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Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! (Web Novel) - Chapter 526: Not Giving a Kiss

Chapter 526: Not Giving a Kiss

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In the cabin, Lin Wanwan leaned spinelessly against Lu Zhanbei’s shoulder. She was holding a small piece of cake in her hands. As she ate, she smiled and said, “I didn’t expect you to understand the distress signal I sent.”

Lu Zhanbei wrapped his arms around her slender waist and said in a slightly deep voice, “I’m sorry. I have implicated you this time around.”

“No, no, no. You weren’t the one who implicated me. It was the god of plague Tang.”

“Eh?” Obviously, Lu Zhanbei didn’t understand.

Lin Wanwan smiled naughtily and laid her head on Lu Zhanbei’s shoulder. Her red lips leaned in to his ear. “I’m telling you, that Qi Junze seems to have some ideas about Tang Chen.”

“Tang Chen has a lot of cards on his hands. As his collaborator, of course Qi Junze would have some ideas.”

Damn! Hadn’t she expressed it clearly? It was so tiring to communicate with a dense man.

“I’m saying that it’s very likely that Qi Junze likes Tang Chen!”

“…” This time around, Lu Zhanbei was speechless.

Lin Wanwan saw that a rare look of shock was revealed on his face. She could not help but feel happy, and she repeated to him simply what had happened.

“I’m guessing that Qi Junze was jealous and thus wanted to meet me, this so-called love rival.”

After being silent for a while, Lu Zhanbei patted her head. “Then stay away from Tang Chen in the future.”

Regardless of whether or not the feelings of hostility Qi Junze had toward Lin Wanwan was because of Tang Chen, there wouldn’t be a next time anymore.

“That’s a must.”

Thankfully, she didn’t like Tang Chen. If not, according to Qi Junze’s level of pervertedness, she would probably not have any days of peace in this lifetime.

Lu Zhanbei suddenly said, “Next time you leave Xia country, I have to be by your side. If not, you’re not allowed to go anywhere.”

Lin Wanwan was about to ensure him that she would take note of her own safety when Lu Zhanbei’s cold eyes swept over her.

She immediately displayed a look of humbleness and willingness to accept teachings as she heard him say in a tone that didn’t allow others to put in a word, “You are free within the country. As long as you head outside, I have to accompany you throughout. You’re not allowed to leave my line of sight.”

This was the last straw for Lin Wanwan. “What if I need to use the washroom? Will you be watching by the side?”

“I don’t mind keeping a lookout for you.”


Upon thinking of that image, Lin Wanwan wanted to faint. She pondered over how to let Lu Zhanbei dispel this scary thought.

The man suddenly embraced her in his arms and said in a whisper, “I won’t interfere with your work. You only have to treat me as a block of wood.”

Lin Wanwan enjoyed this intimate interaction a lot and could not help but reach out and pinch his face.

Wow. This sensation in her hands was probably better than how hers felt.

“How is there a block of wood that is as handsome as you?”

Lu Zhanbei looked into her smiling eyes. “You’re agreeing to this?”

“Yes, yes, yes. I’ll listen to you.”

She had very few opportunities to work abroad right now anyway. As time passed, Lu Zhanbei’s state of extreme nervousness would gradually disappear as well.

Lu Zhanbei laughed lightly. He knew that this woman went for soft tactics.

This smile charmed Lin Wanwan. She hooked his neck and prepared to kiss him.

It was rare for Lu Zhanbei to avoid her. “I won’t let you kiss me.”

Lin Wanwan was confused. “Why? I brushed my teeth.”

“Have you forgotten that I said I would deal with you previously? You’re too gutsy, and your memory needs to improve.”

So be it! She didn’t care!

Lin Wanwan turned her head away. At this time, Gu Mo walked in.

“Sir, Mo Jiushang’s sleep-talking. He misses his 2.8 meters bed. I’m here to help him ask if he can head back first?”


As Gu Mo left, Lu Zhanbei heard Lin Wanwan mumbling, “Mo Jiushang? This name sounds a bit familiar.”

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