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Supreme Uprising (Web Novel)






Jewelcat, 宝石猫


Action Fantasy Martial Arts Supernatural

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Violet skies, a world undergoing massive changes, a deficient moon, interlinking voids…
When the world experienced a cataclysmic event,the majority of living things ceased to exist. Although humanity survived by hiding in the last safe zones, humans had to face mutated dire beasts and colossal source beasts that could break through the space barrier and enter the earth at any second.
Luo Yunyang, a young man who grew up in those calamitous times, obtained an attribute regulator and set out to walk the path of supremacy!

152 • 2019-03-27 18:43:13


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 672: Thunder Source Law, The Will Of Thunder2019-09-20
Chapter 671: 49 Levels Of Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation2019-09-19
Chapter 670: Brewing Tea2019-09-19
Chapter 669: Decimation In The Void2019-09-18
Chapter 668: Above Heavenly Venerate2019-09-18
Chapter 667: 10,000 Cauldrons Rise; Absolute Obliteration2019-09-17
Chapter 666: Six Sects Unite, The Strong Prey On the Weak2019-09-17
Chapter 665: Being An Ancestral Master Is A Tough Ask2019-09-16
Chapter 664: The Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos2019-09-16
Chapter 663: Finding His Heavenly Venerate Body2019-09-15
Chapter 662: The Divine Armor That Sweeps Everything2019-09-15
Chapter 661: Great Mystic Ability—Scattered Light Misplaced Shadow2019-09-14
Chapter 660: 1,800 Arrows Chipping Way At The Soul2019-09-14
Chapter 659: Amplified Light Arrow2019-09-13
Chapter 658: Smashing The Stars2019-09-13
Chapter 657: Battle Warrant2019-09-12
Chapter 656: The Tower Evolves; Divine Martial Battle Armor2019-09-12
Chapter 655: Blinding, Alluring Treasures2019-09-11
Chapter 654: Pleasant Surprises2019-09-11
Chapter 653: Undiscovered Talent; Sword In Bone2019-09-10
Chapter 652: Emperor Moguo2019-09-10
Chapter 651: A List, Discuss It If You Want2019-09-09
Chapter 650: Three Forces Weep Bitterly2019-09-09
Chapter 649: Maverick2019-09-08
Chapter 648: There Is Only Me If The Supremacies Don’t Show2019-09-08
Chapter 647: The Divine Martial Technique; Who Would Strive?2019-09-07
Chapter 646: Eight Saints Combine Forces To Shatter Voids2019-09-07
Chapter 645: Mystic Skill Revisited, Ten Thousand Swords As One2019-09-06
Chapter 644: A Clash of True Power2019-09-06
Chapter 643: Life-Death Resounding Fate; The Samsara Palm2019-09-05
Chapter 642: The Self-Confidence Of A Saint2019-09-05
Chapter 641: Heavenly Venerate Consciousness; A Collapsing Universe2019-09-04
Chapter 640: Surrounded By An Iron Curtain; A Preemptive Attack2019-09-04
Chapter 639: Eight Forces Gathering2019-09-03
Chapter 638: Origin Divine Crystals2019-09-03
Chapter 637: Divine Union B*stard, How Dare You2019-09-02
Chapter 636: If I Said So, It Is So2019-09-02
Chapter 635: The Commander-In-Chief Of The Divine Incarcerate Legion2019-09-01
Chapter 634: Dark Clouds2019-09-01
Chapter 633: Awakening From 10 Lifetimes2019-08-31
Chapter 632: Third-Level Samsara Divine General2019-08-31
Chapter 631: Bloodline Hatred2019-08-30
Chapter 630: The Samsara Controller2019-08-30
Chapter 629: Depths of Chaos2019-08-29
