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Survival Records of 3650 Days in the Otherworld (Web Novel) - Chapter 318: Farsia Kingdom (1)

Chapter 318: Farsia Kingdom (1)

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“There was a terrorist attack; the nobles from the old Dentrion Kingdom were behind it. There has been a total of seven terrorist attacks in different regions within the last month. They are all targeted at our grain and livestock. The group behind it are calling themselves the Dentrion Brotherhood.”

“Dentrion Brotherhood?”

“It’s comprised of the nobles from old Dentrion, as I said.”

Jackson paused as he was lost in thought. Howen waited silently as he sipped his tea.

“Oh, I’m sorry. So, should we react as His Majesty expected?”

“I suppose so. We’ve been through this.”


Jackson sighed. The Emperor expected this to happen, which was why he stopped moving to take other lands previously. He didn’t want this kind of trouble so he stopped the invasion.

The Emperor also mentioned that there would be uprisings by former members of fallen kingdoms and that they would do the same thing that the Horuns did. It was due to that warning that the Ainos stopped the terrorist attacks before they became problematic.

“Thank you, sir. For all your work.”

“Yes, but now they know that we are watching. They will change their methods.”

Howen pointed out and Jackson agreed.

“They might even target civilians. It is better for us to announce to the people and get ready for retaliation.”

Howen frowned at Jackson’s words and shook his head.

“You will be blamed for their lives.”

“That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. I am already called a demon for what I did in Dentrion.”

Jackson smiled bitterly. He didn’t like the idea of being blamed for it, but he did it anyway. He had to show that the Empire would not condone such terrorist attacks.

All the members from the Brotherhood were sentenced to execution or life in labor. They were publicly executed by decapitation, and the people who helped them were punished with life sentences, subject to hard labor. With such terrifying punishments, people began to report any suspicious activity in order to avoid being arrested for condoning such attacks.

It was a cold and merciless response, but this quickly and effectively removed the terrorists.

While all that was happening, the Khalodian Empire was slowly moving into the second phase of advancement. Now, over two-thirds of all land was under the Khalodian Empire.

The weather was cold as the season was now nearing the end of fall. Yet even in the cold breeze, some men were panting.

“This is our last fight! With this, the entire world will be under our empire! With this battle, we will soon be returning home! Don’t die out there, and let’s return home safely!”

There was no answer to this, but a silent clenching of fists.

“Move the boats!”



Soldiers raised a small boat. It was small but still needed four adult males to carry it. They then began to move through the tall grass and advanced. It was a march of soldiers.

“This way!!”

Soon, many soldiers with small boats marched over a small hill and moved down towards the river. The soldiers were at the Drenion River, right on the border of the Farsia Kingdom. It was a small kingdom, but the landscape provided them with a strong defense. That was the reason why they lasted longer than all the other countries; it was the only remaining country that the Empire hadn’t attacked. There was more loss than gains for invading, which was why the Empire left it alone.

Now that was over. The forces of the Empire were now at the river, ready to cross it so they could start the invasion into the Farsia Kingdom.

End of Chapter

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