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Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! (Web Novel)




Josei Romance

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Lin Wanwan is a pitiful mentally-disabled girl. Not only does she suffer abuse from her stepmother, her stepmother even attempts to use her as a sexual commodity to pleasure others. Eventually, the poor Wanwan dies from an overdose…

Perhaps a god or a devil had witnessed her tragic fate, but Wanwan gets a brand new chance at life—an external soul takes over her body and gains Wanwan’s memories.

The resurrected Lin Xiao swears to seek revenge for Wanwan.

Having witnessed Wanwan’s death and resurrection process, Tang Chen is intrigued by the changes she undergoes. When he tries to cheat Wanwan to gain possession of her, a knight descends from the sky and saves her. He allows her to seek his help thrice.

Just who is this mysterious knight?

The revived Wanwan demonstrates her astounding talent and intelligence. Not only does she leave her enemies helpless against her, but she also becomes a celebrity who sweeps through the entertainment industry. Who exactly is she?

When Wanwan interacts more with the knight, she realizes that he is actually a devil…

“From this moment forth, every inch of your body is mine. Resistance is futile.”

He had descended like Satan, wantonly occupying her body and mind…

It’s fine. Even if he’s the devil, he would still be trampled beneath her feet.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 752: How Could a Gentle and Kind Saint Kill Someone?2020-02-28
Chapter 751: Grab Her2020-02-28
Chapter 750: Ah!!!2020-02-27
Chapter 749: It’s Obvious You’re the One Who’s My Financier2020-02-27
Chapter 748: Not Worthy to Receive Freedom2020-02-26
Chapter 747: In a Single Day2020-02-26
Chapter 746: Lu Zhanbei… I Have No Mother Again…2020-02-25
Chapter 745: Love Can Drive One Insane2020-02-25
Chapter 744: The Final Check-up2020-02-24
Chapter 743: Ones with True Love Would Always Become Siblings2020-02-24
Chapter 742: Both of Them Deserved to Die!2020-02-23
Chapter 741: Neither of Them Was Good at All2020-02-23
Chapter 740: A Strange Silence2020-02-22
Chapter 739: There’s a Show to Watch2020-02-22
Chapter 738: Unless I Die!2020-02-21
Chapter 737: Stop Speaking, Alright?2020-02-21
Chapter 736: I’m Going to Kill You, Kill You!2020-02-20
Chapter 735: Madam Yu… Hung Herself!2020-02-20
Chapter 734: Mother Meets Daughter (3)2020-02-19
Chapter 733: Mother Meets Daughter (2)2020-02-19
Chapter 732: Mother Meets Daughter (1)2020-02-18
Chapter 731: Twisted and Unfortunate Love Life2020-02-18
Chapter 730: Heartless Woman2020-02-17
Chapter 729: There Are Things That You Shouldn’t Say2020-02-17
Chapter 728: Tang Chen’s Love2020-02-16
Chapter 727: Was She Sorry?2020-02-16
Chapter 726: Don’t Cry, It Hurts My Heart2020-02-15
Chapter 725: Don’t! Touch! Me!2020-02-15
Chapter 724: Give Me a Reason2020-02-14
Chapter 723: Is It Worth It?2020-02-14
Chapter 722: Thank You, Madam Yu2020-02-13
Chapter 721: Mo Jiu Works for Lu Zhanbei!2020-02-13
Chapter 720: Nobody Could Do This But Him!2020-02-12
Chapter 719: Did You Think I’m Considering Suicide?2020-02-12
Chapter 718: Not Giving Up ‘Til the Last Second2020-02-11
Chapter 717: Lu Zhanbei, This Lunatic!2020-02-11
Chapter 716: Listen Up, Don’t Even Think of Breaking Up!2020-02-10
Chapter 715: The Old Man Who Had Suffered2020-02-10
