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Supreme Emperor of Swords (Web Novel) - Chapter 293 Three Essentials of This Method: Heart, Fight, and Mind

Chapter 293 Three Essentials of This Method: Heart, Fight, and Mind

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“Yes, that is the magical uniqueness of the Invincible Fighting Method. For centuries, it had disappeared since the era of the Holy Emperor. Many supremes even thought that the Invincible Fighting Method had been lost with the Holy Emperor. As time went by, that method became a legend and there are many stories about it, such as the jade wall with the Heaven Book, the Yin and Yang River, and the Underground Crystal Dragon Palace…” the ancestor said with a lowering voice, “Many people regard those legends as jokes of storytellers… To everyone’s surprise, all of those do exist!”

“If you master the Invincible Fighting Method, you will be invincible in the world. You can do everything you want and will be the supreme one in the universe!”

“Although that is only a legend, there are no waves without winds. The legends also have sources, such as the Yin and Yang River, the jade wall with the Heaven Book, the Underground Crystal Dragon Palace, etc. All of these really appeared in front of us. It has been centuries and no one has mastered the Invincible Fighting Method. Now that you have such a good chance, you should cherish it. Once you master it, you can conquer the world. And then people like Mu Tianyang will be nothing in front of you!”

The Saber Master and the Sword Master took turns to persuade Ding Hao. They were thrilled.

Listening to their words, Ding Hao increasingly looked forward to practicing the Invincible Fighting Method.

“Well, predecessor, you just said that now in this world, only I have memorized this method. Can I teach others?” Ding Hao suddenly thought a question and asked.

“Well… you can have a try, but the other one may not be able to master it. For example, you just entered the ’empty state’ and read the method. The mad woman, the white cat and I also heard the whole method, but we remembered only 50% of it. Only you alone remembered all of it. That is your chance. Each person’s qualifications and talent are limited, even if you recite it again, we still can’t remember the rest of it.”

The Sword Master thought for a while and answered.

“Yes, human talent is like a water bottle. Once it is filled with water, it won’t contain more. People’s talents have their own limit of capacity.” The Saber Master rarely agreed with the Sword Master. She then asked, “Others would hope for being the only one who masters the method, but you don’t. Who do you want to teach?”

Ding Hao smiled and said, “I just heard that you will have the hope vindicate yourselves if you could get this method earlier, so…”

“So you want to teach us?” The Sword Master did not expect to get such an answer. He had thought that it would be Xie Jieyu or Li Yiruo.

“Yes.” Ding Hao definitely nodded.

The Saber Master and the Sword Master were speechless for a while. After a moment, they sighed and said, “Little Chap Ding, we really didn’t count on the wrong person. However, our constitutions are special, so we can’t practice the Invincible Fighting Method. If you help us complete a wish in the future, that will be the best return for us.”

Ding Hao replied seriously, “Ding Hao will never refuse if you need me.”

“Well, that’s good.” The Saber Master was very pleased. She said, “Now the most important thing you need is time. You’d better start to practice now. This Underground Crystal Dragon Palace has ample Spiritual Qi. It’s a holy place to cultivate. There is a mystery in the Yin and Yang River. You’d better stay here to practice until you reach the basic level of the Invincible Fighting Method. And then let’s find a way out.”

Ding Hao nodded, and immediately sat on the ice rock of the riverbank, closing his eyes in meditation.

Invincible Fighting Method!

Ding Hao was constantly learning and thinking in his mind.

Gradually, he finally reached a deeper understanding of that method.

In fact, it was not accurate to say that it was only a practice method, because it was actually composed of three parts, which were Heart Essential, Fight Essential, and Mind Essential. Heart Essential was for mental cultivation, Fight Essential was for fighting skills, and Mind Essential was for Divine Awareness.

The content of Heart Essential was about mental cultivation.

Ding Hao soon discovered that Heart Essential was not a traditional practice method, but an auxiliary special method for the evolution of the practice method. It had the incredible magical effect of integration and was divided into 12 levels.

If you wanted to cultivate the first level of the Heart Essential, you had to cultivate gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, the five Middle Level Human Rank mental cultivations, to the extreme, and then use the Heart Essential to turn them into a unique mental cultivation, which would have endless power. That was rather terrifying.

It sounded a bit complicated, but Ding Hao quickly figured out the tremendous effect of the Heart Essential.

In recent days, he cultivated the hottest Heaven Fire Qi and the coldest Hell Ice Qi. Although they conformed the law of yin and yang, in essence, they were still enslaved to Water and Fire. If he encountered an opponent of Fire Qi, his Hell Ice Qi would be restricted, and if he encountered an opponent of Water Qi, his Heaven Fire Qi would be restricted.

However, if he mastered the Heart Essential, there would be no such innate weaknesses.

Once the fusion was successful, his two kinds of Qi would have all the characteristics of the five elements, fire-earth, fire-water, fire-wood, fire-gold, fire-fire, ice-earth, ice-fire, ice-wood, ice-gold, ice-water. From then on, his Qi would not be restrained by any attribute of Qi. His Qi would be any of the five elements as he wished. That was the so-called “Do as you want.”

The power of the Heart Essential was that it could fuse the methods that restrained each other together and produced an incredible chemical effect.

Moreover, the Qi after the fusion would be more powerful.

Of course, the most important were the 12 Killing Move skills in the Fight Essential. Those skills could only be used by the Qi after the fusion.

Fight Essential was the second part of the Invincible Fighting Method.

Compared with the complex Heart Essential, the Fight Essential was much simpler. There were 12 killing moves in total. It was said that they had different effects and were the best of the same level techniques, but they could only be driven by the Qi after the fusion.

Mind Essential, the last part of that method was used to train Divine Awareness.

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