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Survival Records of 3650 Days in the Otherworld (Web Novel) - Chapter 12: Healing life of the other world

Chapter 12: Healing life of the other world

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The heat faded away as Joonbum drank enough cold water. He took out a cigarette, lit it, and then lay down on his working table. Smoke drifted out from his mouth and floated upwards into the blue sky, fading away before long.

“Is it because the air is so clean that the cigarette tastes so good?”

He had been visiting this place every other day and was still amazed at the purity of the air quality. He was even feeling a bit guilty for bringing stuff from Earth to this place.

“It’s nice.”

Other than the lack of modern technology, everything was good here.

“Let’s move again.”

Joonbum stood up, readied a grass cutter, and started it. Its blade spun as it cut down any grass it passed and the area was quickly cleaned up as the sun rose high up in the sky. Joonbum gathered all the loose grass and threw it into the fire. The wet grass gave off a dark smoke that began to spread while burning.

“This will fend off almost any animal.”

He decided to take a break and took out a soda can before sitting down.

“It’s already lunchtime! Whew, time flies.”

Time passed quickly as Joonbum began working to clean up the area to use it as a base camp. As his belly rumbled, he stood up while shaking his head.

“It sure knows when lunchtime is. Time to eat then.”

Joonbum now had a big stove that he brought over to cook. He skillfully took out everything to prepare to cook as he had done this multiple times already.

“Fire’s good!”

The fire burned blue and the water started to boil quickly. He remembered that he had first brought an LNG gas stove instead and claimed that it was not working correctly because it burned with a yellow fire, meaning it was not strong enough.

“How would I know there’s a difference between LNG and LPG gas stoves?” he mumbled.

“Ah, this is delicious!”

In front of him were kimchi, dried seaweed, fried anchovies, salted pollack roe, fried eggplants and spam that he had leftover from breakfast. It was more than enough so he consumed three packs of instant rice instantly and slowed down on his fourth one.

[You pig, you went to the other world to do hard labor? What’s up with all the tree cutting and digging?]

[Taking a tractor to the other world… that’s something new.]

[He took a chainsaw too! Probably the first chainsaw ever to appear in other world.]

[He also took a pulley! Everything is new.]

[Who would think of chaining up a wolf’s muzzle with a padlock? Weirdo.]

[Crazy pig. If you work like that here, you’ll be rich in no time.]

[I accept. He is a God of Labor.]

[As if being Galfus’ keeper isn’t enough, he starts on hard labor. Can you start talking now? Please?]

[He copied non-verbal videos from someone and is using it too much! Oh, and can you stop building houses and start hunting monsters? Not just some wild dogs!]

[Ah, he’s digging again. Would you stop that? You’re destroying natural habitats! Go hunt or something! I’ll donate if you hunt.]

[Hello, I’m BJ Youngah Lee. Would you mind a joint broadcast?]

[You bastard, don’t ignore our Goddess Youngah. Respond to her!]

[Hey, he’s big these days in his other world. Who cares about Youngah Lee.]

[Why would want to do a joint broadcast with her? She ain’t nobody now. She seemed okay at first but now… I’d rather watch new people.]

[Can you stop making a farm documentary? Are you trying to settle down there?]

[SPOILER ALERT! This turd will start farming when he’s done leveling the ground.]

[I’ll do it too! SPOILER ALERT! This turd will pick either sweet potato, potato, or corn!]

[I expect pumpkin.]

[Hah, he’s making a bunch of these videos.]

[Protect the environment, protect it from global warming! You turd.]

[It’s named as other world survival but he takes everything from here. What will it be now? A generator? A refrigerator? Huh?]

[Hey, take a helicopter there! You know, scout over the sky, find a kingdom and rule as a God.]

[To build an empire, you will need a tank. How about a Pig Empire?]

Videos he uploaded had loads of responses to them. He carefully read those responses that he recorded before coming here as he finished his fourth pack of instant rice. He couldn’t hide his smile.

“Haha, even insults are welcome.”

He gathered up the remaining fried anchovies and munched on them, appreciating all the saltiness coming out, still smiling from the responses.

“Haha, it’s on. I should dig up some of that ground I cleaned up this afternoon.”

Joonbum looked at the north side of the base camp where he had finished cleaning up in the morning. It was time to use the tractor to dig a deep hole, so he can put down a tree. He took out a cigarette, wrapped a towel around the back of his neck, and dragged himself towards the tractor.

Joonbum equipped the tractor with digging equipment and started digging. He was smiling brightly.

“I must have been crazy to think I can do all this by hand.”

With the tractor, it just required a simple pass to dig up the ground. But, it needed to be deeper. The tractor equipment could not dig a three-foot-deep hole at once – it needed a different method. Joonbum dug a large area around it so that he could go back and forth until he acquired the depth he needed.

After the digging was done, he then used a pulley and a rope to raise up the wood stake he prepared and hold it in place while he made a support.

“I’ve gotten so much faster now.”

He remembered his first try. Everything was new so he had to go through many trials and errors and also acquired minor injuries. His muscles were sore every time he finished working. But, it got much better as he repeated it over and over and he became much more efficient after utilizing what he learned in the army.

“That’s all in the past now. Hah!”

Joonbum grinned proudly and went back to hammering a nail down into the support that he just set up. Pretty soon, the area was surrounded with a wooden fence which Joonbum filled with dirt to reinforce it.

