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Chapter 49:

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Water started flowing from the ground.

“Finally. It’s our turn now. Let’s go.”

They stood and walked toward the place where the water was pouring out.

‘It really is flowing.’

The biggest problem in the other world was always the water. He used to bring water from Earth and he also gathered rainwater for later use. He tested the rainwater just in case, but it was the cleanest water he had ever seen. Yet it became a problem when the number of people started increasing. They found a short-term solution when they found a small water fountain between some rocks about an hour away on foot. Joonbum thought about connecting a plastic pipe to draw out the water, but he gave up.

Doral explained that the water was used by all monsters and animals alike.

-You can try, but I think it will get destroyed fast.-

There was a chance that it would be contaminated as animals sometimes took baths or left their feces in the water. Therefore, the only permanent solution was a well.

Joonbum brought an L-rod to locate the underground water source.

-Joonbum, what are you holding?-

-It tells me where the water is. I can find the water source beneath the ground.-

-What! That’s amazing!-

Doral watched him in awe as Joonbum walked around with two sticks in his hand. Then Doral started sniffing with his nose.

-I smell water.-

He did not actually smell it, but he knew it instinctively. It was a strange power that the Ainos people had. His mother started digging as they found water flowing underneath.

All men gathered around and started building a well with a stone.

“Be careful Glack! You don’t want to hurt your back, or else your wife Helen won’t be happy. You’re still newlyweds!”



It was hard work, but nobody complained. They all seemed eager to do it. Joonbum also pulled his sleeves up and worked hard. The men started taking their shirts off as the water dirtied it and the surrounding women started watching them.

Joonbum’s mother got off the machine and took a spot in the shade where all the women were gathered.

“Look at Gazlow, he’s amazing. Reyna must be a happy woman.”

“Gott is amazing too. I think he’s the biggest.”

“Big? What’s big?”

“I mean he’s tall! What else would I mean? Hehe.”

“Um- I was just…”

“Joonbum is amazing too.”

“Did you see him train? It’s amazing.”

Women laughed as they chattered at the sight of the men working below. Noticing that they were being watched, the men started working harder.



They started picking up larger boulders or they flexed their muscles at every chance. A competition started brewing.

Joonbum grinned at the sight. It was a sight that could not be seen anymore on Earth. It was full of energy and happiness.



A big blob of mud was thrown and it hit the back of someone’s head. People froze as the man who was hit by the mud was their Chieftain.

“You-you dare?”

Even the women stopped chattering at the sight. The kids seemed to be surprised as well. Everyone stared at Howen in silence.

Howen lowered his body slightly, then shouted.

“Get ready for your death!”

“Ugh! Run!”

Howen aimlessly started throwing the mud at his feet and chaos broke out. People who were working started throwing mud at each other. The kids who were watching from above ran down and started playing too and the women laughed at the sight. The sight was filled with laughter and joy.

Joonbum was enjoying such a moment.

‘It’s not like Earth. It’s never like Earth.’

He started playing along with the Ainos as his mother watched him with overwhelming happiness. She never saw his son be this happy back on Earth. He always acted as if he was okay, but she knew there was darkness wrapped around his heart.

Concerned, Mayze asked, “What’s going on? Are you okay?”

Sunsook shook her head. “No, I’m just happy…”

Mayze lightly grabbed Sunsook’s hand. In return, Sunsook smiled and gripped her hand.

“We should prepare a snack. They will be hungry after that.”

“Shall we?”

“Oh men, they’re so childish.”

“I thought they were trying to make a well?”

The older women ranted, but they were smiling also. It was a joyous sight for the Ainos who lived quiet and simple lives.

Men started playing sumo on the mud. Even the kids began playing, not minding their mother’s gasps. Joonbum breathed heavily as he glanced around while covered in mud.

‘I don’t think we can finish this today.’

However, the thought did not bother him. It did not matter since they could just finish it tomorrow — there was no rush.

“Grab Joonbum!”


Doral and Gazlow charged at Joonbum and threw him into the muddy water that was waist deep.


“Haha- ugh!”

They were also thrown by others.

A bonfire was started and ready-to-cook lamb meat was placed on it. It was a young lamb purchased with a hefty amount. Its insides contained potatoes, chestnuts, and sweet potatoes wrapped in nets.

A simple play changed to a festival. Fresh fruits and drinks filled the table and the cooked lamb was sliced onto each dish. Rumbling bellies were heard everywhere as the men gathered after washing off the mud.

They all began feasting in joy. Joonbum enjoyed it as much as the others did.



“You know what this is?”

“What is it?”

Joonbum’s mother showed him a big, gray-colored fruit that was about as big as a human arm. Sunsook replied, smiling, “It’s a bean!”


“A bean! You know what a bean is. It’s an other world bean!”

Joonbum turned his head.

“Why, is it not funny?”

Joonbum shook his head at Sunsook’s delighted words.

‘Ugh. Maybe she’s drunk too.’

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