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Supreme Emperor of Swords (Web Novel) - Chapter 296 Improving Cultivation

Chapter 296 Improving Cultivation

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Evil Moon was gifted and his divine awareness was his strength. During those days, he had been specializing in the Secrets of the Winnning Character. Such achievements were within Ding Hao’s expectation.

But his cultivating method was very special. He did nothing but sleep. All day he looked lazy and could not open his eyes; furthermore, he was extremely gluttonous. He was both greedy and lazy.

“I wonder who is the master. I have been doing everything while you sleep after eating and drinking your fill. I feel that I am just like a pet to serve you.”

Ding Hao shook his head helplessly and began to prepare food.

“Wow, haha, yes, you are my pet,” The cat said unashamedly.

“It seems that you really need to wake up.” Ding Hao facelessly grabbed Evil Moon’s neck and threw him away. The fat cat felt panicked and drew a beautiful arc in the air. Then he fell into the Yin-Yang River with a splash.

“Meow…! Atchoo…!” After a moment, Evil Moon climbed up the river bank, shivering. Then he fell into the Yin River and almost froze into ice.

“I’ll fight with you.” Evil Moon got angry so that he waved his claws and rushed towards Ding Hao.


Ding Hao grabbed his neck effortlessly and threw him out again.


That time, the fat cat fell into the Yang River and he was almost cooked. Like a dead pig in a soup pot, he climbed up desperately and said grievously, “I protest. You’re abusing pets.”

Ding Hao was manipulating the flames and roasting the white and tender snake demon meat. He said with a smile, “Hehe. You should be content. The Yin-Yang River has an effect of washing the dust on your body. Taking a bath in it, you will achieve an effect that ordinary people would only dream of. You can enjoy it secretly… The meat is baked, would you like some to eat?”

“Meow. Of course I would like to have some to eat…” The fat cat asked in a vague voice when biting the snake demon meat, which was tender with a crispy crust, “Meow… When will we go out? It’s been a long time. I am tired of staying here.”

“Three months later.” Ding Hao took a bite of golden snake meat.

Time flew slowly.

Day in and day out.

Ding Hao stayed in the Underground Crystal Dragon Palace with great patience to carry out his cultivation.

He had completely immersed himself in that kind of ascetic-monk-like cultivation life, forgetting the passage of time. Apart from eating, drinking and shitting, he almost neither slept nor rested. The cultivation of the Secrets of the Winning Character could help practioners keep energetic, so that Ding Hao could break through ordinary people’s limits, and used every minute and second for cultivation.

In the twinkling of an eye, four months passed by.

For Ding Hao, four months were more precious than gold.

His strength had been improving vigorously and he had reached the primary stage in the Great Martial Mentor Realm. He had gotten through twenty-seven apertures thoroughly in the Twelve Standard Meridians, the Shaoyin First Channel of Hand, the Shaoyang Second Channel of Hand and the Shaoyin Third Channel of Foot. Twenty-seven apertures like twenty-seven bright stars were shinning within Ding Hao’s body, offering him a steady stream of energy.

Yangchi, the first aperture in the Shaoyang Fourth Channel of Foot, had been cleared completely and Sizhu, the second aperture was being cleared.

In addition, in the Six Strange Veins, eighteen apertures of the Ren Meridian had been transformed thoroughly so that the Large Circle of Vital Energy was achieved in the Ren Meridian, and the first apertures of the Governing Vessel had also been transformed, so for his Heaven-Fire Qi in his chest’s Middle Dantian, he had already reached the One-apertured Great Martial Mentor Realm.

A great Martial Mentor of Double Veins!

That was one of Ding Hao’s cultivation achievements in the past four months.

In addition, in the Secrets of the Mystery Character out of the Winning Secrets for Mysterious Battles, Ding Hao had achieved the completion of the second-level infusion of the mental cultivation.

The reason why he had not finished the third-level infusion was that he had no suitable cultivating method for the property of the Five Elements in the Mid Grade at the Low Rank. Even the second level of the Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture was the improved One Saber to Begin Your Journey Technique by the Saber Master. As Ding Hao’s strength was improving significantly, it had not satisfied Ding Hao’s further cultivating requirement.

Ding Hao had to wait until he returned to the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and selected some suitable secret books in the Sect’s library so that he could carry out further cutivation of the Secrets of the Mystery Character towards the third level.

Ding Hao had still been constantly trying to figure out the magical effect of infusing the Mental Cultivation Methods of the Five Elements in the Secrets of Mystery Character. Obviously it was not just what he had realized until then.

At the same time, the Secrets of the Battle Character were confined to the mental cultivation method of the Secrets of the Mystery Character. Ding Hao had just reached the Basic Level Realm of the Sovereign Descending the World, the second movement of twelve Magic Killing Movement Skills. Different from I being Invincible, the Assassination Movement, the Sovereign Descending the World, as an inertial movement, it could achieve the goal of subduing enemies without fighting and directly disintegrating the enemy’s fighting spirit.

But Ding Hao succeeded in cultivating the Secrets of the Winning Character, the third of the Winning Secrets for Mysterious Battles. He strode over two realms of the Chaos Matrix and the Ideas Like Running Water, having reached the Third Stage Realm of the Sixth Consciousness.

It was no exaggeration to say that Ding Hao’s current strength was almost thirty or forty times more than before his falling to the ice cliff.

“It’s time. It’s time to leave here.”

Standing on the shore of the Yin-Yang River, Ding Hao’s eyes swept across the entire Underground Crystal Dragon Palace, and he was sentimentally attached to the place.

That was a very favorable place for cultivating. With available spirit Qi, two types of Qi of Yin and Yang contained in the Yin-Yang River were magically effective. Unfortunately, his time was very limited at the moment, so he could not make full use of the river for his cultivation.

“Perhaps when I am promoted to be the Primordial Grandmaster, I should come here to seclude myself from the outside world to conduct cultivation, so I would make great achievements by then.”

Ding Hao set a plan in his heart.

“Meow. Let’s go. I can’t wait to leave here…” Evil Moon, the fat cat, obviously had no good impression of the Underground Crystal Dragon Palace. To be honest, he even missed his bald servant.

“Let’s go.”

Ding Hao nodded, fetched some Yin-Yang water from the Yin-Yang River and put it into his storage ring, and then put the fat cat on his shoulder. Gently leaping and hitting a stalactite-like ice cone hanging down at the top of the space, he held a jade cone frozen in it.

That mechanism was discovered by Ding Hao earlier, and that was the only way out of the formation, to get out of the Underground Crystal Dragon Palace.


After the soft sound of the inscription formation mechanism, a silver light flashed and the man and the cat were shrouded completely.

The space was flashing.

The figures disappeared.

On the ice cliff of the Snow Dragon Mountain.

The long winter was finally over, and the sun in the sky was getting hotter. The snow and ice on the ground began to melt, and it became a flood. It ran through the mountains. Under some semi-melting snow, the green grass buds showed up.

That was the coldest period of time before the spring in the whole Snow Province.

But everything had begun to recover.

A group of seven-color deer demons were gnawing fresh-growing grass in the shallow grassland under the ice cliffs.

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