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Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 373: Old Lady’s Plan

Chapter 373: Old Lady’s Plan

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Madam Ling did not expect Ling Tianya to have such loyal and violent bodyguards. Her face crumpled as if she had been struck instead of Miss Liu.

Small Guy glanced at Miss Liu and said, “This is the Ling household so we will let her off with a warning. If our boss heard someone insulted Miss Ling, she would get worse than a few slaps.”

Small Guy’s words were so stern that they made Miss Liu shudder.

Madam Ling’s back looked stiff and her face cold, but there was nothing she could say.

Realizing that even Madam Ling was not going to help her, Miss Liu started crying.

Ling Tianya completely ignored the two and asked the servants to move her luggage upstairs and prepare a room for the brothers.

When everything was arranged properly, Ling Tianya said to Madam Ling, “Grandma, I am staying here entirely for my father’s sake. You and I should live in peace and not embarrass Dad.”

Ling Tianya felt that she had done the best she could to keep it civil. The old lady was pressing her hard, but she didn’t have her father’s blind filial piety and couldn’t give in all the time.

Ling Tianya went upstairs to her room. She had planned to wait in the living room for Ling Tao as a surprise, but she decided it was better to avoid Madam Ling.

In the living room, Miss Liu was still crying on the floor. She didn’t dare to open her mouth, and couldn’t open it anyway. The blood running down the corner of her mouth was dripping on the carpet near the coffee table.

Madam Ling found it repulsive in her. She yelled in Miss Liu’s face, “What happened to you? Normally you are so clever, why couldn’t you talk properly this time?! You served yourself on a platter to that girl and got beat up. You deserved it!”

Miss Liu felt wronged by Madam Ling’s scolding. What she said was what the old lady wanted to hear. Those things were what Madam Ling told her all about Ling Tianya and Yu’s family, so she had thought they were really true.

How did she deserve it?

Noticing Miss Liu felt wronged, Madam Ling sighed, and her tone turned a bit softer. “Don’t feel wronged in your heart. You know that I have good expectations for you. Didn’t I get rid of Miss Zhang way to bring you in? Xiaofen, I didn’t hire you to be a housekeeper, I hired you to win Lingtao’s heart!”

Miss Liu’s real name was Liu Xiaofen. She was a cousin of third grandfather’s daughter-in-law who lived in the countryside. The third grandfather was the head of the family that fostered Ling Tianxin for a while. When Ling Tianxin was abducted by Mr. Bai, it was him who notified Ling Tianya first.

When Madam Ling learned about the affair between Mr. Bai and Qu Wan from Ling Tao, she was furious. Learning that Ling Tianxin was actually Ling Tao’s biological daughter, Madam Ling made a special trip to third grandfather’s house to ask about Ling Tianxin’s disappearance back in the day.

She had seen Liu Fen, who happened to be visiting the third grandfather. Madam Ling took a fancy to Liu Fen’s plump figure, at first sight, thinking that she had a good body to birth a son.

Twins ran in the Liu Family’s genes too, as third grandfather’s daughter-in-law gave birth to a pair of twin sons. The old lady was very jealous when she saw them.

Madam Ling had never let go of the fact that there was no boy in the third generation of the Ling Family. Now that Ling Tao was back to being single again, Madam Ling’s desire for a grandson ​​was revived.

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