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Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 368: Go Blind

Chapter 368: Go Blind

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Small Guy was not someone that knew how to hide his emotions, and the disgust in his eyes was extremely obvious. Yi Tian saw all of it clearly.

“What’s with you? Did Miss Ling scold you?” Yi Tian’s expression were convincing, her voice full of sympathy. “Don’t take it to heart. We all have to bear with these things when we come out to work.”

Yi Tian seemed to be comforting Small Guy on the outside, but she was actually trying to drive a wedge in between Small Guy and Ling Tianya.

Before this day, Small Guy might have thought that Yi Tian was a really compassionate and kind person. But right now, he felt like every single word she said was tainted with the stench of cigarettes, a disgusting smell.

Seeing that Small Guy’s expression did not turn for the better, Yi Tian lowered her eyes, her voice becoming gentle. She sighed. “I want to help you too, but you know that Miss Ling doesn’t like me either. Even if I wanted to put in a word for you, I wouldn’t be able to help. I’m sorry.”

Yi Tian didn’t ask a single question, but she was sure that Ling Tianya must have made Small Guy angry. Small Guy couldn’t help but think that he was a complete idiot for previously thinking that this woman was a hundred times better than Ling Tianya!

“Miss Yi, please mind your words, and don’t speak ill of Miss Ling.” Small Guy’s voice was detached from any feelings and clearly drew a line in the sand between him and Yi Tian.

Yi Tian was taken aback, looking at Small Guy in confusion. How did this man suddenly change this much? He was looking at her like a lovestruck idiot moments ago, but why did he suddenly change into a different man?

“What’s gotten into you? I didn’t speak ill of her… I just feel bad…”

“Feel bad for what? I wasn’t scolded by Miss Ling. Don’t you think that you jumped to conclusions too quickly?”

Yi Tian’s expression froze. “Ah. Is that so? Then I had thought too much of it…”

Finishing her sentence, Yi Tian wanted to leave. She sensed that Small Guy was acting strange, and she didn’t want to continue flitting around with him like this.

Small Guy had stepped forward to block Yi Tian’s exit. He stared down at her with eagle eyes, coldly declaring, “Don’t let me hear you say anything untrue about Miss Ling from now onwards. You have been warned!”

Small Guy left behind a completely clueless Yi Tian, turning and leaving for Ling Tianya’s lounge.

Yi Tian stood where she was at a complete loss, watching as Small Guy shrink as he walked away. She began to feel uneasy. “Li Fei, are you sure that there was no one outside earlier?”

Li Fei nodded confidently. “I am sure, I was at the door the whole time, and I didn’t see anyone.”

“Why would that idiot’s attitude towards me change so suddenly otherwise?” Yi Tian was confused, anxiously looking over at Ling Tianya’s lounge. Seeing that there was nothing weird, she then headed back into her own lounge to rest.

Noticing that Small Guy had been gone for a long time, even Big Guy was starting to get worried. But right then, Small Guy came back with a solemn face.

“Why were you gone for so long? Have you not learned your lesson?” Big Guy reprimanded him. “Do you want your ribs broken again?”

Small Guy didn’t reply him, his eyes looking straight forward, something heavy clearly weighing on his mind. Big Guy sensed that his own brother was being a little weird. This wasn’t the usual Small Guy.

Right then, Small Guy declared, “Brother, I have thought deeply over my actions. I had a huge problem previously and have caused many issues! From today onwards, I will definitely change my ways and wholeheartedly follow and protect Miss Ling!”

Big Guy’s jaw almost fell open in his surprise. He was wondering whether he was hallucinating. Did those words really come out of Small One’s mouth?

This definitely wasn’t the usual Small One!

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