Chapter 714: A Flea Who Didn’t Know Its Place2020-02-09
Chapter 713: Grandpa Has Disappeared2020-02-09
Chapter 712: Couldn’t Bear to Destroy Everything That Mattered to Her2020-02-08
Chapter 711: It Was Safer to Murder a Person with a Borrowed Knife2020-02-08
Chapter 710: Mother Loves You Forever2020-02-07
Chapter 709: I’m Hungry2020-02-07
Chapter 708: So It Turned Out That You Like Me This Much2020-02-06
Chapter 707: This Man Was Not Only Good-looking…2020-02-06
Chapter 706: Stay Away from Me!2020-02-05
Chapter 705: I Will Definitely Try My Best to Make the Two of You Break Up2020-02-05
Chapter 704: Don’t Read Too Much Into It2020-02-04
Chapter 703: Indeed, It Was Sweet2020-02-04
Chapter 702: Are You Satisfied with Me Paying Such a Price?2020-02-04
Chapter 701: Paranoid, Crazy, and Ruthless2020-02-04
Chapter 700: The Battle Between Father and Son2020-02-02
Chapter 699: Don’t Want to Let You Go2020-02-02
Chapter 698: Never Seen Such a Scary-looking Lu Zhanbei2020-02-01
Chapter 697: Save Him Quick!2020-02-01
Chapter 696: Please, Come Out Quickly!2020-01-31
Chapter 695: Lin Wanwan, I Miss You2020-01-31
Chapter 694: Lu Zhanbei! Stop Quickly. I Won’t Look Anymore!2020-01-30
Chapter 693: The Mysterious Shirt2020-01-30
Chapter 692: Murdering a Person with a Borrowed Knife2020-01-29
Chapter 691: Taking Revenge on Lu Zhanbei2020-01-29
Chapter 690: The Happiness Within2020-01-28
Chapter 689: A Woman’s Heart Is the Most Vicious2020-01-28
Chapter 688: Angering the Wife2020-01-27
Chapter 687: A Slap to the Face! (3)2020-01-27
Chapter 686: A Slap to the Face! (2)2020-01-26
Chapter 685: A Slap to the Face! (1)2020-01-26
Chapter 684: Inviting Humiliation?2020-01-25
Chapter 683: Who Asked Me to Like You2020-01-25
Chapter 682: Lu Zhanbei’s New Identity2020-01-24
Chapter 681: A Group of Clowns2020-01-24
Chapter 680: A Dancing Vixen2020-01-23
Chapter 679: You Will Never Be Able to “Stand Up”2020-01-23
Chapter 678: It’s Not Too Late to Take Care of That Woman After Playing Lu Zhanbei to His Death2020-01-22
Chapter 677: Come and Find Me. I’ll Provide for You2020-01-22
Chapter 676: Yes, I Miss You2020-01-21
Chapter 675: You Guessed Correctly. I Am Playing You2020-01-21
Chapter 674: This Was Impossible!2020-01-20
Chapter 673: Do You Have a Vixen Outside2020-01-20
Chapter 672: Yes, Returning Home to Accompany the Boyfriend2020-01-19
Chapter 671: Why Pretend to Be Innocent2020-01-19
Chapter 670: Do Whatever He Can to Keep Her Worry-free2020-01-18
Chapter 669: Sensing Something Fishy2020-01-18
Chapter 668: I’m Still a Virgin2020-01-17
Chapter 667: You’re Shameless!2020-01-17
Chapter 666: Stealing His Girl2020-01-16
Chapter 665: Coincidentally, You Like Me Too2020-01-16
Chapter 664: Who Was the Gentleness in Her Eyes For?2020-01-15
Chapter 663: No Limit to Her Tricks (2)2020-01-15
Chapter 662: No Limit to Her Tricks (1)2020-01-14
Chapter 661: This Naughty Girl2020-01-14
Chapter 660: You Have a Good Plan, I Have a Wall Ladder2020-01-13
Chapter 659: As Long as You Continue to Treat Me Well2020-01-13
Chapter 658: Lin Wanwan, You’re Being Given the Cold Shoulder2020-01-12
Chapter 657: This Is Called Using a Series of Skills and Tricks2020-01-12
Chapter 656: It Was Finally Here!2020-01-11
Chapter 655: Sorry, You Were Implicated by Me Again2020-01-11
Chapter 654: Lost the Role2020-01-10
Chapter 653: Someone’s Playing Us in the Shadows2020-01-10


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