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Sweetest Top Actress in My Home (Web Novel)


STA, 我家影后超甜的




Josei Romance

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“I can’t do it anymore. Stop it…I can’t take it anymore!” The second young master stopped in his tracks and raised his brows as he stared at Miss Jiang. “All you had to do was jog, so—”

Everyone knew that Miss Jiang was an artiste who had been defamed and blacklisted before she became famous again. When she got into trouble, she did not give up but fought persistently. Everyone knew that the second young master was the mysterious head of the enterprise. He was an extremely cold person with an exquisite taste. Moreover, the second young master had recently adopted a new hobby. He took in his younger brother’s ex-fiancée and he was extremely fond of her…

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 493: Yes, Yes, the Earth Should be Thankful to You2020-08-11
Chapter 492: There are Many Twists and Turns2020-08-10
Chapter 491: Sister Yuning, You Were Digging for Information from Me!2020-08-10
Chapter 490: He Couldn’t Have Recovered Just Because of a Trauma, Right?2020-08-09
Chapter 489: You are Not a Malicious Person2020-08-09
Chapter 488: I’ll Get Tickets for You2020-08-08
Chapter 487: Was This Man a Lunatic?2020-08-08
Chapter 486: It’s Raining, I Miss You2020-08-07
Chapter 485: Wouldn’t His Mental Retardation be Exposed?2020-08-07
Chapter 484: If You Want Someone to Lose Something, Then You have to Make Your Intentions Clear2020-08-06
Chapter 483: Crazy Test on the Edge of Death2020-08-06
Chapter 482: What Are You Saying?2020-08-06
Chapter 481: I Will Upload Everthing on the Internet!2020-08-06
Chapter 480: The Little Descendant Would Always be the Little Descendant2020-08-06
Chapter 479 I Waited for You Until I am Turning Bald2020-08-06
Chapter 478: Are You Feeling an Itch?2020-08-06
Chapter 477: Your Face is Already Swollen2020-08-06
Chapter 476: I am Transparent2020-08-06
Chapter 475: This Amount of Information Was Already Sufficient2020-08-06
Chapter 474: Continue Squatting Tonight2020-08-06
Chapter 473: IQ is Not High Enough2020-08-06
Chapter 472: Come Out For a Beating, You Piece of Trash!2020-07-31
Chapter 471: Mysterious Itinerary2020-07-31
Chapter 470: I was a Hater Who Turned into a Fan!2020-07-30
Chapter 469: The Most Outstanding Princess in the World2020-07-30
Chapter 468: Did You Hide Under My Bed?2020-07-29
Chapter 467: No, You are Not That Pitiful!2020-07-28
Chapter 466: Jiang Yuning was Being Mocked Once Again2020-07-28
Chapter 465: Who Would Be Happy in This Situation?2020-07-27
Chapter 464: Is Hou Da Trying to Make the Second Female Lead More Important?2020-07-26
Chapter 463: Sugar Giver2020-07-26
Chapter 462: Jiang Yuning is Really Amazing2020-07-25
Chapter 461: Are You Really So Talented?2020-07-25
Chapter 460: Send You Into A Pig Cage?2020-07-24
Chapter 459: The Amazing Brother and Sister2020-07-24
Chapter 458: Other Things Were More Interesting!2020-07-23
Chapter 457: I Will Write It Down in My Notebook2020-07-23
Chapter 456: He is That Courageous?2020-07-22
Chapter 455: It is Disgusting to See Her Put on a Show2020-07-22
Chapter 454: Deal With Her Own Love Line!2020-07-21
Chapter 453: When Did They Start?2020-07-21
Chapter 452: You Have Your Heart and Flesh, I Have Mine Too2020-07-20
Chapter 451: Everyone Has Their Limits2020-07-20