“I need more wood to fence the other place around, so I should cut down more trees beforehand. I also need some stuff too. A small generator should be first, then some tools…”

Joonbum mumbled as he drank some water to hydrate himself.


“Jinpok, did you talk to him yet? Hehe.”

A woman with a beautiful voice rose from the bed, tying her hair with a band. She then took out a cigarette and lit it. The woman’s bosom swayed with her every movement. It was bigger than average and beautifully shaped, which the man next to her watched in temptation.

“Naw, not yet. The fool’s not that reachable.”

As Jinpok answered grumpily, the woman’s attitude suddenly changed, raising her eyebrow.

“What? You said that you can contact him! Did you lie to me? Huh? Did you lie so you can sleep with me for free? You said you will arrange a meeting with him!”

The woman spat angrily. Her sweet, beautiful voice had been replaced with an annoying, high-pitched angry taunt.

“What do you want me to do?! Damn it! I’m not some god! I don’t even know where he is and he won’t pick up his phone! And what do you mean ‘free’? You wanted it!”

Jinpok shouted angrily. The atmosphere tensed as both glared at each other. The woman soon looked away, easing up.

“You’re the one who didn’t keep your promise! I’m the one who should be angry, not you!”

The woman’s mood suddenly changed and put her hand into the blanket, moving it around slowly.

“Help me this once, please? My subscribers went down by a lot, so my donations went down too. I can’t live like this. Please? I know you can help me. He’s nothing compared to you, right?”

The woman spoke softly as her hand kept working under the blanket. Jinpok’s face slowly reddened.

“Hey, stop talking and focus.”

“And if I do?”

“Argh, okay! You win. Focus now.”

The woman, Youngah Lee, smiled and moved down on him with her lips.

‘Hah… this bitch is done. You should’ve done better before it was too late. Tsk.’

Jinpok thought as he looked down on Youngah, who was working hard with her tongue to please him.

“Ahh, that’s good. Keep going.”

“Yeah? Yeah?”

‘But this guy… he’s doing better than I expected. It did slow down a bit but he’s still gaining more subscribers. I thought it was just an old trend… is it coming back?’

Jinpok thought about Joonbum as he felt the pleasure rising up. All the jealous streamers were scoffing at Joonbum, saying that it was an old trend. There used to be streamers who broadcasted out in the forest and it did become popular for a while, but that trend soon disappeared.

What was funny about Joonbum was that even though he was saying it was another world, he was using everything that was readily available in this world. The number of tools he was using was still increasing.

It didn’t make any sense.

‘That pig. Why would you want to bring in all kinds of modern stuff and pretend it’s an ‘other world healing life’? Not even funny.’

But that was the point. Viewers loved Joonbum’s videos because of the nonsense and although they scoffed at him, they still watched him again every time. They even enjoyed it if Joonbum did what they predicted he would do.


Youngah was already on top of him, moving up and down. Jinpok moaned as he watched Youngah.

“It’s coming! More! More!”


‘That fool ignoring my call? He did grow some balls.’

Jinpok’s feelings were mixed with pleasure and anger. He was not used to being looked down by anyone. He was a top streamer with a well-built, muscular body and with a huge tattoo. People around him automatically avoided eye contact with him and he only needed to raise his voice a little to solve anything.

He thought that should be the case this time as well.

It was satisfying to see female streamers like Youngah, who was on top of him naked, be ignored and looked down by Joonbum. Those streamers wanted to use Joonbum again like they did before, making content out of his ugliness. Jinpok also saw an opportunity in that.

‘All of them… Seolji, Larrychan… they’re hungry.’

Jinpok thought about Seolji, who he slept with the day before, using Joonbum as a bait. All those female streamers were top stars at the end of their popularity. Most started out with sexually appealing videos to gain viewers and copied some popular content to build up fans, but failed to update with new content.


Jinpok concentrated as an irresistible pleasure came to him.

‘I’ll meet him in person and ask him to join. He’ll have a share of the women and he’ll thank me.’

“Ah- Ah-”

Youngah’s movements grew more intense as Jinpok’s imagination grew wilder. Soon, Jinpok let out a short moan and his entire body shook. Youngah lay on him, kissing his neck.

“Jinpok, you promised.”

“I know.”

Jinpok moved his hand onto Youngah’s bosom as he answered.

“Hey, be gentle! I’m still sensitive!”

Jinpok didn’t care.


Joonbum’s new video did not fail the expectations of the viewers.

[Wow, he really is making a farming documentary!]

[Hey, what is that? A generator? Is that a nail gun?]

[Look at all that. It’s still increasing! He now even has a refrigerator! And a solar panel! I heard those are bad for the environment though?]

[Joonbum, avoid those cheaply-made stuff.]

[Ha, he’s settling down now. You just need a girl.]

[So when are you going to start farming?]

[That’s some fortress you got there.]

[It’s barbed everywhere! It will be okay against orcs or wolves.]

[He’s amazing, building all that.]

[He took everything there. Anyone can do it.]

[No, it isn’t. He worked all day for that.]

[I am looking at a God of Labor. Please teach me your ways.]

[It does look safe. But when are you going to take that cast off Galfus? It’s been a month already!]

[Yeah, it seems like about time.]

[His head will be bitten off the moment he takes off that cast.]

[I think Galfus will just swallow him whole.]

[I think it will just run off its own way.]

[A beast cannot be tamed.]

[She seemed friendly enough these days though.]

[Yeah, she’ll just eat him slowly in two days instead of instantly.]

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