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Supreme Emperor of Swords (Web Novel) - Chapter 295 Domineering Invincible Being

Chapter 295 Domineering Invincible Being

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That adventure made Ding Hao confident.

With the help of the Mind Essential, Ding Hao hardly slept in the rest of his stay. In addition to eating, all he did was to cultivate. Practicing martial arts, inscriptions, Pill skills, craftsmanship, sword intent, and saber intent. He cultivated day and night. He had been in a state of madness.

There were no sun and moon in the underground, and time flew by quickly.

In the blink of an eye, another month had passed.

On the shore of the Yin and Yang river, Ding Hao was holding the sword and the saber, making movements.

His long black hair had reached to his waist, and his clothes were ragged and messy. His beard was stubbly. For a long time of cultivation, Ding Hao had almost no time to take care of his appearance. In fact, there was no need to do that because there was no other one in the Underground Crystal Dragon Palace. It didn’t matter even if he were naked.

At that time, Ding Hao was surrounded by ice and fire Qi. The ice Qi was pure silver ice and the orange flame Qi was like water, flowing on the surface of his body. They were bright and almost covered every part. Those were the signs of his Advanced Level in the Martial Soldier Realm.

A Martial Disciple could only release his Qi outside his body, so as to improve his body’s ability to fight, but a Martial Soldier could make his Qi as dense as water, covering his body like a layer of a protective film. Ordinary swords and arrows could not pierce it.

That was one of the Martial Soldier’s abilities.

Currently, on Ding Hao’s body, there were two kinds of extreme and powerful Qi: the hottest Heaven Fire Qi and the coldest Hell Ice Qi. They were like a flowing colloidal substance, enveloping Ding Hao. They were 3cm thick. That was the sign of the Full Closure of the Martial Soldier Realm.

“It’s time to merge them together. That is the final meaning of the first level of the Heart Essential!”

Ding Hao slowly closed his eyes and operated the first layer’s method. He was ready to completely blend the five methods of gold, wood, water, fire and earth that he had been cultivated before. The ice flame on his body became holy, and the fire flame became noble. Those two opposite forces began to change at the same time, constantly revealing the characteristics of the five elements. In the end, they gradually became a new force.

“That is the power after the fusion. From now on, I’ll call you “Heaven Fire” and “Hell Ice”. You’re my strength!”

Ding Hao felt the new forces and named them.

After more than 40 days of cultivation, he finally thoroughly cultivated the first layer of the Heart Essential to the Full Closure, and also completely integrated his Qi. Onwards, he could finally use the power of Heaven Fire and Hell Ice to drive Invincible Being, the first fighting skill in the Fight Essential.

“Then… let me see the power of this trick!”

“The first killing move of the Fight Essential… Invincible—Being!!!”

Ding Hao shouted. His body did not move, but the next moment, his whole body instantly became transparent and vanished. When he reappeared, he had moved forward for nearly 50 or 60 meters. Meanwhile, his rusted sword and dragon-patterned bloody saber quickly chopped out almost at the same time.

There was no explosion of energy!

There was no earth-shattering momentum!

There were no dazzling flames!

Only some light sounds could be heard in the air. The water in the Yin and Yang River five meters away was suddenly divided into several parts by two invisible forces.

One had suddenly evaporated, turning into water vapour and the Ice Crystals at the bottom of the river could be seen.

The other one became ice blocks in an instant. It floated on the river as if it were a dam that had suddenly appeared, blocking the flow of water.

Then there was a loud bang.

It shook the entire Underground Crystal Dragon Palace!

As Ding Hao looked closely, he found that there were two caves in the jade wall, here the Heaven Book was formerly found. The caves were one meter in diameter and they were very deep. One was cold and the other one was hot with swirling mist…

Those two bottomless black holes were only bombarded by the aftermath of power.

Ding Hao’s mouth opened wide.

“That is… impressive! What an Invincible Being! This… is not a force belonging to the Martial Soldier, but an attack power that is close to the strength of the great Martial Mentor!”

That kind of attack power had completely surpassed his present power by a whole realm!

And that was just the first move in the Fight Essential. How terrible the remaining 11 killing moves would be?

Ding Hao couldn’t help but laugh.

Judging from the power just then, Invincible Being should be a trick to assassinate.

He could sneak to his opponent using that movement and then release the power in an instant. Even if his opponent was several times stronger, he would not be able to detect Ding Hao in a short time. By the time he found Ding Hao, it would be already late.

With that trick, Ding Hao could kill Sword Indignant in one blow!

Ding Hao was at the moment full of expectations for the other 11 movements of the Finght Essential. Since the Invincible Being was used for assassination, the other movements must have their unique functions!

Those combat skills were really powerful!

Until then, his Heart Essential had reached the Full Closure of the first level. He had learned the first killing movement of the Fight Essential, and Chaotic Mother Fetus, the first level of his Mind Essential, had also reached Completion… Those were the results of his cultivation in the past 40 days.

“Meow! I’m hungry! Come on! I need food!!” Evil Moon, who was sleeping on a Demon King’s fur, was awakened by Ding Hao. He then yelled at Ding Hao.

That cat was lucky.

As Ding Hao read the Heaven Book on the jade wall, the cat heard it and remembered 80% of the content of the Mind Essential. Therefore, he had also been cultivating those days. But his cultivation was very simple, which was sleeping.

“Haha! I am a genius! I’ve already fully learned the Mind Essential. Hahaha! That is sleeping! I’m going to be the best master in the world by sleeping!”

Evil Moon shouted shamelessly.

Perhaps every creature had a different understanding of the Method. The demon cat found a different way to cultivate. He achieved a lot by sleeping and his Divine Awareness was originally powerful; after that, it became even stronger. At the moment, his Divine Awareness was several times stronger than Ding Hao’s.

According to the judgment of the Saber Master and the Sword Master, Evil Moon had finished the cultivation of Chaotic Mother Fetus, Waterlike Mind, and The Six, reaching the fourth level, Invisible Psychological Barrier.

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