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Supreme Emperor of Swords (Web Novel) - Chapter 432 The Inner Hall—A Pink Screen

Chapter 432 The Inner Hall—A Pink Screen

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Ding Hao’s mind moved. He released a small part of his Divine Awareness into the arched door.

Unfortunately, when his Divine Awareness reached a depth of less than half an inch, it seemed to have run into an insurmountable wall and was firmly blocked, which surprised him. After all, even the dominators like Li Jianyi and Fang Xiaoan couldn’t detect and stop his Divine Awareness tempered with his Mind Essential…

From behind came a snort from Elder Chen.

Hearing that, Ding Hao plucked up his courage and stepped into the arched door without looking back.

As he entered the door, a refreshing fragrance suddenly floated into his nose. The dark, cold, pale cyan halo disappeared, replaced by an orange soft bright light filling the whole inner hall, just like the quiet and soft beauty at sunset and dusk, which made his eyes brighten. Under his feet was a thick carpet made of pure white fox fur that muffled his footsteps. With a glance at the carpet, he was shocked.

Because it was made of fur from big demons at the Demon King Realm.

Ding Hao couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

Such a huge inner hall was fully covered with the fur of a white fox at the Demon King Realm… How many white fox kings should be killed to make it? The new inspector’s luxury level was vividly shown.

Raising his head, he found the entire inner hall was quite resplendent and magnificent. All the utensils in it were made of gold and silver. There were twenty big pale gold Demonic Crystals set in the dome of the main hall, in the same size and shape. They were all Demonic Crystals of big demons at the Demon King Realm. Twenty crystals represented that at least twenty Demon Kings had been killed…

Going on for another 20 meters, he saw a three-meter-high, more-than-50 meter-long, and pink screen with human figures on it.

Ding Hao fixed his eyes upon it, but what he saw embarrassed him.

The figures on the screen were lifelike, as if they were little living people who were jumping. But it was all about copulation in various postures and occasions. There were hundreds of postures at a glance. Although Ding Hao’s previous soul came from earth—having experienced a highly developed network, also having been impacted and edified by the Japanese pornographic industry, at one time thinking that the Land of Infinity was backward and conservative—that was the first time he’d seen many of the postures on the pink screen.

As his eyes just fell on the screen, he suddenly felt that everything on it was alive. The beauties all came down from the screen one by one, approaching him with their arms open. His ears were full of all kinds of erotogenic breaths and groans, and a lustful aura covered his face. Ding Hao felt as if he were really inside the pornographic ancient world on the screen, and a kind of uncontrollable heat rose in his heart…

“No, this screen is weird!”

Calming himself down, he immediately activated the Mind Essential, and a sense of coolness was suddenly generated from his Dantian, spreading all over his limbs. All the hallucinating sounds around his ears disappeared. When he saw the screen again, it was back to normal. Though, the naked figures on it were exquisite, they no longer had the previous temptation.

“Hee hee…”


“What a handsome boy.”

Several laughing female voices passed into Ding Hao’s ears.

A dozen young girls in pink yarn skirts came out behind the screen. Their long hair was put up in big buns and they all wore yellow ornament petals on their foreheads. Through the thin light yarn, Ding Hao could even see their white and soft skin. They walked on the white fox carpet with their bare and delicate tiny feet, as white as the carpet, and their attractive cardamom toenails made them quite lovely.

Those twenty stunning girls were all at the age of 16. With a smile, they stopped before the screen, looked at Ding Hao curiously, and began to discuss. But nobody knew what they were talking about.

Ding Hao made a slight frown.

He never expected to encounter such a scene in that inner hall.

Could it be that Ding Honglei, the new inspector, was a man of wine and women? No wonder he had never appeared to preside over the Snow Province’s Sect Grading Meeting during those days. Accompanied by those twenty young girls every day, he would naturally have no mind to deal with such worldly affairs.

“Laddie, have a sit please.”

“Hee hee, this top genius of our Snow Province is blushing.”

“Relax, young man, we won’t eat you.”

“Even if we want to do that, our master won’t agree.”

Those young girls were all extremely daring. Some of them had brought a wooden chair and gently pulled Ding Hao’s hand to let him sit on the chair, one of which even took the opportunity to pinch Ding Hao’s arm. Some of them held a gold basket, picked up a crystal grape and handed it to Ding Hao’s mouth. Others even deliberately rubbed Ding Hao’s calf with their snow feet and flirted with Ding Hao with frivolous words.

Ding Hao had completely calmed down at that time.

After he activated the Mind Essential, his heart was clear like a bright day, regarding those stunning girls as pink skulls. The fragrance of rouge blowing against his face didn’t affect him either. His heart and eyes were clear and unmoving.

