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Supreme Uprising (Web Novel) - Chapter 791: Moving A Rock But Dropping It On One’s Foot

Chapter 791: Moving A Rock But Dropping It On One’s Foot

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After receiving the request of the Long Family’s Patriarch, Jinyuan never considered that his nephew, Yin Yang Zongzi, who had progressed steadily for 100,000 years and was widely considered the strongest elite below a Heavenly Venerate, could lose.

In his opinion, whoever matched up against Yin Yang Zongzi in Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s selection would be very unlucky.

However, the comments that appeared in the Hong Meng Realm made Jinyuan inexplicably uncomfortable. His sin would be too great if Yin Yang Zongzi really lost to Luo Yunyang this time.

It would be akin to destroying Yin Yang Zongzi’s 100,000 years of waiting in just a moment.

Impossible. Yin Yang Zongzi was terrifyingly talented. How could he be defeated by Luo Yunyang? His Yin Yang Samsara Eye would even make a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate suffer.

As Jinyuan consoled himself, he saw two streaks of blood streaking out from the eyes of Yin Yang Zongzi.

Although the streaks of blood were very thin, they were still tears of blood. Compared to Luo Yunyang, who stood there quietly, Yin Yang Zongzi was in a rather bad state.

A small sign could indicate something significant. Heavenly Venerates only required a tiny hint of activity to determine the outcome.

The Long Family’s Patriarch had an ugly look on his face.

He had paid a hefty price. However, everything would go down the drain if Yin Yang Zongzi lost.

“How did Yin Yang Zongzi turn out like this?” the Long Family’s Patriarch asked with a hint of obvious dissatisfaction.

He was dissatisfied with Yin Yang Zongzi!

Jinyuan, who was sitting on one side, glared at the Long Family’s Patriarch and screamed, “Shut up!”

The Long Family’s Patriarch shut his mouth, even though he was very unhappy with Jinyuan’s reprimand.

The Long Family’s Patriarch could understand what Jinyuan was thinking. After all, this matter involved the future of Yin Yang Zongzi.

Yin Yang Zongzi would lose his future if he was defeated. Although Jinyuan held a high position, he had to shoulder the most important responsibility in this case.

“Yin Yang Zongzi will not be defeated. The Samsara Eye is only one of his techniques. He can still use other techniques if he wishes.” Jinyuan did not try to hide anything this time.

The Long Family’s Patriarch nodded. He knew that Yin Yang Zongzi could crush Long Teng in every aspect.

Luo Yunyang’s mind power was strong, but he might not be able to overcome Yin Yang Zongzi in other aspects.

Furthermore, the overall quality of Yin Yang Zongzi was considered by many to be the best.

As the Long Family’s Patriarch and Jinyuan were filled with anticipation, Luo Yunyang and Yin Yang Zongzi’s battle intensified.

Unwilling to fail, Yin Yang Zongzi began to burn his consciousness during the battle. This would increase his mind power rapidly. However, he also had to pay a hefty price for it.

Yin Yang Zongzi hadn’t done this to defeat Luo Yunyang. As the Life Death Resounding Fate got increasingly thunderous, he felt as if his Samsara Eye was dealing with a mountain instead of a person.

Under the circumstances, he no longer intended to compete with Luo Yunyang in terms of mind power. He hoped to rely on his various secret techniques to defeat him.

He was still very confident in his other secret techniques, as he didn’t believe that Luo Yunyang would be better than him in other aspects as well.

The Samsara Resounding Fate was very mighty. Luo Yunyang continued to restrict Yin Yang Zongzi as he absolutely could not allow Yin Yang Zongzi to escape. Luo Yunyang’s Life Death Resounding Fate got faster when he felt Yin Yang Zongzi’s mind power increasing.

Life and death interchanged, turning everything into ashes.

Yin Yang Zongzi wanted to break out of the shackles placed on him promptly before things got worse. However, his mind would crumble once he severed the restrictions forcefully.

Not only would that greatly reduce his fighting abilities, but it would also make him lose the match completely.

“Luo Yunyang, kill! Do not humiliate!” The vortex created by the Samsara Wheel was on the verge of collapsing when the Life Death Resounding Fate echoed again. Yin Yang Zongzi, who could not endure this any longer, yelled, “Give me a chance! Let’s call it a draw. I will definitely pay the price to satisfy you!”

Yin Yang Zongzi was a man with a firm resolution, yet his heart couldn’t calm down when his 100,000 years of persistence began to vanish into thin air.

Hence, in the world that he and Luo Yunyang were in, which had been created by their mind powers, he began to beg Luo Yunyang for mercy.

Luo Yunyang did not budge at all. Executing the Life Death Resounding Fate time after time made him comprehend the secrets behind the technique. It turned out that the Life Death Resounding Fate could actually be used in this manner.

