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Supreme Uprising (Web Novel) - Chapter 789: Three Thousand Guests

Chapter 789: Three Thousand Guests

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“Doesn’t Longxiang have legs?” asked Luo Yunyang with an unsympathetic glance at the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man felt that this reply was very disrespectful. It was as though he had completely disregarded the status of Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang.

Although the man was not from the Human Tribe, his face seemed awkward and uncomfortable.

As the saying went, the servant should die if he brought dishonor to his master. If the person speaking to him hadn’t been Luo Yunyang, the middle-aged man would have definitely brought unfathomable pain unto the person who had spoken so disrespectfully.

He did not have much of a choice now. Since it was Luo Yunyang who had spoken in this manner, he could only quietly hide his displeasure in his heart.

After all, Luo Yunyang was a potential candidate that could join Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Although there was still quite a number of matches left to go, the fact that he had been able to take down Long Teng pretty much meant that he was rather sure to enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

A person of such caliber had already exceeded Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang’s scope.

Although Luo Yunyang was in the Purple Cloud Cosmos, it would still be pointless for Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang to go after him without any qualms.

Right now, Luo Yunyang was a person of interest for Hong Meng Sacred Hall, which meant that people would be protecting him all the way. If Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang were to try anything funny, he might be eliminated.

“My Master has been quite busy recently,” said the middle-aged man. After taking a deep breath, he added, “It is definitely better for us to quell any feelings of hostility. After all, in the Purple Cloud Cosmos, Mr. Yunyang’s tribe…”

“Are you trying to threaten me?” Luo Yunyang snapped without letting the middle-aged man finish his sentence. While rolling his sleeves, he said, “I have matters to attend to. Please show yourself out!”

As a disciple of Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang, the middle-aged man was used to getting his way in the Purple Cloud Cosmos. Thus, being dismissed by the likes of Luo Yunyang infuriated him greatly.

However, when the next guest walked in to meet him, the middle-aged man only inhaled sharply.

He knew that guest. That man was an elder who wielded great power in one of the major sects of Zhi Xuan Great Cosmos.

He knew this man only because his master, Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang, had had a short chat with him during an auction in the past.

That Elder had treated Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang like an elder would treat a younger person.

“My respects, Elder Tu!” the middle-aged man said respectfully as he faced the Elder.

Elder Tu stared blankly for a moment before nodding his head without saying anything. The middle-aged man had a feeling that the Elder had not recognized him even though he had nodded his head.

It seemed like the middle-aged man did not even exist as far as the Elder’s memories were concerned.

Just as the middle-aged man started feeling gloomy deep down, he heard Elder Tu jovially say, “Mr. Yunyang, I am an elder from the Mysterious Green Sect. I am here under my Patriarch’s orders to discuss a few matters with you.”

“The Patriarch is the master of the Mysterious Green Sect and sincerely hopes that you will be able to join us,” he said in a respectful tone.

“So long as you are willing to join us, the Patriarch will take you on as a personal disciple.”

“In terms of resource allocation and all other aspects, your status will not be lower than any other sixth-level Heavenly Venerate’s status in the Mysterious Green Sect.”

“Furthermore, the Patriarch has decided to carve out a territory in the Zhi Xuan Mainland that will belong to you so that your tribe’s people will have a place where they can settle down,” Elder Tu said.


The middle-aged man had only listened to the first half of Elder Tu’s words. However, that first half was sufficient to make him shudder.

Enjoying a similar status to a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate was only the beginning. Even his own master had not received such treatment.

Luo Yunyang was slightly excited about the terms offered by Elder Tu. After all, enjoying a similar status to sixth-level Heavenly Venerates would mean that he would have access to a vast amount of resources.

More importantly, the Mysterious Green Sect was willing to offer a massive amount of cultivation resources for his training. It was a pity that he felt a little restricted.

If Luo Yunyang hadn’t escaped the Divine Union Void, then all these terms would definitely have been very enticing.

However, right now, things were no longer the same.

He glanced at Elder Tu and said with a smile, “I am extremely thankful for the generous offer of the Mysterious Green Sect. I will consider this offer and get back to you as soon as possible.”

Elder Tu smiled and said, “It is definitely important that you consider it, as this is a major decision. However, I am sure that the terms offered by the Mysterious Green Sect are undoubtedly the best.”

“Mr. Yunyang, should you have any other concerns, feel free to contact us,” Elder Tu said with a bright smile.

“The Mysterious Green Sect also has a Heaven and Earth Mystic Realm. Although it might not be as good as the Great Hong Meng Place of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, it still is a gem amongst sacred realms.”

“If you are able to join the Mysterious Green Sect, then that Mystic Realm will be yours to use for no cost at all.”

Elder Tu’s words were extremely enticing. However, Luo Yunyang only gave him a normal reply without revealing too much. As Elder Tu was leaving, another lady came by. She was also representing a large clan.