“Girls, enough. Go back. Don’t make jokes before my guest.”

A lazy voice came from behind the screen.

“Yes, Sister Honglei.” The girls agreed with a smile, then laid down a red wooden desk and chair along with various fruits and dishes in front of Ding Hao. Next, they divided into two teams to retreat to the screen from two sides, leaving the inner hall.

Sister Honglei?

A little bit shocked, Ding Hao seemed to understand something.

The lazy voice just then was clearly a female voice, extremely charming. But it seemed to make people see a picture, where a gorgeous and elegant lady lay in a soft seat, lazily propped by her white smooth arm like a cat, watching you while smiling.

Those girls called her Sister Honglei…

Ding Honglei?

“It turns out Ding Honglei, the new inspector of the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost, is actually a woman… Indeed, Honglei is a woman’s name. But everyone had a preconceived idea that the expert sent by the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost was bound to be a man, since never had a female inspector come to Snow Province before.”

Ding Hao wondered.

“But why does she want to see me, and doesn’t see the heads of the nine major sects? Since her life is so luxurious, all her maids are stunning, and the screen in front of her is full of extravagance and luxury. Is she an indecent woman who wants to…?”

Ding Hao suddenly felt as if he were getting into the tiger’s mouth.

“Boy, don’t you have a headache after thinking so much?” Ding Honglei’s lazy and sweet voice came from behind the screen, “Your name is Ding Hao, isn’t it?”

Ding Hao nodded his head.

“It’s difficult for you at such a young age to have the three old men in the Divine Design Valley call you a variable…” Praised Ding Honglei with the sounds of currently dressing behind the screen, “I heard that you grew up in the waste area of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect’s back mountain, and later became an official disciple of the sect last year, right?”

“Yes,” Ding Hao answered.

“It took you only one year to become a top genius in Martial Arts in the Snow Province, from a beggar who didn’t know any martial techniques and failed to pass the entrance examination of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect for four years, which really makes me curious. Ding Hao, tell me, did anything interesting happened to you?” Ding Honglei’s voice seemed to have a magic power. Though slow, it hit Ding Hao’s heart heavily. She added, “Are you Ding Hao all the same?”

Ding Hao answered while pondering the real meaning of Ding Honglei’s words, “There are too many examples of people changed by chance. What happened to me is not unique.”

“Is it?” Ding Honglei made a sneer.

After a long while, she continued behind the screen, “Then just tell me what kind of adventure went through.”

Ding Hao wondered if the reason why the inspector called him was that she coveted his adventure and wanted to take it as her own. Was that to say, the improvement of his strength in the past year had led to calculations by some scheming people? Was him actually the target of Ding Honglei’s coming to Snow Province that time?

However, his adventure was time-space travel, which wouldn’t be disclosed to others. As for the Saber Master, the Sword Master and the Saintly-Being-of-Saber-and-Sword constitution, nobody would know as long as he didn’t talk about them. Only the Invincible Fighting Method might bring some troubles…

When he was thinking about the wording, he heard the soft voice of Ding Honglei again. “Forget it, boy. Since you don’t want to say it, I won’t push you… But, I don’t know why I’m very interested in those years when you lived in the waste area of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. Ding Hao, how much do you remember about your childhood?”

“I don’t remember anything before I was seven or eight,” Ding Hao told the truth, “I only remember that I had a younger sister whom I lost later. Then, I lived in the waste area for several years myself, until I entered the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect…”

Ding Hao was keenly aware that, when he answered that question, a vague and mysterious Divine Awareness coming from behind the screen shrouded him, as if it were monitoring something.

Had he not cultivated the Invincible Fighting Method which made his Divine Awareness cultivation reach the Martial Art King Realm, he wouldn’t have perceived the existence of that Divine Awareness.

“Don’t remember? No impression at all?” Ding Honglei asked mutteringly.

Through that weird screen, Ding Hao could only vaguely see a graceful woman standing quietly on the other side, but he couldn’t see her expression clearly. He could only answer again, “I really don’t remember…” But when he said this, he suddenly remembered the illusions he had seen on the Heart-seeking Ladder that day.

“Don’t remember? Well, okay.” Ding Hong made a sigh.

Ding Hao’s seventh sense tempered by the Mind Essential made him faintly feel that there was some implication under the words of that high-ranking inspector, but it was unpredictable.

Then came a long silence.

The atmosphere in the inner hall was a little silent and depressed.

Ding Hao quietly released his Divine Awareness, intending to test what kind of scene behind the screen was. But his powerful Body-Oven-Realm Divine Awareness was actually blocked by that weird pink screen. He was unable to penetrate it…

Ding Hao was shocked. When he raised his head to look carefully, he was dumbfounded in a moment.

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