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Survival Records of 3650 Days in the Otherworld (Web Novel) - Chapter 27: A change

Chapter 27: A change

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Joonbum also had true night vision goggles. There was no reason to fear dangerous monsters at night.

The camera also had a function to observe the surroundings when it was set with the timer function at night. If Joonbum set it up to start filming at midnight, it would start recording by itself. This feature was very attractive to Joonbum.

“Viewers will go crazy. Twelve simultaneous screens!”

He grinned as he mumbled at the thought.

“It magnifies well too. Okay, I’m done now.”

Joonbum was full of sweat when he was done.

“Ugh, I feel like dying.”

All the cameras were working as intended. He also checked the generator and the power connections to the camera. There was also a large battery set up as emergency backup that would last three days.

“I should go down now.”

Next up was installing the other six cameras around the fortress, filming the inside. Joonbum glanced at his watch. It was nine o’clock in the morning.

Time flew quickly when he was here. He also grew hungry very quickly also.

“I should eat something first. I’m too hungry.”

He stood on the platform and began pushing down on the rope, moving down to the ground. His belly rumbled as he started descending.

“Ugh, can you at least wait until I get down?”

Joonbum shook his head at his own hunger. When he got down, he tied the rope to the branch and went for the fridge.

“I’ll have an apple first.”

He took out an apple to wash it and took a bite.


The crunchiness and sweetness followed. He soon finished one apple and reached for another. His face started to soften as he kept munching on it.

A whining sound started coming from the basket and Joonbum shook his head after glancing at it.

“You guys know the time too well too.”

He quickly moved his hands to prepare the cubs’ milk bottles.

Chapter 15. A change

“Good, good.”

He gathered all the bottles in a small basket and headed for the cubs.

“Look at these pigs! This basket is becoming too small now.”

The cubs began squealing louder as Joonbum got closer. The whining sound was so loud that Joonbum glanced at Galfus, but she ignored it.

“Ugh, you cold bastard.”

Joonbum ranted and shook his head.

“Hey let’s eat! Baekgu, Gumdong, Heukgu, Urlook!”

The cubs bit their bottles one by one and Joonbum petted and watched them. He was full of smiles as he saw the cubs eagerly drinking away. As he kept on watching, he suddenly caught the whiff of a weird stench.

“Ugh! Someone needs a bath.”

Joonbum retreated from the basket and approached Galfus. Galfus was watching him.

“You get enough food and water… but you need to wash. Let’s have a bath!”

Galfus growled at Joonbum. It was apparent that she did not want to wash up. Joonbum’s eyes widened.

“What? I’m not scrubbing you anymore if you don’t wash. Are you sure you’re not going to wash? I was going to scrub you with this if you wash up.”

Galfus stopped growling and started rolling her eyes. She seemed to be undecided.

‘She’s too smart to be a regular animal. Does she serve as some kind of god to those people?’

The animal was so smart with a tremendous amount of intelligence. Joonbum speculated that these wolves were special animals by the way his visitors had acted.

‘There’s lot of those animals in myths. I guess it can exist.’

It was common for a beast to represent a royal family in the movies. Wolves, eagles, or hawks were regulars in that case also. Moreover, he remembered there were a lot of wolf god stories in Japan. Galfus was no less than any of those wolves from the myths.

“Come here!”

Galfus seemed to hesitate a bit, but she stood up and moved herself towards Joonbum and sat down.

“Look at this. She positioned herself!”

She sat down where the water was being sprayed.

“Wow, even the largest pool I bought from Costco is full!”

He bought a large, instant pool, but it was still small for Galfus. He once again realized how big she was. Joonbum turned on the water and sprayed it over Galfus’ fur. She started shrinking as all the puffiness of the fur died as it got wet. Joonbum grinned at it and Galfus growled.


Joonbum poured dog shampoo on Galfus and started rubbing her with a rubbing stick that had a finger-like claw. Galfus seemed to be enjoying it as she laid down and scratched herself with her feet.

“What!” Joonbum spat, surprised at Galfus as she tapped on her belly to continue scrubbing.

