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Chapter 55:

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The net caught more birds as night fell. The sound of birds screaming did not stop.

They started a bonfire. One elder and warrior chief from each village gathered around Howen. Joonbum also joined them.

“Dodra, welcome. Long time no see.”

“It sure has been a long time since, Howen.”

“It has been a while, Howen.”

“Welcome, Tedrow. Please sit.”

Howen greeted everyone who arrived at the place. Fruit and tea had been prepared for each one of them. They did not, however, touch the prepared food as they watched Joonbum in silence.

‘Ugh. I can feel the attention.’

Joonbum felt uncomfortable, but he did not cower in fear. He regained his posture after a few deep breaths. Howen looked at him for a second, then started the meeting.

“Greetings everyone. This is Joonbum Jang, the traveler of the twist.”

Joonbum introduced himself as Howen spoke and everyone began introducing themselves in turn.

“I am Dodra, the elder of the Green Leaves tribe. We are grateful for your gifts.”

“Tedrow, the warrior chief of the Green Leaves.”

“I am Bidon, the elder of the Duran tribe. We are thankful and fascinated by your gifts.”

“I am Ogat’neh, the warrior chief of the Duran tribe.”

Courteous and respectful introductions continued. Joonbum felt a little embarrassed, but he did not turn away. He let out a slight sigh after the attention shifted away from him.

They first began sharing how they were doing and gave an update on each of their situations with the monsters. Liquor and simple treats were provided in between which made the atmosphere soften up a bit. It felt like a town meeting where old friends gathered and socialized. After talking for a while, Dodra, the elder of Green Leaves tribe, asked Joonbum, “So, Mr. Joonbum Jang. Both our tribes want to start a trade with you.”

‘It begins.’

Howen already told him what kind of offer they would make beforehand.

“Of course.”

“Bring it here.”

Green Leaves warriors brought two boxes: one big and one small. Both were filled with gold and precious gems.


It was astonishing.

“We want that water bottle, liquor, and other supplies by providing you with this. Would you be willing?”

It was a mouthwatering sight even though it was not food.

‘Gold and gems! It’s more than welcome. I should ask Taesoo Park for the worth though.’

It was easy to get what they wanted. The items they wanted also did not cost that much in his world. Joonbum nodded quickly.

“Of course!”

- “We’ve arrived.”

“Thank you.”

Sunsook got off the taxi and read the banner on the building.

“It’s nice to be respected everywhere. Thanks, son,” Sunsook mumbled as she took a deep breath and approached the building.

“Excuse me.”


Sunsook nodded at the woman at the reception desk.

“I’m Sunsook Lee. I called earlier.”


“Miss Sunsook! Welcome, welcome. Come in this way. I’m Doil Kang. Sales manager of Taekyung Industry. Come this way please.”

The man abruptly interrupted her as soon as Sunsook introduced herself and guided her inside.

“What are you doing? Get us something to drink!”

“Oh, yes. Of course.”

The receptionist woman darted inside as Doil spat at her.

“Come sit here. This is model catalog you were inquiring about.”

“I see.”

The table already had the prepared catalog of the inquired product.

‘I guess money buys you respect too.’

Sunsook became embarrassed as there were a lot of other customers who curiously gazed at her. It seemed like she was only one being treated at such a level. She was embarrassed, but she did not lose her smile. Doil noticed this.

‘She the real deal.’

His years of sales experience warned his senses.

“This is the model you requested. Caravan big house MBT-101. We imported it directly from Oregon. What makes it different from competing companies is that it can expand. The cost will come down to 179 million won with a full-on option, but it can expand up to 1.7 times its size. The regular model without the expanding option is about 50 million won cheaper.”

“Yes, I know the price.”

Sunsook nodded at the explanation as she was looking down at the catalog. Doil smiled.

“S-so are you sure you’re going to buy five vehicles?”

“Yes. I need two fully loaded versions and three regular versions.”

‘This is crazy! Think about all the incentives!’

Doil shouted in excitement in his mind as Sunsook answered him easily.

