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Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! (Web Novel) - Chapter 524: Having Little Conscience

Chapter 524: Having Little Conscience

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Lu Zhanbei frowned slightly. If this matter didn’t involve Lin Wanwan, he could have let it go.

However, Qi Junze had developed feelings of hostility toward Lin Wanwan. No one could guarantee that he wouldn’t lay a hand on her again.

When it came to matters involving Lin Wanwan, he would rather kill someone wrongly than to let him go.

Suddenly, Lin Wanwan tugged on his sleeve. “Forget it.”

If she could, she wouldn’t stop her man from taking it out on someone else for her sake.

However, the moment Tang Chen appeared, she knew that the reason why Lu Zhanbei could arrive in time was because Tang Chen had secretly led him the way.

She and Lu Zhanbei had to appreciate this effort.

Both of them looked at each other. Lu Zhanbei understood what she meant.

“Ok.” He nodded, then his cold gaze was fixed on Qi Junze’s face. “No more next time.”

His tone was without any intimidation or ruthlessness. However, the threat beneath it was enough to make people feel the serious consequences they would face should his orders be violated.

Qi Junze smiled politely. It was really difficult to read what his true thoughts were.

“Mr. Lu, I understand.”

Lu Zhanbei didn’t look at him again. He hugged Lin Wanwan, turned, and returned to the cabin.

After walking for two steps, Lin Wanwan suddenly turned her head. “Tang Chen, aren’t you coming along with us?”

Tang Chen raised his eyebrow evilly. “You have little conscience. Thankfully, you hadn’t forgotten about my presence. I still have some matters to attend to now. I’ll see you next time and listen to you say how much you missed me.”

Lin Wanwan’s lips trembled lightly. “No, thank you!”

When she entered the cabin, her eyes inadvertently saw that there were a lot of helicopters hovering around this villa.

She sighed in her heart. Would this be… too big a battle?

“Lu Zhanbei, how exactly did you do it?”

“Because I’m rich.”


It was this simple and violent answer again. It was really unfair!

Why did she work so hard every day but not have much savings while Lu Zhanbei, this man with a vicious tongue, could casually use his wealth to scorn her?

Lu Zhanbei swept his gaze over her angry face. He could not help but pinch her cheek.

Qi Junze, who was standing in front of the window curtains, witnessed this scene. It was only after their back views had disappeared into the cabin that he said without any clear meaning, “She doesn’t have you in her heart at all.”

“I know.” Tang Chen looked down. “It’s ok. It’s my own business that I like her. Nothing to do with her.”

Qi Junze’s gaze changed and he didn’t say anything else.

In the night sky, helicopters rose rapidly one after another. After a round of hovering, they soon became small black dots and disappeared.

“Let’s change our location before we chat.”

Tang Chen took the lead to leave. Qi Junze’s eyes flashed as he followed along.

The two of them went to the room next door. Tang Chen sat on the sofa. As he watched Qi Junze signal away the beauty who wanted to give him a leg massage, he could not help but snort.

“Your fear of women has not been cured yet? I heard that you’re the only son left in this family. It looks like your family’s hundreds of years of legacy would be ruined in your hands.”

Qi Junze shrugged his shoulders. “It doesn’t matter.”

Tang Chen crossed his legs. His slender fingertips knocked against the arm of the sofa.

Without waiting for him to say anything, Qi Junze suddenly smiled lightly. “Tangtang, I want to make a deal with you.”

Tang Chen raised his eyebrow. “It’s a pity I don’t want to make a deal with you. I just want to kill you.”

His look was carefree, but his tone was extremely cold.

Obviously, Tang Chen was serious.

Qi Junze was not annoyed by this. “It’s not too late to make a decision after listening to the details. However, Lin Wanwan… you really want her?”


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