial Moment2020-07-06
Chapter 533 A Mountain of Corpses and a Sea of Blood2020-07-05
Chapter 532 Great Change in Mirror Lake (2)2020-07-04
Chapter 531 Great Change in Mirror Lake (1)2020-07-03
Chapter 530 Owning the Magic Sword Is like Owning the World2020-07-02
Chapter 529 The Four-apertured Great Grandmaster2020-07-01
Chapter 528 Rusted Sword VS Magic Sword2020-06-30
Chapter 527 The Towering Hill of Metal Swords2020-06-29
Chapter 526 Self-Imprisoned2020-06-28
Chapter 525 Divine Weapons with Fighting Intent and Spiritual Qi2020-06-27
Chapter 524 Red Moon Rising Up2020-06-26
Chapter 523The Broken-Sword World2020-06-25
Chapter 522 No Regrets in the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect2020-06-24
Chapter 521 Icy-cold Fate2020-06-24
Chapter 520 Bloody Battle between Sects2020-06-22
Chapter 519 Su Xiaoxiao’s 3,000 Gigolos2020-06-21
Chapter 518 Supreme Showdown2020-06-20
Chapter 517 It’s Your Turn2020-06-19
Chapter 516 Ding Hao’s Rage2020-06-18
Chapter 515 Miluo Heavenly Spider’s Slaying Gossamer2020-06-17
Chapter 514 Sighing2020-06-16
Chapter 513 As Dangerous as Eggs Piled on Top of the Each Other2020-06-15
Chapter 512 Rock Giant2020-06-14
Chapter 511 Being with You All the Way2020-06-13
Chapter 510 It’s a… Robbery2020-06-12
Chapter 509 I’m Ding Hao2020-06-11
Chapter 508 The Frustration of Being a Man With No Sense of Direction2020-06-10
Chapter 507 Purple Dragon Qi2020-06-09
Chapter 506 A Strange Change in the Back Mountain2020-06-08
Chapter 505 Strange Corpses2020-06-07
Chapter 504 Strength Advancement2020-06-06
Chapter 503 Making a New Choice2020-06-05
Chapter 502 Demonic Devouring2020-06-04
Chapter 501 Fierce Battle Like Fire2020-06-03
Chapter 500 The Power of the Four Sword Intents2020-06-02
Chapter 499 The Terrible Ancient Road2020-06-01
Chapter 498 Start of the Ancient Road’s Journey2020-05-31
Chapter 497 Whereabouts of the Last Two Pieces of the Map2020-05-30
Chapter 496 The Altar Alliance2020-05-29
Chapter 495 Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Sword Intent2020-05-28
Chapter 494 The Secret of the Cushion2020-05-27
Chapter 493 Mighty Reputation Spreading Far and Wide2020-05-26
Chapter 492 Martial Royal Killer2020-05-25
Chapter 491 Shocking: Three Heads and Six Arms2020-05-24
Chapter 490 The Invincible Ding Hao2020-05-19
Chapter 489 Sounds of Killing2020-05-19
Chapter 488 Chaos · Unexpected Change2020-05-19
Chapter 487 Time and Tide Wait for No Man2020-05-19
Chapter 486 Be in Trouble in the Bathing Pool2020-05-19
Chapter 485 24 Moves of Swordsmanship2020-05-18
Chapter 484 Ancient Sword Skill2020-05-17
Chapter 483 The Words Once Said2020-05-16
Chapter 482 Heaven Sabre – Peerless Sword Tower2020-05-15
Chapter 481 Eight Forbidden Lands·White Jade Villa2020-05-14
Chapter 480 Defeated Lin Tianyu2020-05-14
Chapter 479 Going Straight up to the Highest Heaven2020-05-12
Chapter 478 Shen Buhui2020-05-12
Chapter 477 Puppet Doll of War2020-05-10
Chapter 476 Meeting Again2020-05-09
Chapter 475 The Highest Heaven2020-05-08
Chapter 474 The Eastward Journey2020-05-08
Chapter 473 Whetstone2020-05-06
Chapter 472 Meeting the Old Acquaintance Again2020-05-05
Chapter 471 Traps and Killing2020-05-04
Chapter 470 Omnipotence2020-05-03
Chapter 469 It’s This Psychopath?2020-05-02
Chapter 468 Zhang Fan’s Strength2020-05-01
Chapter 467 Change2020-04-30
Chapter 466 The Way of the Divine Emperor2020-04-29
Chapter 465 Memory Fragments2020-04-28
Chapter 464 Shocking Information2020-04-27
Chapter 463 A Magic Doll of Scapegoat2020-04-27
Chapter 462 Crushing2020-04-27
Chapter 461 Abnormal Physical Strength2020-04-24
Chapter 460 Breaking Your Legs? Good Idea2020-04-23
Chapter 459 What Happened to Ximen Qianxue2020-04-22
Chapter 458 You’re Here?2020-04-21
Chapter 457 Plots and Plans2020-04-20
Chapter 456 Where Does He Come from?2020-04-19
Chapter 455 Horrifying Suppression of the Ancient City2020-04-18
Chapter 454 Heaven-Splitting Swordsmanship Sect2020-04-17
Chapter 453 Losing the Clue—Five Servants2020-04-16
Chapter 452 A Clue2020-04-16
Chapter 451 Getting Magic Skills2020-04-16
Chapter 450 Accumulation—Killing Is Here Again2020-04-16
Chapter 449 A World Inside the Body2020-04-12
Chapter 448 Being a Skeleton2020-04-11
Chapter 447 Got It2020-04-10
Chapter 446 A Magic Skill: Three Heads, Six Arms2020-04-09
Chapter 445 The Opportunity Is Around2020-04-08
Chapter 444 The First Three Days2020-04-07
Chapter 443 Apologize From the Bottom of Your Heart2020-04-06
Chapter 442 Being Fooled Unscrupulously2020-04-05
Chapter 441 Pretentious Vulgar2020-04-04
Chapter 440 The Incredible Strength2020-04-03
Chapter 439 Being Despised and the Conflict2020-04-02
Chapter 438 Giant Holy City2020-04-01
Chapter 437 Real Identity of Li Lan2020-03-31
Chapter 436 Mysterious Frost Holy Guard2020-03-30