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Survival Records of 3650 Days in the Otherworld (Web Novel) - Chapter 280: Age of Great Excavations (1)

Chapter 280: Age of Great Excavations (1)

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Monsters screamed. Those monsters were at the top of the food chain, which mostly made them act in the same pattern.

-Your name?

-Noh Hyunggi.

-Are there any other survivors?

-We are all that’s left here.

-Have you been hiding in the sewers?

-We’ve been moving from place to place.

It was right before the forces started moving into Pyongyang when they found Noh Hyunggi coming out from the sewer. They tried to run away when they were found, but they realized they were not facing a hostile group and cried in joy.

-We used to live normally on the surface at first, then we started running out of supplies… We had two hundred people, but we were attacked by monsters. Other people invaded our villages to pillage and rape… We ended up having to risk our lives for even a can of food.

-When those monsters find a village, they encircle it and hunt slowly. They don’t just rush in and devour everything at once.

-Really? That’s different from what I’ve heard.

-They used to do that at first, but not anymore.


-Yes. Now they encircle the village and eat people, one by one. They sometimes throw us some food. I think they are trying to feed us to fatten us as their livestock. As you can see, if it wasn’t for these monsters, the fruits up there can be a good supply of food. There are also worms that we can dig up from the ground that are a good source of protein. Those monsters just throw us those things. I heard there are few villages that live by giving human offerings to these monsters.

It was as Noh Hyunggi said. The monsters had begun acting as Hyunggi had said.

“Look at them. They are acting as informed,” Jinpok commented as he frowned. Doral also frowned at the sight of them.

“It’s as we were told, but it doesn’t make me feel any better.”

Joonbum also smiled bitterly and spat on the ground.

“It doesn’t matter. Sergeant Gregson! Prepare to fire!”

“Yes, sir! Prepare to fire at the center of those monsters! Fire at will!”


Soldiers brought out ten cannons and fired after thirty seconds of preparations. There were explosions everywhere with monster screams from all over the place. It was a rain of deadly fire on those monsters.

“Is it here?”

“According to the map, this is where the army base was located.”

“Can we excavate it?”

“We won’t know until we try.”

“Yeah. Let’s get to work!”

The construction team and a group of Magnos began to dig into the ground. It was the expected location of a former army base that might contain many firearms.

“Be careful! Ugh, keep the machines out!”

A Magnos shouted as he examined the ground.

“We’ll dig with our hands from here!”

“No way!”

“Ugh, not again!”


People shouted in annoyance but no one objected. Magnos orders were absolute during an excavation.

“We have something!” someone shouted.

“It’s a tank!”

The ground was uncovered and exposed what seemed to be a tank buried beneath. It was rusty, but it was still a great find. Given time, it could surely be restored.

“We’ve got an armory!”

“We’ve found an armory, sir.”

Many reports flooded in from the excavation teams. There were a lot of recyclable supplies. The most amazing finds were weapons.

However, there were some from Earth who were growing suspicious of the empire. They were worried that Khalodian would abandon them afterward.

-They are taking our technologies! It’s underground, but those are ours! They are taking what belongs to us! They should pay a price!

Such suspicions were unfounded. Khalodian was already highly advanced. There were trains and factories and industrialization was in full force. Of course, the use of resources was restricted in order to conserve the environment.

End of Chapter

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