Chapter 628: 3,000 Great Cosmos To Cross2019-08-29
Chapter 627: Returning2019-08-28
Chapter 626: Not Staying2019-08-28
Chapter 625: 10 Lifetimes, The Ultimate Punch2019-08-27
Chapter 624: Blade And Sword Occupy The Sky2019-08-27
Chapter 623: Striving Between Blade And Sword2019-08-26
Chapter 622: The Swords Of The Ruler, The King Of Blades2019-08-26
Chapter 621: If I Fight, I Fight The Strongest!2019-08-25
Chapter 620: Nine Worlds Merge As One, The Supreme Celestial Realm2019-08-25
Chapter 619: Heavens Drive For A Celestial Thearch, A Hidden City Appears2019-08-24
Chapter 618: Clones Battling Emperors2019-08-24
Chapter 617: Landscapes Like Paintings, Emperors Descending From Heaven2019-08-23
Chapter 616: The Great Desert Sand Gale2019-08-23
Chapter 615: Affinity After Stories2019-08-22
Chapter 614: The Great Desert And The City Of Gold2019-08-22
Chapter 613: Going Through 10 Reincarnations, Astounding Heaven And Earth In One Shot2019-08-21
Chapter 612: Wailing Swords2019-08-21
Chapter 611: The Divine Furnace Rises From Nature, 1,000 Daos Converge In A Sword2019-08-20
Chapter 610: The Person At The Peak2019-08-20
Chapter 609: Energy Shifter Ability, Walking Around The Entire Realm2019-08-20
Chapter 608: Wiping Off 1,000 Years Of Humiliation2019-08-19
Chapter 607: The Blade Demon2019-08-18
Chapter 606: Bloodlust Surges In The Realm2019-08-18
Chapter 605: Seven Cleaving Sky Blades Descend On The Realm2019-08-17
Chapter 604: Slashing For Justice2019-08-17
Chapter 603: 10th Reincarnation2019-08-16
Chapter 602: A Hundred Years Pass By In A Flash, Yet Another Reincarnation2019-08-16
Chapter 601: How Can The Son Of A Dog Match The Daughter Of A Tiger2019-08-15
Chapter 600: The Single Guardian2019-08-15
Chapter 599: The Ocean-Splitting Sword2019-08-14
Chapter 598: The Scarlet Sun’s 10 Passes2019-08-14
Chapter 597: Protectors2019-08-13
Chapter 596: The Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone2019-08-13
Chapter 595: A Million Soldiers Riding The Wind2019-08-12
Chapter 594: The Fury Of The Emperor2019-08-12
Chapter 593: The Frozen Prison Yama2019-08-11
Chapter 592: The Great Sun Massacre Divine Art2019-08-11
Chapter 591: The Jueluo Supremacy2019-08-10
Chapter 590: Going Against The Current Without Retreating2019-08-10
Chapter 589: The Weak Are Insignificant Like Ants2019-08-09
Chapter 588: The Supremacy’s Fury Makes Stars Fall Like Rain2019-08-09
Chapter 587: You Die Or I Die2019-08-08
Chapter 586: The Mountain Partitioning Nine Fragmented Peaks2019-08-08
Chapter 585: Sweeping An Icy Hell2019-08-07
Chapter 584: Sweeping Everything That Lays In His Path2019-08-07
Chapter 583: Eight Sky Sealing Divine Seals2019-08-06
Chapter 582: The Defeated Supreme And The Appearance Of The Ultimate Token2019-08-06
Chapter 581: The Unrivaled Triple Soul Fusion2019-08-05
Chapter 580: Seizing the World with a Sweeping Blade2019-08-05
Chapter 579: The King Has Returned2019-08-04
Chapter 578: A Rod Sweeping All The Heavens2019-08-04
Chapter 577 - Among The Vast Stars, Who Will Reign Supreme2019-08-03
Chapter 576: The Divine Martial Battle Avatar And The Supreme Assembly2019-08-03
Chapter 575: Six Sacred Halls2019-08-02
Chapter 574: Third Visit To The Divine Martial Hall2019-08-02
Chapter 573: Universe Flower, Inextinguishable Body2019-08-01