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Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 372: Ling Tianya is Slutty

Chapter 372: Ling Tianya is Slutty

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Madame… Ling…” Miss Liu looked at Madame Ling in pain. She felt that if Small Guy continued hitting her, her face would be destroyed.

But Small One had merely used a tenth of his strength. If he had used all of his strength, her neck might have just broken from the first slap that he had given her.

Seeing how Ling Tianya was so brazen as to hit someone from the Ling family in her own home, Madame Ling was beyond herself in anger. She shouted, “Ling Tianya, you unfilial child! This is the Ling family! You’re an imbecile! Make those two men stop!”

Ling Tianya spared look a look at Madame Ling, seeing that she had received enough punishment. She ordered Small One to stop.

Miss Liu collapsed onto the floor, her mouth bleeding. What’s even more horrifying was the few teeth that fell out of her mouth with the blood.

Miss Liu pounced towards Madame Ling pathetically, “Madame Ling, look, my teeth, my teeth…”

As Miss Liu spoke, the blood in her mouth started to splatter everywhere. It grossed Madame Ling out, and she turned her head away, but it didn’t soothe her anger at all.

“I want to call the police… Ahhh… I’m calling the police… My teeth,” Miss Liu howled, holding her teeth in her hands.

“Call what police! Are you not afraid of shame?” Madame Ling raised her voice to stop her. She was naturally pissed off when Ling Tianya hit Miss Liu, but if the police really got involved, it would be a huge blow to the Ling family’s reputation.

But Madame Ling couldn’t just take it sitting like this. “You said that she was insulting you. Since when!”

“She said that everyone in the Yu family were all vile creatures that shouldn’t be seen in the light of day. Is she not insulting me?” Ling Tianya asked her.

The moment the Yu family was brought up, Madame Ling’s expression became worse. “Was she wrong? The Yu’s are exactly those kinds of people! She’s not insulting anyone! Besides, she was talking about the Yu’s. What do they have to do with you?” Madame Ling huffed, annoyance clear in her eyes, “Ling Tianya, you’re just taking advantage of the fact that you’re going to marry someone soon, about to climb to the top of the ladder, and you’ve just let go of your morals and your roots! You have no respect for me anymore!”

Ling Tianya took a deep breath, “Grandma, Miss Liu said that the Yu family were vile creatures, so she’s saying that I’m one too! Have you all forgotten that half of the blood in my body is from the Yu family too? I am eternally connected to the Yu family by blood, so what is she doing, if not insulting me?”

Madame Ling was rendered speechless, her own words used against her. She glared at Ling Tianya, refusing to resign to her fate, her entire self shaking with anger.

Miss Liu was still sobbing. Ling Tianya had ordered her face to be hit so hard that she could be mistaken for a pig. It was completely infuriating!

Miss Liu hated it, but she was too afraid to speak up again, worried she would be hit again.

“Even if this was so, this is the Ling family. You shouldn’t be allowing someone to use violence!” Madame Ling’s face was drained of color as she turned to glare at Big Guy and Small Guy. “Besides, who are these two people? You’re someone about to be married, how can men stand by your side all day? If people knew about how slutty you are, are you going to take responsibility for the Ling family’s reputation?”

Ling Tianya didn’t know whether to be angry or to burst out in laughter. Madame Ling didn’t know anything, and yet she had just assumed that she was a slut.

That was her grandmother? Her biological grandmother?

Both Big Guy and Small Guy weren’t too happy about hearing how Madame Ling was talking about Ling Tianya. Big Guy stepped up, announcing in a booming voice, “Madame Ling, Small Guy and I were sent to Ling Tianya’s side by our Boss. We are to protect Miss Ling and are under Miss Ling’s orders! Our boss is the man that will marry Miss Ling, the heir to the Ruan family, Ruan Zeyan!”

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