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Sweetest Top Actress in My Home (Web Novel)


STA, 我家影后超甜的




Josei Romance

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“I can’t do it anymore. Stop it…I can’t take it anymore!” The second young master stopped in his tracks and raised his brows as he stared at Miss Jiang. “All you had to do was jog, so—”

Everyone knew that Miss Jiang was an artiste who had been defamed and blacklisted before she became famous again. When she got into trouble, she did not give up but fought persistently. Everyone knew that the second young master was the mysterious head of the enterprise. He was an extremely cold person with an exquisite taste. Moreover, the second young master had recently adopted a new hobby. He took in his younger brother’s ex-fiancée and he was extremely fond of her…

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 145: Lu Jingzhi, That Pig2020-02-28
Chapter 144: Let Us Get Married, Okay?2020-02-28
Chapter 143: Don’t Blame Me for Taking Action Against Him2020-02-28
Chapter 142: Hello, Younger Brother’s Wife2020-02-28
Chapter 141: You…Are You in a Relationship?2020-02-28
Chapter 140: Pretend She is Crazy!2020-02-25
Chapter 139: It Depends on Your Performance Tonight2020-02-25
Chapter 138: Stop Tossing Me Around, Okay?2020-02-25
Chapter 137: I Hope Jiang Yuning Will Make a Police Report2020-02-25
Chapter 136: Do You Dare to Repeat What You Have Just Said?2020-02-25
Chapter 135: Bad Reputation All Over Again2020-02-22
Chapter 134: I Will Be Hypoxic2020-02-22
Chapter 133: Isn’t Jiang Yuning Amazing?2020-02-21
Chapter 132: Don’t be Impulsive, We Can Discuss This Further2020-02-21
Chapter 131: She Will Spend the Rest of Her Life Living a Nightmare2020-02-21
Chapter 130: I…Got Rich Overnight!2020-02-21
Chapter 129: I Just Wanted to See You2020-02-21
Chapter 128: You are the One who Looks Like a Pig2020-02-21
Chapter 127: How Did You Know That I Still Have Some Private Savings?2020-02-18
Chapter 126: Do I Look Like a Loser?2020-02-18
Chapter 125: Where Do You Stand, Out of Everyone Who Hates Me?2020-02-17
Chapter 124: She is Not an Obedient Artiste2020-02-17
Chapter 123: How Does That Feel?2020-02-17
Chapter 122: What Now? Can You Still be Smug?2020-02-17
Chapter 121: No, You Did it on Purpose2020-02-15
Chapter 120: Regardless of the Future, Regardless of the Consequences2020-02-15
Chapter 119: Why Do You Make Me Worry?2020-02-14
Chapter 118: Do You Know Who Your Son-in-law Is?2020-02-14
Chapter 117: I am Afraid You…Cannot Take It2020-02-14
Chapter 116: This Little Fox was Really Bright2020-02-14
Chapter 115: Why Should We Believe Whatever You Say?2020-02-13
Chapter 114: Do You Have Evidence?2020-02-13
Chapter 113: I Feel Like There Will be a Good Show to Watch Soon2020-02-12
Chapter 112: You Have Hidden the Truth Really Well All These Years2020-02-12
Chapter 111: No More Accidents2020-02-11
Chapter 110: That is Interesting2020-02-11
Chapter 109: Who are You Trying to Deceive?2020-02-09
Chapter 108: Second Brother, You Really Lack Love2020-02-09
Chapter 107: You are Avenging Yuning2020-02-09
Chapter 106: You are Finally Smart Again2020-02-09
Chapter 105: I am Willful2020-02-07
Chapter 104: I Want to See You2020-02-07
Chapter 103: You Will Not Have a Good Ending2020-02-06
Chapter 102: Can You Stop Disgusting Me?2020-02-06
Chapter 101: Be Good, Okay?2020-02-05
Chapter 100: Young Girl, You Are Really Brave2020-02-05
Chapter 99: Then…Can It Be Treated?2020-02-05
Chapter 98: What is Eight Hundred Million?2020-02-05
Chapter 97: You Must Love Me Very Much Then2020-02-04
Chapter 96: Serves Her Right!2020-02-04
Chapter 95: Still Lying2020-02-04
Chapter 94: I Am Her Exclusive Agent2020-02-04
Chapter 93: Let’s Scare Miss Fu2020-02-01
Chapter 92: Don’t Seduce Me Then2020-02-01
Chapter 91: I Will Not Touch You2020-01-31
Chapter 90: I Want to…Show it to You First2020-01-31
Chapter 89: I Have Never Felt So Humiliated Before2020-01-30
Chapter 88: You Have to Have the Ability to Take on the Role2020-01-30
Chapter 87: The Sweetness is in My Heart2020-01-29
Chapter 86: This was His Fate2020-01-29
Chapter 85: Did Jiang Yuning Ask You to Come?2020-01-28
Chapter 84: Rich Man’s Daughter? Can She Be Considered One?2020-01-28
Chapter 83: Why Don’t You Leave Your Coat Behind?2020-01-27
Chapter 82: They Were Humiliating You Behind the Scenes2020-01-27
Chapter 81: I Will Only Wear My Second Brother’s2020-01-26
Chapter 80: How Are You Going to…Feed Me?2020-01-26
Chapter 79: Do You Still Have a Future?2020-01-25
Chapter 78: You Love Me the Most2020-01-25
Chapter 77: You Should Not Look for Me2020-01-24
Chapter 76: He was Her Man Indeed2020-01-24
Chapter 75: Let You Go? Impossible2020-01-23
Chapter 74: I Bought You for Two Hundred Thousand Yuan2020-01-30
Chapter 73: You are an Impostor2020-01-22
Chapter 72: I Swear, Zongye is Really Your Son2020-01-22
Chapter 71: Because I Like You Too Much2020-01-21
Chapter 70: Totally Unexpected2020-01-21
Chapter 69: Is the Lu Family Still Looking for Another Daughter? The Lazy Couch Potato Type2020-01-20
Chapter 68: Is Huo Yuxi a Fool?2020-01-20
Chapter 67: Wasn’t She Too Glamorous?2020-01-19
Chapter 66: No One Dared to Offend Him!2020-01-19
Chapter 65: Second Brother…Wanted to Go with Me?2020-01-18
Chapter 64: Wait, The Ultimate Move is Not Out Yet2020-01-18
Chapter 63: Had They Wanted to Embarrass Her?2020-01-17
Chapter 62: It Was Actually a Lu Family Member!2020-01-17
Chapter 61: Jiang Yuning Was Going to Shine2020-01-16
Chapter 60: Who Would Not Pamper Their Girlfriend?2020-01-16
Chapter 59: Steal The Limelight From Them2020-01-15
Chapter 58: I Have A Big Move Coming Up2020-01-15
Chapter 57: As Long as You Remember to Make It Up to Me Tomorrow2020-01-14
Chapter 56: I Can’t Bring Myself to Say It2020-01-14
Chapter 55: Oh, My Brother’s Dignity2020-01-14
Chapter 54: Who Would Have Thought That Jiang Yuning Actually Had the Guts to Come2020-01-14
Chapter 53: His Heart is Aching2020-01-13
Chapter 52: Look at How Excited She Was2020-01-13
Chapter 51: Are You Satisfied? Little Descendant2020-01-11
Chapter 50: I Will Demolish This Place to the Ground…2020-01-11
Chapter 49: Heartache2020-01-10
Chapter 48: Sister Yuning, Are You Making a Comeback?2020-01-30
Chapter 47: Wobbly Legs2020-01-09
Chapter 46: What is the Elopement All About?2020-01-09