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Supreme Emperor of Swords (Web Novel) - Chapter 294 Five Elements Fire Mysterious Method

Chapter 294 Five Elements Fire Mysterious Method

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Compared with the Enhancing Spirit Method the Saber Master and the Sword Master told him, the Mind Essential was much better. It was also divided into 12 levels. In addition to training Divine Awareness, it could also improve the cultivator’s savey, talent, and intuition. Gradually, the cultivator would have the ability of insight and could clearly see weaknesses of enemies.

“Mind means to clearly see the enemies’ weaknesses and make moves first. The most important thing is making moves first. At first glance, you can see all the secrets. The enemies’ attacks would be useless when he uses them a second time, and that is the Mind Essential.”

That was one of the sentences in the general outline of the Mind Essential, which vividly reflected the might of that essential.

Heart, Fight, and Mind!

Those three words had fulfilled all the meanings of that method.

A long time passed.

Ding Hao slowly breathed out a mouthful of murky Qi, and then opened his eyes. He looked tired.

It was worthy of the legend that could make people conquer the world. He had just figured out its simplest meaning and Ding Hao had consumed a lot of spirits and felt worn out. Obviously, it was impossible to totally understand the whole meaning of it in a short time.

“A little at a time. I should practice it from the basic level. Be patient.”

Ding Hao comforted himself in his heart.

He then closed his eyes again and started to practice the Mind Essential.

The Mind Essential was mainly used to train Divine Awareness. It could even change the talent of the cultivator and speed up the cultivation. In Ding Hao’s view, among the three parts, that should be cultivated first.

Time flew slowly.

Ding Hao was immersed in cultivation.

His chest began to rise and fall with a very strange rhythm, and his face became peaceful, just like a monk in meditation. Gradually, his heartbeats could be heard.

As Ding Hao breathed, two wisps of silvery vital essence came out of Ding Hao’s nose. They were like two silver dragons. The silver air gradually enveloped his whole body.

Afterward, the sound of his beating heart gradually converged. Ding Hao’s breathing was more and more slow. He was like a baby in his mother’s womb. He was in chaos and peace, and his whole body was surrounded by the silver air, which was like the amniotic fluid that contained the Air of Chaos, transforming Ding Hao’s mind and body little by little.

He had cultivated for many days and nights in the underground Crystal Dragon Palace.

Some time later, as the chaotic air poured into his body, Ding Hao slowly opened his eyes.

A clean and pure strange breath appeared in Ding Hao’s body.

“Chaotic Mother Fetus, the first level of the Mind Essential, has reached the basic level. During this level, the cultivator needs to return to Mother Fetus, being transformed by the primordial Air of Chaos. And then his life and spirit will be repaired. His birth destiny will be better. In short, all his primordial defects will be fixed… The Mind Essential is really impressive. If I keep practicing, as I reach the Advanced Level of Chaotic Mother Fetus, each of my congenital defects will be fixed!”

After the cultivation, he had a deep understanding of that method.

The Mind Essential really had an extraordinary effect on training his spirit.

At that time, Ding Hao felt that he was full of energy and did not feel tired at all. It seemed that he had slept well and had just woken up. His Divine Awareness was originally at the First Rank Medium Grade Realm, but at the moment, it had reached the Second Rank Lower Grade, which was equal to the effect produced when he practiced the Enhancing Spirit Method for a month.

Those results thrilled Ding Hao.

“Meow! Finally, you’ve finished your cultivation.” Evil Moon rushed over and jumped onto Ding Hao’s shoulder. He rubbed Ding Hao’s cheek with his claws and shouted, “Do you know how long you’ve cultivated this time?”

“How long?” Ding Hao asked.

“Look!” Evil Moon pointed to two deep scratches on the ice wall and urged, “Two days and two nights! Meow! Hurry, hurry! Get me something to eat. I’m starving.”

“Shoot! Fat cat, I thought you were concerned about your owner. It turns out you’re hungry.” Ding Hao grabed Evil Moon and took him off his shoulder.

It was the first time to practice the Mind Essential. Laying the foundation needed a lot of time. After that, it should not take such a long time.

“Hurry, hurry! I’m starving. You can’t abuse your pet.”

“Okay. I’ll cook. You’re really a gluttonous cat.”

In the following days, Ding Hao stayed in the Underground Crystal Dragon Palace and kept practicing.

The Saber Master and the Sword Master studied for a long time and finally made an Earth Cultivation Method, a Fire one, and a Wood one, which was all at the Human Rank Lower Grade. Adding the Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture and One Saber to Begin Your Journey Technique, all the five elements cultivation methods were done. Ding Hao could finally practice the Heart Essential.

Because Ding Hao was already at the double-vein Martial Soldier Realm, his foundation was solid, so Ding Hao soon learned the first level of the Heart Essential.


An orange little flame appeared on Ding Hao’s finger.

With Ding Hao’s mind, the small flame constantly changed its breath.

The flame sometimes was hot. Sometimes it was as sharp as gold. Sometimes it was as thick as earth. For a while, it was like a tree full of vitality, and it was invisible like water…

If someone saw that, he would definitely be stunned. The man’s Qi possessed five elements, which had totally violated the martial laws of that world.

“That was the five kinds of changes described in the Heart Essential, namely fire-fire, fire-gold, fire-earth, fire-wood, fire-water.” Ding Hao said thoughtfully. “It is a flame, but it contains five elements. It is changeable and energetic. From now on, no power can restrain my Qi now. Hahaha! That also means I can use my hottest Heaven Fire Qi to activate not only Invincible Being, the first fighting skill of the Fight Essential, but also activate any Cultivation Method in the world!”

“From tomorrow, I shall cultivate Invincible Being, the first fighting skill of the Fight Essential!”

Ding Hao turned to look at the scratches on the stone wall in the distance; there were 15 scratches. It showed that Ding Hao had been in the Underground Crystal Dragon Palace for 15 days.

“I’ve left the Sect for about two and a half months. The cold winter in the Snow Province will still last five months. I just need to go back to the Sect before the finals of the nominal disciples. I’m wondering how Wang Xiaoqi, Zhang Fan, Li Lan, Li Yiruo and my other acquaintances are. Have they made any progress?”

As he remembered his friends in the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, there was a gentle smile on Ding Hao’s mouth.

“I need to stay here to continue to practice. Haha! I will give them a surprise when I return… and Mu Tianyang, wait for me! I will shock the nine Sects three years later!”

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