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Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 369: Take Some Getting Used To

Chapter 369: Take Some Getting Used To

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ling Tianya and Zhang Heng walked out of the lounge together after they finished talking. Zhang Heng still had some lingering fear for Small Guy. After all, the first time that they met, Zhang Heng was pushed to the ground by Small Guy.

That’s why when he saw Small Guy, Zhang Heng subconsciously kept some distance from him. “Miss Ling, I’m going to check on the productions.”

Before Ling Tianya answered, Zhang Heng made a swift exit.

Ling Tianya shook her head and then rolled her eyes at Small Guy. “This is all your fault. Now the Director runs from you.”

Ling Tianya thought that her words would make Small Guy displeased, but he instead lowered his head in awe. “Sorry Miss Ling, I will find an opportunity to apologize to the Director. Sorry for the trouble that I caused you. I am really sorry!”

Ling Tianya only sighed not understanding.

What was happening? Ling Tianya turned to look at Big Guy, who was also completely confused.

Ling Tianya blinked suspiciously. “Do you have a fever?”

Small Guy looked up at her with bright eyes and said, “I don’t have a fever, thank you, Miss Ling, for your concern!”

Ling Tianya was speechless again.

Ling Tianya wasn’t concerned for his health, she was confused by his sudden personality change. Was he traumatized?

“Miss Ling, your previous evaluation of me was very pertinent. I have seriously reflected on it, and I realize Ido have a lot of problems. From now on, I will learn from my mistakes and do my best to protect you!”

Ling Tianya and Big Guy looked at each other again, completely lost.

“I know that Miss Ling may not be able to believe me right now, but I will use my actions to prove it!” Small Guy bowed to Ling Tianya before returning to her side. He appeared to have entered a state of high alert, and his perfunctory appearance from before was completely gone.

Yi Tian received the standby notice and came over with her assistant. She saw that Ling Tianya and the brothers were in front of the lounge door. She immediately lowered her head and passed by them.

Small One did not even look at Yi Tian once, acting as if she was air.

That slightly surprised Ling Tianya, but then she seemed to understand something. Judging from the fact that Yi Tian was avoiding Small Guy’s eyes, she knew that something must have happened between them. Perhaps Small Guy finally saw Yi Tian’s true colors.

Ling Tianya did not want to break the secret, so she changed the topic. “I talked to the Director just now, and he agreed that I don’t have to come to the studio as often from now on, so you two can be more relaxed.”

“It doesn’t matter Miss Ling, we are not tired!” Small Guy solemnly declared.

Ling Tianya covered her forehead with a hand. His sudden change would take her some getting used to.

Ling Tianya and Ruan Zeyan were getting married soon, so Ling Tao said that he hoped that Ling Tianya would temporarily move back to the Ling residence before they got married. She was the eldest daughter of the Ling Family, and it was appropriate for her to leave from the Ling residence on the wedding day.

Ling Tao was eager to make up for his past strained relationship with Ling Tianya. Knowing that his daughter was to be married in two months, he was afraid that there would be even fewer opportunities for them to see each other and develop a relationship.

Ling Tianya didn’t really care where she was picked up on her wedding day. She didn’t want to return to the Ling residence because she didn’t want to face Madam Ling every day though.

She wasn’t able to refuse Ling Tao after he had begged her several times. Ling Tianya agreed that she would live in the Ling residence for sometime before the wedding day.

Madam Ling was already giving her grief as soon as she stepped through the door with her luggage. “I heard that you went to the Yu’s?”

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