A clan that wasn’t any weaker than the Long Family.

This clan’s offer was definitely more generous. However, Luo Yunyang was unable to accept it.

He had to become a member of their family!

A young lady from an aristocratic family was willing to marry Luo Yunyang. However, this was provided that Luo Yunyang would become a member of that family. The resources that family could provide Luo Yunyang with were ten times what the Mysterious Green Sect had offered.

Initially, Luo Yunyang had intended to use a personification of himself to entertain the guests. However, as the number of guests increased, Luo Yunyang decided to entertain only the guests of the major families.

In the Longlin Great Cosmos, a graceful and elegant lady stood before the Long Family Patriarch.

However, the lady didn’t have a pleasant expression on her face.

As someone who had exceeded the cultivation level of a Heavenly Venerate, the Long Family Patriarch had always had a haughty outlook on everyone else. However, right now, even though he was sitting on a cloud high up in the air, he seemed to be in some sort of predicament.

“Teng Er’s abilities far exceed those of an ordinary person. However, should he not be able to enter the Hong Meng Sacred Hall this time, his future route will definitely be very rough as a result.” The lady’s voice was calm yet filled with criticism.

The Dragon Family Elder could not do much about the lady’s criticism. He knew clearly that she did not come from humble origins. Otherwise, his simple anger could have suppressed her.

Unfortunately, at the moment, he could only try his best to pacify her.

“I never expected that Luo Yunyang would be so difficult to deal with either,” the Long Family Patriarch said hoarsely.

He had not expected things to turn out that way. He had only wanted to teach Luo Yunyang a lesson. He had never thought that his young son would get implicated into this whole mess.

“Will this matter be resolved just because you said you did not expect this? You should have considered the implications this whole incident would have on Teng Er!”

“I don’t care how you do it, but I want you to ensure that Teng Er is able to enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall,” the lady said bluntly.

“Otherwise, I am not going to let you off!”

The elegant lady waded out as she finished speaking. As she walked through the gates of the hall, she destroyed them to show her anger over this matter.

Even though the Long Family Patriarch was really infuriated, the sight of that lady’s back view left him no choice but to swallow his anger.

“Luo Yunyang!” the Long Family Patriarch muttered as he whipped out his communication device.

“Ha ha ha! My old pal, it has been a while since we last contacted each other.” A smiling, slightly plump man that was about 1.5 meters tall was projected by the communication device.

It was easy to tell that this man was wealthy. It was also possible to tell that the Long Family Patriarch seemed slightly fearful while talking to him.

“Jinyuan, I know that the first-ranking Zongzi of Yin Yang Sacred is also participating in Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s selection this time.” The Long Family Patriarch took a deep breath before continuing in a serious tone.

Jinyuan squinted his eyes. “Are you trying to say that you want our sect members to go defeat Luo Yunyang?”

“That’s right. Although Luo Yunyang might have used five universe origin marks of that divine weapon, his strength definitely can’t be that powerful. If your sect were to have a go, they would definitely beat him easily.”

The Long Family Patriarch’s words were slightly enticing. “I have a fruit from the Heaven and Earth Divine Tree with me, which I can offer to you.”

Jinyuan’s face lit up upon hearing about the fruit of the Heaven and Earth Divine Tree. He needed the fruit so badly that he had even paid a special visit to the Long Family Patriarch in order to negotiate for it.

However, back then, the Long Family Patriarch had kept insisting that he did not have the fruit of the Heaven and Earth Divine Tree. Hearing this now made Jinyuan burn with rage.

“Didn’t you say you did not have it?” Jinyuan felt angry about being deceived.

“I only acquired the fruit recently,” the Long Family Patriarch explained with a straight face, even though he was blatantly lying.

“Alright, you old dragon. Consider this matter done if you give me the fruit of the Heaven and Earth Divine Tree.” Jinyuan hesitated for a while before adding solemnly, “While your son is not too bad, he is still no match for the zongzis we have raised at the Yin Yang Sacred Palace.”

“This time, I will get someone from Hong Meng Sacred Hall to make arrangements so that we can prevent Luo Yunyang from progressing any further.”

After discussing a few more terms and conditions with Jinyuan, the Long Family Patriarch hung up the communication device. His heart ached as he thought about the fruit of the Heaven and Earth Divine Tree he was about to give away.

Half an hour later, the lineup for the next round of Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s selection was revealed in the Hong Meng Realm.

The most eye-catching part of the lineup showed that Luo Yunyang’s next competitor would be a disciple of the Yin Yang Sacred Palace.

Once the news was out, the people who saw it rushed like mad to inform Luo Yunyang and those related to him. In just a few moments, the crowd had been reduced to about half.

The bustling Immortal Lake Star had fallen silent.

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