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Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 370: Made To Stand The Moment They Met

Chapter 370: Made To Stand The Moment They Met

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

At the Ling family mansion, Ling Tianya was sitting on the sofa as she waited for Ling Tao to come back. Since she wasn’t coming back to stay for a long time, at most two months, she didn’t bring too much luggage with her. She only bought some clothes and daily necessities. If she really was lacking anything, she could just go back to her condominium for it.

Ling Tianya had come back for a while, but she hadn’t seen Miss Zhang around at all. Previously, the moment she stepped into the house, Miss Zhang would immediately come out to welcome her. It was just weird that she hadn’t greeted today.

“Where’s our housekeeper, Ms Zhang?” Ling Tianya asked a passing maid.

The maid was stunned. “Is Ms Ling not aware?”


The maid scanned her surrounds before whispering, “Miss Zhang was chased away by Madame Ling, and we have a new housekeeper now. She’s called Miss Liu.”

“Eh? When did that happen?” Miss Zhang had worked at the Ling family mansion since Ling Tianya’s birth. Initially, she was in charge of the kitchen, but due to her competency in serving, her smarts, and her sweet mouth, she was promoted by Madame Ling to be the family’s housekeeper. She was then in charge of everything from the accounts to all of the maids of the household.

For many years, Miss Zhang had always been pretty successful and was greatly compensated by Madame Ling. Even Qu Wan had to give way to her sometimes. How could she suddenly be chased away?

As though afraid that she would be heard, the maid carefully continued, “Why she was chased away, I’m not too sure. But just a few days ago, everyone heard Madame Ling scolding Miss Zhang, saying that she had been blinded, and that she had started to support others the moment she saw that others were doing better and that she was no longer loyal to her. Things along that line, and then Miss Zhang was replaced the next day.”

Even though the maid had not explained everything clearly, Ling Tianya understood.

Madame Ling was referring to Ling Tianya when she said “others.” She was most likely pointing to the fact that Miss Zhang was getting a little too close to Ling Tianya and got unhappy about that, so she chased her away.

Ling Tianya’s mouth quirked with a ironic smile. This Granny of hers has always been a huge fan of power, a fan of controlling everything and everyone around her. The moment someone or something was out of her control, she would get angry. Very angry.

“I heard you went to find the Yu’s!” Suddenly, Madam Ling’s sharp voice rang down from the second floor.

The maid that had been talking to Ling Tianya scrambled to bend into a bow, fleeing the scene immediately.

Ling Tianya stood up, turning to face Madame Ling and the woman beside her on the second floor.

If she was right, this woman was the new housekeeper Liu.

But what she didn’t expect was how young this housekeeper was. She looked like she was in her thirties, and she had maintained her looks well. She was slightly plump, especially her butt, which was extremely huge.

Housekeeper Liu stood by Madame Ling’s side arrogantly, carefully holding onto Madame Ling’s arms to steady her as she helped her down the stairs.

“Madame Ling, careful.” Miss Liu’s voice was a little rough. As though to cover up the fact, she purposefully spoke with a pinched voice.

“Granny,” Ling Tianya greeted her.

Madame Ling rolled her eyes, sitting on the sofa with Miss Liu standing by her side.

Seeing that Madame Ling had sat down, Ling Tianya sat too.

“Who allowed you to sit?” Madame Ling snipped at her.

Ling Tianya furrowed her brows, but her voice was light. “Granny, are you making me stand?”

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