There was both life and death in the Life Death Samsara. Between life and death, the speed and frequency at which the two interchanged would result in a different level of power.

“Do you really want to make an enemy out of my Yin Yang Sect? Do you know that there’s no happy ending for you if you do so?” Yin Yang Zongzi’s Samsara Wheel had collapsed completely, and even his body had also started to crumble in the Hong Meng Realm.

He appeared frantic at the moment.

“Did you think of the consequences of offending me when you chose me as your opponent?” Luo Yunyang opened his mouth, and his voice reverberated across the void through his mind power. “In your opinion, I’m supposed to be an ant that you can squash anytime you want. However, you have to remember that ants can sometimes bite and break towering trees. Besides, you aren’t even a towering tree!”

After saying that, the two words of the Life Death Resounding Fate were repeated 13 times by Luo Yunyang.

The tone of the thirteen frequencies was like a giant hammer striking heavily at Yin Yang Zongzi’s mind.

Yin Yang Zongzi’s body in the Hong Meng Realm was shattered instantly. In the secret hall of the Yin Yang Sect, Yin Yang Zongzi, who was sitting cross-legged, coughed out a mouthful of blood.

However, this injury was not a big deal to Yin Yang Zongzi. What he really had to face was the ongoing situation.

He had lost! He had lost to Luo Yunyang!

He had experienced failure before in his life, just not as terrible as this one. His 100,000 years of persistence had been ruined. Although it couldn’t be said that he couldn’t achieve great power without Hong Meng Sacred Hall, his possibility of achieving greatness would be greatly reduced if he wasn’t selected by Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

“Luo Yunyang, it’s all because of you. If you hadn’t pushed me to the end, how could I have fallen?”

Yin Yang Zongzi bellowed in rage and resentment, as if everything had happened because of Luo Yunyang. He had never thought that things would not have turned out this way if he had not made a move on Luo Yunyang first.

Yin Yang Zongzi felt so dizzy after roaring out in rage that he almost fell to the ground.

He suddenly remembered the battle with Luo Yunyang and how greatly he had been hurt during the exchange.

While Yin Yang Zongzi took a deep breath and got ready to recover his strength gradually, Jinyuan, who was in the Hong Meng Realm, cursed in a flying rage.

Jinyuan’s loss this time was too huge. Although Yin Yang Zongzi had lost to Luo Yunyang because he was inferior in terms of strength, Jinyuan knew clearly that it was his own decision to let Yin Yang Zongzi battle Luo Yunyang that had caused this.

In other words, everyone in the entire Yin Yang Sect would think that he was the one who had destroyed the Yin Yang Sect and cut off the path of Yin Yang Zongzi’s progress.

“Damn it, what did I just see?” In the Hong Meng Realm, some people commented excitedly. “Yin Yang Zongzi lost. Yin Yang Zongzi, who sharpened his sword for 100,000 years, lost.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha… Yin Yang Zongzi really lost. Didn’t he think he was invincible? How could he possibly lose then? Didn’t he think that he was bound to enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall? How did he lose in such a miserable way?”

“You get what you deserve!”

Martialists that disliked Yin Yang Zongzi did not show him any respect whatsoever as they lashed out at him.

Many more people were comparing the battle between Yin Yang Zongzi and Luo Yunyang to the one with Long Teng, as both of these fights had been self-initiated.

“I’ve really learned a lot. Everyone has been fighting so hard for the opportunity to enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall, yet some people actually throw such opportunities to the ground.”

“I guess one doesn’t need Hong Meng Sacred Hall to become an Almighty! Way to go, Yin Yang Zongzi!”

Jinyuan wanted to kill people. However, although he was an Almighty and his murderous intent was surging, he did not dare to make any moves.

If anyone dared to make any moves during this process, they would be provoking the entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall, which would be a deadly choice even for extraordinary people like Jinyuan.

Why did everything turn out this way? I just wanted to earn some resources.

“Jinyuan, come back.” While Jinyuan was cracking his head thinking about how to let Yin Yang Zongzi re-enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall, a faint voice spoke in his ear.

Jinyuan’s body trembled upon hearing the voice.

He felt mainly guilty about Yin Yang Zongzi’s state. However, he was extremely scared when he heard this voice. After all, that person was too strong.

“Yes, Senior Brother!” After saying that, Jinyuan glared at the Long Family’s Patriarch.

“Long Bingtian, we are not finished!” Jinyuan said very solemnly and bitterly.

Long Bingtian was the Long Family’s Patriarch. He wanted to explain himself, but Jinyuan had already disappeared without a trace.

Seeing how Jinyuan had reacted, Long Bingtian knew that Jinyuan would become one of his enemies from now on.

The feud between the two of them would be difficult to resolve.

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