Chapter 450: Specifically Waiting For Me?2020-07-19
Chapter 449: She Was Not So Hypocritical2020-07-19
Chapter 448: Look at Her, She is Glowing2020-07-18
Chapter 447: Stinky Couple2020-07-18
Chapter 446: I Managed to Take a Picture of…Lu Jingzhi2020-07-17
Chapter 445: This Was Really His Instinct!2020-07-17
Chapter 444: This Was Her Way of Loving and Caring2020-07-16
Chapter 443: Wouldn’t Everything be Okay As Soon As You Put On His Jacket?2020-07-16
Chapter 442: We Will Not Be Signing the Contract Anymore2020-07-15
Chapter 441: Foreign Artiste Fishing for Money2020-07-15
Chapter 440: Did She Give Them Any Attention?2020-07-14
Chapter 439: You Can’t Blame Her Then…2020-07-14
Chapter 438: Didn’t You Have A Lot to Say?2020-07-13
Chapter 437: Who Would Have Known That They Would Be So Disgusting?2020-07-13
Chapter 436: This is the Lu Family’s Car!2020-07-12
Chapter 435: But It’s Really Nice to Watch This Couple!2020-07-12
Chapter 434: The More They Investigate, the More Interesting She Was2020-07-11
Chapter 433: I Just Dislike You2020-07-11
Chapter 432: An Idol with Quality Does Not Talk Without Taking Actions2020-07-10
Chapter 431: I am Having a Hard Time!2020-07-10
Chapter 430: How Could There Be Such an Adorable Man?2020-07-09
Chapter 429: Why Don’t Both of You Fight?2020-07-09
Chapter 428: Had The Significance Behind February 19th Been Exposed?2020-07-08
Chapter 427: Her Man was a Big Bad Wolf, Okay?2020-07-08
Chapter 426: Perhaps She Could Pick Him Up?2020-07-07
Chapter 425: Have You Pacified…Second Young Master?2020-07-07
Chapter 424: How Did You Pull Through Then?2020-07-06
Chapter 423: Why Hurt His Self-Esteem?2020-07-06
Chapter 422: Young Mistress is the Most Capable2020-07-05
Chapter 421: I Feel as Though I’m Choking on Sugar2020-07-05
Chapter 420: Does Jiang Yuning Like Younger Men?2020-07-04
Chapter 419: I Like to Make People My Sworn Brothers2020-07-04
Chapter 418: Editor, Can You be More Restrained?2020-07-03
Chapter 417: I am Chipping In Too! Jiang Yuning Definitely Has Eighty Other Plans!2020-07-03
Chapter 416: Have You Seen an Artiste Like Her?2020-07-02
Chapter 415: Empress, Please Notice Our Little Hands2020-07-02
Chapter 414: A Rumor Can Start Spreading Because of One Person2020-07-01
Chapter 413: Lay the Foundation First Before Taking It Step by Step2020-07-01
Chapter 412:2020-06-30
Chapter 411: Come On, Let’s Battle2020-06-30
Chapter 410: You Deserve This Kind of Review2020-06-29
Chapter 409: The Ginger Candies Will Not Give Face When They are Out for War2020-06-29
Chapter 408: I Witnessed an Eye-Opening Moment Today2020-06-28
Chapter 407: He was Really Cruel to Himself2020-06-28
Chapter 406: Sorry, I Have a Temper Too2020-06-27
Chapter 405: Who is Communicating with Your Brainwaves?2020-06-27
Chapter 404: Have You Forgotten How to Walk?2020-06-26
Chapter 403: It’s too Difficult to Deal with The Ginger Candies2020-06-26
Chapter 402: Fortunately, You Saved Me2020-06-25
Chapter 401: You Came Prepared?2020-06-25
Chapter 400: I am Balding from Scratching My Head So Much2020-06-24
Chapter 399: They were All Geniuses!2020-06-24
Chapter 398: Doesn’t He Cares About His Own Face?2020-06-24
Chapter 397: Serves Him Right! Who Asked Him to be So Sullen!2020-06-24
Chapter 396: Then I Guess a Confrontation is Inevitable2020-06-22
Chapter 395: Look at This Sweet, Sweet Love!2020-06-22
Chapter 394: So, Both of You are Not Having an Underground Relationship?2020-06-21