“Here? Here? No one will believe that a wolf can do that.”

Joonbum continued scrubbing her. When he had done enough, he sprayed water on the fur to rinse the shampoo.

“It’s done! Come here.”

Joonbum tapped on Galfus after he was done removing some water off her cubs. She shook her body and water scattered around. Joonbum used a towel to protect himself from it and brought two commercial fans to dry her. A strong gust started drying her and Joonbum helped it by shaking her furs with a stick.

When she was almost dry, he started combing her with a brush. When all that was done, Galfus was shining with beautiful fur.


It was an astonishing sight. She now had beautiful and lush fur.

“Wait here. Let me clean your place too.”

He moved slowly to Galfus’ rest area and started cleaning the mess on the floor. Then he put fresh grass on it. Galfus went back to her spot when Joonbum was done.

“It’s your turn now.”

Joonbum took out each of the cubs by hand and moved them to a water bowl. He went through each one, cleaning them thoroughly with water and finishing by drying with a dryer. They seemed to be tired as they yawned and moved very little.

‘All you do is eat, sleep, and poop, huh?’

He was ranting, but he seemed happy. All of this made him happier than when he had to deal with other people.

‘But I hope that doesn’t become a problem.’

He thought about Youngah and Seohee as he munched on an apple.

‘I should’ve just ignored them. I don’t want them to pick a fight with me. I should just ignore them from now on.’

There was a chance that some might approach him to uncover his secrets. There might be a chance for him to be followed for revenge.

‘They wouldn’t go that far.’

Joonbum munched away five apples while he was deep in thought. He suddenly looked around and glanced above.

“I forgot that I am being taped 24/7 now.”

He sighed and let out a strange grin. He took out a canned coffee and went to his truck which was still loaded with stuff.


“I’m full.”

The pot full of rice disappeared. It had disappeared into Joonbum without a single grain of rice left. If the video was uploaded showing this, it would’ve created a stir.

“I can still eat. Is it because I’m working hard?”

He was even surprised at himself. There were some dedicated BJs who were on the verge of becoming food fighters. People that saw their videos were amazed at the amount they ate and some gained popularity because they ate so much with their small bodies. Joonbum did eat a lot, but it was never this much. But after his life here, the amount he consumed increased exponentially.

‘I am now eating five meals per day in addition to some snacks…’

Even today, he took five apples before lunch and still had no problem eating all that food. He was able to eat rice that was meant for five people. He also did not require any side dishes. He only needed some bean paste, lettuce, and kimchi.

He drank water, rinsed his mouth, and got up to start working again.

“Let’s get back to work. I should install barbed wires today. Safety first!”

Joonbum put the rifle on his back and started unloading the cart. What he brought was tin wire with sharp blades all over it. He was going to install it on the tree barricade outside his inner wooden fence.

“It’s too sloppy there.”

The wall was built with wood that had been cut down to be stackable as a quick measure. It was only natural for it to be sloppy. It started to look more sloppy as the leaves and branches dried and fell, opening up holes in between. The holes were big enough for a man to pass through. It would still manage to fend off the big monsters, but it was big enough to let the small animals pass.

“I was foolish to believe this would be enough as a barricade. I saw them with my own eyes.”

He let out a sigh at his false sense of security. The fact that he was still alive to this day was because of Galfus’ protection.

“At least I realized it now.”

Joonbum started cleaning up the branches and installed the wires. As he moved all afternoon, the wall had become more plausible.

“It was a wise choice to bring this too.”

The wires were about five miles long as he wasn’t sure about the length he needed. He even had to rent an additional trailer that he connected to his truck to load this.

“This would stop almost everything.”

It was a hard, expensive job, but it was worth it. He was more satisfied as he continued working on it. The sight of it wrapping around and glistening against the trees satisfied him.

When he was done installing, the sky started to fall, signaling for darkness.

“It’s already dinner time.”

Nights in the mountains were always fast.

“I always lose track of time here.”

Joonbum smiled as he wiped away his sweat.

“Let’s wash up and have a dinner.”

He went back inside the fortress to take a shower and started preparing his dinner.

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