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Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 376: Females Are Just Servants

Chapter 376: Females Are Just Servants

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Liu Fen brought over the tea, gently setting it before Ling Tao.

“Thank you,” Ling Tao politely replied, bringing the teacup up to his lips, taking a sip, and also using it to block Liu Fen’s face. It was really disgusting,

Liu Fen didn’t notice at all and stood by the side, sighing.

Madame Ling walked over then too, sitting opposite of Ling Tao. She spoke in a low voice, “I know you asked Ling Tianya to come back in order to let her leave from here on the day of her marriage, and that’s how she should do it. As her grandmother, I am more than happy to welcome her back into our home. It’s at least better than her staying by herself out there.”

Hearing his mother say that, Ling Tao put down his cup, relieved, “That’s what I feel too. Even though Yaya is a capable and independent person, she is still a woman. She should have be given the best, but I’ve failed Yaya and Xinxin for all these years. Xinxin’s still in the rehabilitation center in recovery, and I can’t do much for her. I can only wait for her to get better and to take care of her when she returns home. But Yaya’s different, she’s about to marry, and she’s going to be someone else’s daughter-in-law…”

Ling Tao sighed, the pain in his heart growing the more he talked. “I really regret not treating her better earlier and being ooled for so many years by Qu Wan, that evil woman and her sister too…”

The moment Ling Tao brought up Ling Qi, Madame Ling’s face fell.

Ling Tao shook his head at her reaction. He sighed. “Let’s not talk about it, it’s all in the past. I just want to let her really enjoy the life of a princess before Yaya gets married. Even though she might not care about it, at least I can feel better. I’ll pay her back however much I can.”

Ling Tao was extremely passionate, but Madame Ling didn’t have too much of a reaction, and Liu Fen was even more pissed off.

Hearing that Ling Tao wanted to use the Ling family’s possession to make up to Ling Tianya, her heart felt like it was getting clawed up by a feral cat. She was worried that he would give Ling Tianya too much and leave nothing for her son.

With that in her mind, her words came out of her mouth even before she had thought it through, “I know that I shouldn’t say this, but I feel that rather than letting the young miss enjoy these two months, she should learn how to be a good daughter-in-law. In my town, before the ladies marry, they all stay at home to wash clothes and cook, helping her parents to take care of her siblings and to help out in the fields.

In the future, all these are skills that will be necessary as a wife. When she marries, she can immediately take care of the household. If she only enjoys herself in her own home, she won’t ever learn to do any household chores, and she would just be on the receiving end of criticism and gossip.”

Ling Tianya walked out of the room at that moment, hearing what Liu Fen had to say.

Her eyes were mocking. Hah, what an idiot!

And unsurprisingly, the moment Liu Fen had finished speaking, Ling Tao’s face chilled. “Is this your old town? How can the daughters of the Ling family live the same life as yours? Even if my daughters marry someone, they’re there to enjoy themselves! No one, not even God, is allowed to hurt her!”

Ling Tao glanced over at his mom, annoyed. “Mom, Miss Zhang was still doing well. Why did you chase her away?”

Liu Fen immediately got scared, her eyes floating towards Madame Ling instantly. Madame Ling glared at Liu Fen, explaining, “She’s a cunning woman, and she’s no longer loyal to me. I don’t like her. What? I can’t even fire someone I don’t like?”

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