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Supreme Uprising (Web Novel)


Violet skies, a world undergoing massive changes, a deficient moon, interlinking voids…
When the world experienced a cataclysmic event,the majority of living things ceased to exist. Although humanity survived by hiding in the last safe zones, humans had to face mutated dire beasts and colossal source beasts that could break through the space barrier and enter the earth at any second.
Luo Yunyang, a young man who grew up in those calamitous times, obtained an attribute regulator and set out to walk the path of supremacy!

54 • 2019-03-27 18:43:13


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 484: The World-Engulfing Finger2019-06-18
Chapter 483: 1,000 Techniques In One2019-06-17
Chapter 482: Indomitable Youth2019-06-17
Chapter 481: The Celestial World Supremacy2019-06-16
Chapter 480: The Divine Martial Hall2019-06-16
Chapter 479: Why Negotiate When You Can Plunder?2019-06-16
Chapter 478: Lightning Obliteration2019-06-15
Chapter 477: Boiled2019-06-15
Chapter 476: Rising With The Wind2019-06-14
Chapter 475: Turning Black To White2019-06-13
Chapter 474: The Yellow Dragon Is Beheaded By The Long Blade2019-06-13
Chapter 473: A Slight Intent To Kill In The System2019-06-12
Chapter 472: Offense Is The Best Defense2019-06-12
Chapter 471: The Cycle Of 100 Swords2019-06-12
Chapter 470: The Ten-Millennia King Beast2019-06-11
Chapter 469: The Heart Of The Strong2019-06-10
Chapter 468: Many Tribes2019-06-10
Chapter 467: The Cang Yuan System2019-06-10
Chapter 466: A Single Crushing Blow2019-06-09
Chapter 465: The Five-Element Annihilation Beam2019-06-08
Chapter 464: A Sword-River Of 1,000 Streams Crushes A Blade-Mountain2019-06-08
Chapter 463: Battle, Battle, Battle2019-06-07
Chapter 462: A Clash Between The Strongest Rulers2019-06-07
Chapter 461: A Clear Intention To Kill2019-06-06
Chapter 460: Five Elements Up High2019-06-06
Chapter 459: The Chaotic Four-Origin Bead2019-06-05
Chapter 458: The Honorary Emperor2019-06-05
Chapter 457: Greatness Starts From the Bottom2019-06-04
Chapter 456: The Supreme Parallel Cultivation Of The Four Attributes2019-06-04
Chapter 455: The Supreme Realm Of The Human Race2019-06-03
Chapter 454: Breaking Chains And Soaring Like A Dragon!2019-06-03
Chapter 453: So Close, Yet So Far2019-06-02
Chapter 452: Extreme Speed2019-06-02
Chapter 451: The Six-Layered Chaotic Hole2019-06-02
Chapter 450: The Five Elements Shock The Realm, The Chaotic Hole Fragments The World2019-06-01
Chapter 449: So What If I Do?2019-05-31
Chapter 448: Number One2019-05-31
Chapter 447: A Trap2019-05-31
Chapter 446: Battle Of The Strongest2019-05-30
Chapter 445: If You Stand In My Path, You Will Die2019-05-29
Chapter 444: The Blood Of Geniuses Floods The Heavens2019-05-29
Chapter 443: No Return To The Meteorite Field2019-05-28
Chapter 442: A Feast For Kings2019-05-28
Chapter 441: Wielding A Sword For 10 Light Years2019-05-27
Chapter 440: The Nine-Path Galaxy Decree2019-05-27
Chapter 439: Pursued Thoroughly2019-05-27
Chapter 438: The Extreme Mystic Token2019-05-26
Chapter 437: One Person That Makes Everyone Tremble2019-05-25
Chapter 436: Poor, Poor, Poor2019-05-25
Chapter 435: Bequest Of Geniuses2019-05-24
Chapter 434: The Sky-Illuminating Starfire Diagram2019-05-24
Chapter 433: Soaring Into The Skies2019-05-23
Chapter 432: Riding The Winds For 90,000 Miles2019-05-23
Chapter 431: The Incorporated Law World2019-05-22
Chapter 430: The Fiery Sun Divine Origin2019-05-22
Chapter 429: A Disconsolate, Miserable Cry Heard From Miles Away2019-05-21
Chapter 428: The Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels2019-05-21
Chapter 427: The Myriad Eight Laws2019-05-20
Chapter 426: Pleasing The Ruling Envoy!2019-05-20
Chapter 425: Ruling Envoy2019-05-19
Chapter 424: The Myriad Convergence Ring2019-05-19
Chapter 423: The Fiery Sun Sky Book2019-05-18
Chapter 422: A Ray Of Light2019-05-18
Chapter 421: Breaking Mountains And Rivers2019-05-17
Chapter 420: A Titanic Burden On One’s Shoulders2019-05-17
Chapter 419: Burning Blood2019-05-16
Chapter 418: No Regrets For The Blood Shed On The Battle Stage!2019-05-16
Chapter 417: It Doesn’t Matter2019-05-15
Chapter 416: An Excited Crowd2019-05-15
Chapter 415: The Fiery Sun Signals The Start Of The Battle For The Sky Book2019-05-14
Chapter 414: Standing On The Tallest Peak2019-05-14
Chapter 413: The Grand Path Reveal2019-05-13
Chapter 412: Large Waves Washing Away The Sand2019-05-13
Chapter 411: The Blood Spirit Combat List2019-05-12
Chapter 410: Feel Free, Brother2019-05-12
Chapter 409: How About A Different Move?2019-05-11
Chapter 408: The Omnipresent Net Technique2019-05-11
Chapter 407: Coldness and Warmth2019-05-10
Chapter 406: Universal Fragmentation2019-05-10
Chapter 405: 10 Years2019-05-09
Chapter 404: Making A Decision2019-05-09
Chapter 403: The Great Chaotic Hole Path2019-05-08
Chapter 402: The Super Cultivation Plan2019-05-08
Chapter 401: Startling The Meru Realm2019-05-07
Chapter 400: The Nine-Volume Sky Book2019-05-07
Chapter 399: The Blood Spirit Sky2019-05-06
Chapter 398: Crushing The Same Boundary2019-05-06
Chapter 397: Beneath Mt. Song Amid The Drizzling Rain2019-05-05
Chapter 396: Dying With The Dignity Of An Emperor2019-05-05
Chapter 395: All Living Things Are Like Ants In The Face Of A Star-Obliterating Cannon2019-05-04
Chapter 394: One Man Suppressing A Nation2019-05-04
Chapter 393: Sword Battle Cultivation2019-05-03
Chapter 392: Return2019-05-03
Chapter 391: Falling Cherry Blossoms Unintentionally Painting The Sky Red2019-05-02
Chapter 390: A Crazy Execution2019-05-02
Chapter 389: The Earth Gravity Mountain Diagram2019-05-01
Chapter 388: 10 Suns Illuminating The Sky2019-05-01
Chapter 387: The Seven Divine Realms Of A Star2019-04-30
Chapter 386: The First Blood Disciple2019-04-30
Chapter 385: The Extreme Ends Of Life And Death2019-04-29