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Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! (Web Novel) - Chapter 520: Believe Me, She’s Very Happy Now

Chapter 520: Believe Me, She’s Very Happy Now

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“You’ve come all the way here to find me just for Ms. Lin?”

“Did you think it’s for you? Surnamed Qi, do you know how to write the words ‘one-sided thinking’?” Tang Chen did not give him any face at all.

Qi Junze’s smile remained unchanged, as if he was really conversing with an old friend he hadn’t met for a long time. There was no smell of gunpowder between the talks.

“It looks like the rumor’s correct. You really do like her.”


At the mention of Lin Wanwan, Tang Chen’s cold and stern eyes turned soft again. Even the corner of his lips could not help but curve upward.

“It’s love at first sight, full-of-admiration at the second, and it-must-be-her-I-marry at the third.”

This was almost exactly the same as what Lin Wanwan had said earlier.

Their hearts were really closely linked.

Qi Junze sat upright slightly. The light reflected on the spectacle lenses blocked out the storm in his eyes.

“Tangtang, it can be said that you have been flirtatious these past few years. I have never seen you reluctant to part with any woman before. What exactly is it about her that attracted you?”

What was it?

Even after thinking for a while, Tang Chen was also still confused.

He shrugged his shoulders. “Who knows? Maybe it’s because she’s pretty. After all, I’ve always been a commoner who’s attracted by looks.”

“There are quite a few beautiful women in this world.”

Tang Chen raised his eyebrows. The image of Lin Wanwan riding a bike and leaping across the ditch with him formed in his mind.

“She has guts.”

“As gutsy as Luo Bin?”

Luo Bin was Qi Junze’s female hand. Her level of pervertedness did not pale in comparison to Qi Junze’s. She was very gutsy as well.

Tang Chen gave Qi Junze a side glance. The intent to murder was hidden under his half-laughing expression.

“Surnamed Qi, even if you criticize Lin Wanwan for being so completely useless that even I can’t say what her pros are, I’m not interested in anyone else but her! Quickly bring me to see her!”

Qi Junze said, “What if I have already killed her?”

Tang Chen’s face sank completely. “Then I’ll definitely make you wish you were dead!’

His intent to murder was very clear in every word.

Qi Junze looked straight at Tang Chen’s cold expression and slowly smiled.

Regardless of how one looked at it, this smile was full of bloodthirstiness.

He was about to say something when Tang Chen stood up and leisurely headed outside.

“However, you wouldn’t dare to kill her. Lin Wanwan is my weakness. If you want to continue our cooperation, you should help me protect her together. If not…”

Tang Chen turned back. He pretended not to see the gloom in Qi Junze’s eyes and curved his lips. It was so evilly charming that it was hair-raising, and yet it was so dangerous that it sent chills all over.

“As long as I live, don’t even think about having peace!”

Qi Junze was silent for a short while. Then, he suddenly laughed out loud.

He slowly walked over to Tang Chen. He placed a hand on his shoulder and pressed down hard!

“Tangtang, don’t you understand me well? I have no intention of using Ms. Lin to threaten you. I just feel that she’s very interesting and especially invited her over to be a guest.”

Tang Chen swept his hand away. He didn’t believe even one word of his nonsense.

“I’ll bring you to see her now.” Qi Junze didn’t mind Tang Chen’s bad attitude. It was as if his mood became better all of a sudden, and he took the lead to step out.

After passing by several corridors, both of them stopped at the lounge Lin Wanwan was in.

“Yes… Oh…”

As they walked to the room door, they could faintly hear moaning sounds from inside.

Tang Chen stopped in his tracks. He shot daggers at Qi Junze.

“What kind of look is that?” Qi Junze had an innocent look on his face. “In order to entertain her, I served her the finest tea and the most superior desserts. I even got two beautiful ladies to serve her. According to her request, I even found the strongest man from my men to relieve Ms. Lin’s emptiness and loneliness.”

He leaned closer to Tang Chen and said happily, “Believe me, she’s very happy right now.”

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