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Survival Records of 3650 Days in the Otherworld (Web Novel) - Chapter 317: Strikeback begins (4)

Chapter 317: Strikeback begins (4)

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With the Dentrion Kingdom annexed, other countries began to fear for the worst.

-Dentrion is gone!

There had been many wars throughout history, but none had resulted like this. The Khalodian Empire took the war very slowly and the result was terrifying.

-We have to unite against that Demonic Empire! Rise, warriors of the Forces of Kingdoms! We will fight against the Demon Empire!

Countries began ally to fight against the Empire, but the Empire did not let them do it easily. They began moving slowly into the other countries around the border. Soldiers began to advance from all borders, including the newly annexed former Dentrion Kingdom’s region. And when the Empire’s army began to advance, the Forces of Kingdoms tried to ambush the Sadiu Kingdom who was fighting against Tei Kingdom. However, before the Forces of Kingdoms who were gathered at Tei Kingdom could advance, the Sadiu Kingdom attacked them first. With their successful attack, the capital of Tei Kingdom was invaded within weeks.

The war had been going very smoothly for the Empire. With powerful weapons, supplies, and the most number of soldiers, it was easy to advance into many parts of the world. Also, the commoners welcomed the invasion by the Empire as they heard that there was no oppression in the Empire.

With the Khalodian Empire’s army advancing, most capital cities of each kingdom were surrounded with no places for the royal families to run to. It was Katzback’s King, Proden the 13th, who first killed himself among the many kings.

“It has been reported that Proden the 13th took his own life. Many other nobles of Katzback also followed their king’s lead, and the remaining nobles are on the run but they will be captured soon.”

Jackson nodded as he heard the report.

“Suicide, huh? …Fools,” Jackson mumbled coldly. Lieutenant Graffin, who was the one reporting, continued, “There is an idea of sending the Ainos and Magnos to the Katzback region to stabilize the area and ease the population growth. We also have a suggestion to send partial Halfnos there also, sir.”

“Hmm? What for? Oh… for the environment?”

Jackson nodded. Katzback was known for its vast forest. It was a good thing, but it was sure to be deforested soon if humans occupied the place. Besides, living in such vast jungle forests was hard for most normal people. That’s why it was perfect for the Ainos or Magnos to live in such a place.

‘That sounds like a good idea.’

The Khalodian Empire was at war, but the country itself was at its peak. With a rapidly growing population, there was no more land to send people to, and this also applied to the Ainos and Magnos.

“Let’s send those from Ainos and Magnos who wants to go to Katzback.”

“The Magnos will love the place. It’s a nesting ground for Gerekstals.”

Jackson nodded.

“Okay. You can take care of the rest. I have a guest to meet, so we’ll end here.”

“Yes, sir.”

The lieutenant then got up and left the room as another man entered.

“Welcome, Chief Howen.”

Jackson got up and bowed to the man. Howen smiled.

“It’s been a long time, Jackson.”

Howen came in and sat on the sofa. He was already in his 70s, but he still looked like he was in his 50s. This was due to the Ainos’ trait of slow aging.

Howen began to speak.

End of Chapter

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