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Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 371: The Biggest Badass in the Ling Family

Chapter 371: The Biggest Badass in the Ling Family

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Hearing that Ling Tianya was not taking her seriously, Madam Ling opened her eyes wide and scolded, “Stand Up!”

“Miss, Madam is asking you to stand up.” Miss Liu tried to help out.

Ling Tianya wanted to laugh. She had just moved back in, and the housekeeper was already giving her the cold shoulder.

She was curious what Madam Ling was trying to do, so Ling Tianya obeyed the old lady and stood up. “Grandma, I don’t know what I have done wrong. What’s making you so angry?”

“Hmm!” Madame Ling said, “Did you go to see the Yu Family?”

“Yes.” Ling Tianya admitted frankly as she did not think it was wrong for her to see her maternal grandmother.

“You see!” Mdm Ling pounded on the coffee table furiously. “You are such an ungrateful girl!”


Madam Ling had called Ling Tianya all kinds of harsh names, it wasn’t unusual.

“Oh, Madam, you shouldn’t get so angry. Be careful of your health.” Miss Liu comforted Madam Ling gently and then spoke to Ling Tianya in a pretentious tone. “Miss, I didn’t want to criticize you, but the Ling Family raised you, and you have to give them credit. You know what kind of people the Yu’s are, so why do you want to have any relationship with them?”

Miss Liu’s words turned Ling Tianya’s eyes cold, and her voice cooled down a bit when she asked, “What kind of people are the Yu Family? I want to hear you say it!”

Miss Liu was shocked by Ling Tianya’s displeased reaction and immediately replied, “Yu Meizi had an affair with someone and ran away, so the Ling Family was ridiculed by the world. You tell me: what kind of people are the Yu’s? They are all low-class despicable people, and the Yu Family should not reconnect with the Ling Family!”

After Miss Liu said that, she looked over at Madam Ling and saw the old lady nodding in agreement. She smiled, quite pleased with herself.

Ling Tianya’s face was icy cold as she stared at Miss Liu with a smirk. The hair on Miss Liu’s neck stood up and she moved closer to Madam Ling.

“Big Guy, Small Guy, come in!”

Ling Tianya suddenly shouted for her bodyguards. Madam Ling and Miss Liu had no idea who Big Guy and Small Guy were as they saw two tower-like men storm in.

The two men looked serious and extremely respectful of Ling Tianya. “Miss Ling, what’s the matter?”

Ling Tianya pointed to Miss Liu and said softly, “This woman insulted me. Help me teach her the rules of how to talk to her master’s daughter.”

“Yes, Miss Ling!” Both men answered in unison and turned and walked toward Miss Liu.

Miss Liu was terrified when she saw the two men coming at her. She tried to hide behind the old lady. “Madam… Madam…”

Not giving Miss Liu the opportunity to hide, Big Guy pulled her out from behind Madam Ling and secured her hands and body.

Small Guy rolled up the sleeves and gave Miss Liu a slap. She felt like her teeth were loosened and her body was frozen.

Slap! Slap!

Small Guy’s hand went back and forth across her face. Soon, the living room of the Ling Family was filled by the sound of slapping, and Miss Liu’s sobbing.

The servants of the Ling Family all stopped what they were doing and came over to watch.

Miss Liu was even worse than Miss Zhang, who worked there before. She really fancied herself as a master of the family, treating the other servants harshly.

The servants were all excited to see her getting slapped, and secretly they applauded.

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