“So, then, five total. Should I b-bring the contract?”

“Yes. Let me look at the actual thing first. Then I will sign it.”

Doil’s voice was shaking as he asked. Sunsook’s answer filled him with delight.


Doil rose from the seat at once.

“Shall we go to the showroom? Right this way please.”

They moved out from the office to a big building. There were a lot of RVs of various shapes and sizes neatly parked inside. Sunsook looked at the various kinds of RVs curiously.

“That is the Big House model.”

It fit its name as it was much bigger than the other vehicles. The interesting part about it was the placement of each of its wheels. Most RVs had a center, or slightly rear-oriented center wheel, but this one had wide wheel placements that resembled a bus.

“This is not like any other RV. It’s hard to see such a thing in the country. It was created to withstand the long, rough plains in the United States. The top has a solar panel to provide…”

Doil continued explaining all the features of the vehicle. He explained all the interior and exterior features and also pointed out the compartments and materials.

“I guess it’s always better to see it in person.”

A press of a button began its expanding feature that Doil proudly mentioned.

“Shall we go in?”

Doil escorted her in. The luxurious interior welcomed Sunsook as she opened the door and walked in.

“It’s great.”

“Haha, isn’t it? Look at this spacious interior. This here is the large refrigerator…”

He began talking again. Sunsook looked at the interior closely. She was hesitant about it as it was too expensive at first, but she now understood its high price point after experiencing it first hand.

‘If he needs it.’

She thought about Joonbum and grinned.

“Let’s sign the contract.”

“Oh? Uh, there’s more- no. Shall we go?”

Doil seemed to be confused, but he quickly came back to his senses.

“If I may ask, what do you do for a living? To buy so many vehicles at once… Are you perhaps an owner of a glamping site?”

Doil instinctively knew that was not the case. It was still too much even for that purpose. Most picked much more affordable vehicles for such purposes.

“Oh, yes. My son is an Internet BJ and he’s trying to make a video with these.”

Doil was puzzled. He frowned at the response.

‘Is she asking for a sponsor?’

He already had multiple requests from BJs who wanted to rent RVs to make videos. There were some who threatened a famous restaurant for a sponsor which also made news.

“Excuse me, but we don’t sponsor personal videos.”


Sunsook frowned at the answer. Doil, who seemed to be so excited, now looked at Sunsook with a stern face.

“As I said, we don’t sponsor…”

‘What is he- oh?’

Sunsook was confused at his words, but she soon realized what was going on. She too had the same experience where some BJs visited the restaurant she worked at and asked for sponsorship, only wanting free food.

‘I guess he mistook me as one of those kinds.’

She was certain. Sunsook frowned and spoke out.

“Sponsor? I don’t remember asking you for that.”

“B-but didn’t you just said-”

“I told you because you asked. I didn’t utter a single word about sponsorship. Am I wrong?”


“I don’t plan on one and I don’t need one.”

“Oh, s-sure. Okay, well if that’s the case…”

It seemed like he doubted it. His reaction angered Sunsook.

“I will sign the contract, but I have a condition.”

“Yes? A condition?”

“Remove all the logos on the RV and repaint the vehicle white. Remove all Taekyung brand logos. Then I’ll purchase it.”

“Wh-what do you mean…”

“It will be on my son’s video. I don’t want the manufacturer’s logo or your company’s logo on the video so take them off and paint the vehicle white. I heard you can paint it here? We can sign the contract then.”

Doil frowned at the request, but Sunsook was no longer smiling. Their agitated voices attracted the attention of the other visitors.

“Y-you are mistaken…”

Doil started giving excuses for his behavior as he felt something was up, but Sunsook was stubborn.

“I know what you were thinking, so I don’t want to be mistaken with such accusation.”

Doil blushed at the unexpected request and was about to explode when someone interrupted him.

“Excuse me, ma’am. Manager Kang, what the hell are you doing?”

Doil was shocked at the interruption. It was the owner.

“Mr. Lee!”

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