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Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 374: You Will be the Female Owner if You Give Birth to a Son

Chapter 374: You Will be the Female Owner if You Give Birth to a Son

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After seeing Liu Fen, Madame Ling immediately fired Miss Zhang after coming back and got Liu Fen to take over her duties.

Liu Fen knew exactly why Madame Ling had let her come to the Ling family and was more than willing after seeing Ling Tao.

Liu Fen was in her thirties too. She was too picky when she was younger and didn’t think anyone in her town was suitable, so she ended up getting the leftover bachelors as time passed. As she grew older, the more urgent she became in seeking a husband.

What she didn’t expect was such an opportunity to literally fall into her lap. Now, everyone in her rundown town knew that Liu Fen had gone to the city to marry a man, and that she was now the female owner of a rich family. Everybody was extremely envious, and Liu Fen allowed it to get to her head.

When she reached the Ling family household, she had really treated herself like the boss of the place. Since she had Madame Ling supporting her anyway, no one dared to do anything to her even if she treated the maids badly.

She was the one that went to step on Ling Tianya’s tail today, so she totally deserved the slaps on her face.

Right then, when Liu Fen heard what Madame Ling had said, she stopped feeling pity for herself, replacing it with a dull shade of shame.

Madame Ling continued, “As long as you can give birth to a son for us, everything in the Ling family will be yours and your son’s. No matter how arrogant Ling Tianya is, she will marry someday. A married woman is just like a pail of water that’s poured out, she will not have the authority to come back and snatch it from you. You got it?”

Liu Fen nodded, her cheeks still red. Unmistakable desire and greed swam in her eyes, as though she had already birthed a son and everything the Ling family possessed was already her own.

“Ling Tianya got one thing right. Her coming back was because Ling Tao requested it. In order to appease Ling Tao, you have to get along well with her, got it?”

Thinking about the fact that she still had to get along well with Ling Tianya after she had beaten her up, there was nothing she hated more at that moment. But, remembering that at most, two months later, Ling Tianya would marry, she knew she just had to bear it temporarily. Ling Tianya would be out of her hair soon enough.

Maybe Ling Tao might even change his opinions about her after seeing her get along with Ling Tianya. At least the situation would be better than what it was right now, where he only treated her like a housekeeper, all business-like.

Liu Fen nodded, showing that she would listen to her advice and get along well with Ling Tianya.

Upstairs, Ling Tianya didn’t know what Madame Ling and Liu Fen were conniving in the living room. She laid down on her bed and focused on her research on her computer.

She recalled back when she was kidnapped by Mr. Bai, the lawyer, he had accidentally revealed that he was a member of the organization, KSI.

Back then, she felt that KSI sounded familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had heard of it.

Since then, she had been extremely busy; she had even traveled to City B in the meantime, and so it got placed at the bottom of her to-do list.

Since she has some time today, she made use of the opportunity to check out KSI online.

KSI was a terrorist organization that usually operated outside of the country. There wasn’t much information on KSI on the internet. Most of it was deleted or hidden behind red tape.

But one thing was sure, KSI had always been involved in illegal human trafficking, and Mr. Bai was one of their prominent suppliers of Asian women. If they haven’t caught Mr. Bai yet, who knows how many more women would have fallen into his evil hands?

But Ling Tianya couldn’t remember for her life where she had heard information about KSI. She tried to recall to the best of her abilities, but it was to no avail.

Suddenly, Ling Tianya was stricken by a huge wave of pain, as though someone had set off an atomic bomb inside of her. Her migraines started again. Ling Tianya panted, sweat quickly dotting her forehead, her eyes turning bloodshot.

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